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Saturday, 31 October 2009 // 17:55
Because i love him...

Alright, i spent my whole saturday fruitfully! I watched Double S videos on Youtube. It's superb, i tell you! SS501 is the best!!! But i feel kinda remorseful not voting for them for the MNet Music Awards!! I heard that SHINee was the winner.
Aishi, oppa bi-an. :(

And there's full of joy and laughter, also tears. Aww, i watched one of their concert where they didn't let Kyu know that his parents were coming. My poor boy, the minute he's mum started the speech, i cried. It's really touching!!

Anyway, i received Jel's msg, got to work tmrw. 11-9pm, gna go with xiao brown.. We're working on the same shift! Okay, will work hard and study hard for O lvl chinese at the same time.
Hope it won't be that tiring. Tho i think it will! So, i guess i won't have time to blog till i'm free.
Oh, another thing, i shift to Livejournal. Hahaha, see ya there ^^


Saturday, 24 October 2009 // 13:07



Friday, 23 October 2009 // 17:03
crazy for you.

Todooz. Baby!!!

My holidays are so mundane. Anyways, really looking forward to working alreadyz. Been telling Jelynn almost everyday !!! HAHAHA.
But i think i'll get sian for a period of time after work starts bah, but because of MONEH, i'll endure!! HEHEHEH.

After i got the money, what will i do?
Hmmm, i guess i will take a sum of money out and buy album le bah. Never buy a single shit album this year leh!!! Haha, break my own reacord already.
Comfirm chop chop must buy SS501 album and my Evan yo album. Luvz. Hahaha ^^

O lvl maths, i think i gone case already. Lolz. K, i needa go practice it now,k.
So bye bye bye bye bye bye!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009 // 16:08
Wooooooohooo, damn high. Cse SS501 mini album is out. I'm gna grab it! Love Baby HJ lots.
Sure they're hardwork is worth it, luv their songs to max. Oppa,fighting!!!!!
I really want to go for their concert this coming nov or dec): Mum sure won't allow me to go. :(

I will be giving minho etude house thing a miss, hais. I've made up my mind.
*won't regret pls. won't regret pls.

I feel like flying to korea and not come back to Sg.

Anywayz, i went out with Jelynn and Fangyu on Monday. Caca was supposed to come but she ended up having stomach ache. Left the 3 of us, don't know what to do. Haha, but still managed to kill time. So me and fangyu decided to go to Jelynn workplace to work. Waoh, no need find job liaoz. Kudoos.
And we met again yesterday for the "interview". Luv the place too, so i've made up my mind. I don't care i'm gna work there. Say hi to those HK there soon!!!
Sorry ah,i a bit crazy already.

I've been looking at lots of stuffs these few days. Don't know if i should buy it a not. But i've made up my mind to buy the burberry bag, hope my mum agree to it.

Well, see you guys soon. Take care. Will try to update with pics next time

// 16:01
Beloved Weiling

Happy belated birthday WeiLing!
Sorry i didn't went for your celebration @ janelle's house. Still, best wishes for you!!! ( Good results, many many more!!! There all awaiting for you!!! ) Hope you enjoy the day! Love ya!

Thursday, 15 October 2009 // 20:48
Time flies
Hehehex. I am so tired now, but i've got so many things to say. But definitely not all la~

Oh my Gad~ HahAHAHa*Hui Ci possessed.
Ignore this if u don't understand

I need to attend my uncle's wedding tomorrow. K, seriously i'm pretty excited. Even though this is not my first time witnessing a wedding( k, second time) haha. Wohhoooz.

AND i want to work work work! Any job introz?
Been looking for voluntary work but it's either too far or they have sufficient people already.
Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk, why?! >(

I've been stuck at home for quite some time already. Quick ask me out soon, i'm really looking forward to every outing.
k byez.

Luv, HJ lotz.. ...

Sunday, 11 October 2009 // 15:58
Hahaha, suddenly i felt like hearing Suju-Miracle.
I remembered how much i love this song when i was in Sec 2, when i saw them performing @ some taiwan awards i was watching. Luv Lee Teukkkk lots.

Alrite, i'm going off to do some DIY cardsz. Byez.

Saturday, 10 October 2009 // 15:25
I'm back!

I'm back. I'm back. I'm back!

For one reason, my n levels are over!!! And still, good luck to the poa students who are sitting for their paper next monday! Good luck :D.

Oh well. Next big thing to worry- Results. ( It's either promoting to Sec 5 or ITE)
I should put aside this and worry about it when it's nearing right? Omgz.

What should i do for the holidays? Should i work part time or what else can i do?
Sometimes, holidays are really boring if you don't know what you need to do. Hahaha.

Will blog tomorrow! Byez.