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Wednesday, 31 December 2008 // 16:54

I'm kind of excited and sad.
Excited in a way that, i can see my idols and all in the tv later on, k. Very silly i know.
But it's been long since i've seen them. Loveeeees ♥.

Sad that i'll need to return back to school on Friday.
Getting up early in the morning, looking at teachers in school, doing homework. Zomgs, i don't like manxz.

Anyway, I went to Escape with my sis and cousins today. Fun indeed.
Pirate Ship, Wet&Wild, Family Coaster, the spinning spinning thing(hah, i don't know what it's called) , then huanted house.
Wanted to get the last ride of Family Coaster before leaving, but it rained. Damn.
I'm going to my cousin's house later for countdown :D.

Oh, this year is ending in another few more hours.
Overall, it's been great seriously.

I would like to thank my friends for being with me, making me laugh and all. Jokes, gossips, and cam-whores! I will carry those memories with me forever :D
Thank you WENTRYJ3, loveeeessss ♥!

Also Darren, Junyuan, Zahirah and other guys that made me laugh in class. You guys are great to be with! Study hard next year, i love you all (:

MANY MANY THANKS TO SHUSHAN TOO! Thanks for being so nice too me and so cute! I feel so good with you around! We will go out more next year okay!!!
I love you :D

Bye 2008, Hi 2009!

Thursday, 25 December 2008 // 14:11

It's christmas today!

Joyous season with fun,peace,,joy and hope! Happy :D I bet many of you got lots of X'mas presents!

I went to X'mas party yesterday at my Science Tutor house. Overall was fun.
Played DS with teacher's son, damn cute la! Then eat and BBQ satays, yummy! Watched the little nonya(?) then played Wii before going home! Coooolz.

&I bought myself some hair clips and bands for X'mas pressy :D Hahaha!

Tomorrow finally get to go out with WENTY. After so long, I get to see them only tomorrow. Geez, cause i'm always busy with tuition and going out with my mum for shopping when they organised an outing.
But i'm still looking forward to meet Shushan,Mag and Megan! Hahahaaaaa(:

School next week. Siannnnaaazxz.

Sunday, 21 December 2008 // 15:01
Geez. I'm so sian now. =/

X'mas coming in 4 days time.
Not looking forward because school's re-opening and all. Yucks.

I hadn't touch art a single bit. Fuck.
I totally lose interest in Art already. Totally, why?

O's and N's next year.

Omygosh, X'mas wish X'mas wish X'mas wish!
Score well for O's and N's! Do well for Art! Money for Shopping!

Great! Chinese New Year in a month time.
Batam! Batam! Batam!, Here i come :D
Looking forward for it! Esp, collecting ang-baos part! & take pictures with my cousins, wear nice nice and home visits! Yeap.

Next week would be rather busy, i guess. 0O
So let's see,
Monday i've got Maths tuition then i'll go my cousin house straight for Science tuition.
Tuesday might be going to Malaysia for my sis dental. Ohmy!
Wednesday is X'mas eve. So X'mas party at Sci Tutor's house, cool. Haha!
Thursday i've got no plans yet. Hopefully a wentry outing :D, i hadn't gone out with them yet.
Friday will be going out with eve and weiling to do our English homework!
Saturday going shopping with shushan, megan and mag! Yay!
Sunday i'll just stay at home and rest or chiong homework !

I'm a busy busy woman. Geez.

Friday, 19 December 2008 // 11:05

Finally i caught Twilgiht yesterday with my sister and my cousins! Super Cool yo.
I think it's damn nice la. Super sweet and interesting. I was so nervous when it comes to the James part.

I know it's a bit stupid because i know the ending already. -.-'

Hahaha! I want watch again :D
Edward is way too coool and hot! I lo

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Steward. Way way way too hot!

Edward is so so so Handsome! ♥♥♥♥♥

Aw, so sweet right!

I'm so happy ! James is dead :D :D :D Victoria is gna take revenge or something? Idk, haven't read new moon yet.

Haha! I'm in the midst of reading new moon, Edward left Bella):

K. bYe

Wednesday, 10 December 2008 // 18:25
Cooolz. I'm talking to Yanting on MSN now :D
She say she miss us! Yay! We miss her too. Hahahaha.

I was rather busy last week and this week. Basically, tuition and shopping !

Oh, I went to Weiling's house to do our Geography project, on Sunday~. As usual, slack after a while. Played a super duper lame and fun game. And Eve won! Geeeeez.
Hahaha! And, Me & Weiling spammed Eve's blog. Omg, Sorry Eve! Hahahahaha (:P)

Then went out with my cousins on Monday.
Public holiday is shit la. Bugis Street suck big time during holidays. I swear i won't go there unless necessary. Hell crowded.
Then got our stuffs at super cheap deal. 8 for $10 earrings. Woah.
Then 73 bought her bag. And, KhoQiQin is always bugging us to go watch movie else, she'll be saying it's very late already let's go home. -.-
So went back to Tampines and catch BOLT! Super duper cUtezx and touching. I like :D
My sis kept messaging me at the end of the movie, bustard.

So, tuesday went out with my parents. Went to Bugis to go baibai then met my dad for lunch. Then looked at funitures at Defu Lane and IKEA. I bought some boxes and magnectic board. Very very coolz, you know. Hahaha!

Today went for Maths tuition with only 3 people around. And i'm the only girl -.-' Geeez.
Haha! My sister faint in school. Now, i feel so pain when i look at her lips and eyes. Scary!

Oh, i will post pictures soon from the class bbq. Heh, veh long ago.
This post so lengthy.

I feel so so so happy, sad, angry. I don't know. Lol.

Saturday, 6 December 2008 // 14:12
Finally back to my blog.
Yesterday was out with ShuShan. Super fun!
Got myself quite alot of stuffs also, but i still want more. Hah! 27&29 dec! ! !
We talked alot as usual. Bought birthday present for Megan also! Coooolxz.
Oh, we both love DAI YANG TIAN(?) He super duper s h u a i!
I want get myself a japanese husband, like him!
So handsome, so cute, so so so faithful, so so so worth me loving for! Yay!
Dang, now i abandoneeed my Joe. Don't worry, i still love you k! And, Shushan say i look like Joe a little! Hahaha! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Actually i quite happy to hear that la, lol.

Geeeeeeez, I love Dai Ynag Tian ! & Joe!

Pictures at Singapore Flyer.

It's the only picture i took with my sister( so close). There's another one, but i'm not gna post it up.

Me, my mum & my dad.

& lastly, qishan :D

Hope Megan come back soon! Then can crap with shushan and magdelene! It's been long since we four go out together, cooolxz. I love them much :D

Thursday, 4 December 2008 // 15:52

I'm going out with Shushan tomorrow! It's like so long since we two meet up.
Megan's back end of December. Am going out with her and Shushan too. Isn't that great?!

Tuesday, 2 December 2008 // 13:33
All my files are gone.

My pictures, songs, documents. Gah! All gone ley.
What the hell.

Oh! My SS homework too. Shit! I've got to find the articles and all again.
What luck i've got.

Sian, i'm gna bug my dad to buy a whole new computer or laptop for me. Seriously.

I want my pictures back la. Wah Lao!