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Saturday, 31 May 2008 // 23:17
Family Dinner today @ LOOOONG BEACCCH :D
No piccys today! lol.
But dinner was great :D I love LOBSTERRRRS!!
I should have taken a pic of the lobster laaaa. I miss the lobster much now ):
I sound so desperate. Yes, i'm despreate for that lobster again ! Hahaha, didn't eat seafood for ages alr. Although i'm a HaiSian . Ok, No Link at all.
I'm super bored now la. Tired also. But i dn't wanna sleep yett.
Plying with FULLL-STOOOOPS ! Everyone went to bed now, only left me. It's always like theeeese. Yesterday i slept at 2? I only woke up when my dad call me, this morning. I then realise me& my sis will be super late for tuitioon.
So rushed, and went for tuition. Complete my Cl holiday homework there, & lao shi kind of pissed off with me. Cause i keep writing the wrong wooords?
Okey, i remebered i wrote :钱图 but it's supposed to be 前途. Okey, laugh at me if you want. My cl standards are dropping, so ? My mum has been scolding me for theseeee ? Watever la. Chinese is also not as impt. as English, right?
Jelynn msged me & asked for an outing . Loool. Can sense that she's real bored at home :D Me tooooo. Gna go bugis , orchard , vivo or smth? Must dissscussseee with the rest first . I'm sooo exciteddd laaa ! t'hehehe !
I dreamt yesterday again. Not a nice one, obvious. I also can't remebeered what it is, goooood. I dn't wna remember bad dreams, like those of my grandfather types. That's realllly horrible :X






I'm going offf nowwwwww :D Take care Sexy babe&dudeeeees !
Tag my shoutmix plllleaaaaseee. Make it alive :DD

Tiffany :D

Friday, 30 May 2008 // 18:04
Aha! Time to blog again :D. Okay, I've change blogskins again. Lol. I'm super bored so just change it. Random :D :D :D
& Yes, i've also change my tagboard to ShoutMix. Omg, it's super cooool la. Starting to love it. Blogger seems to have a prob uh? Dn't know what's wrong with it either. Ohyea, i had a terrible nightmare yesterday. About my grandfather. Super Freakkkkky. The dream somehow seems so real. Gah, i'm just thinking too much. Hey! It's just a dreaam la.

Today was suppose to have a family dinner with my cousin, family &grandfather/mother. But since my XIAOYI haven't come to SG, so postponed to this Sunday. I guess so. Family dinner with them will be like so OMFGZX, great+fabulous. This is the family dinner i want la. Okieszx, i'm gna go C.R.A.Z.Y soooner or later. I ruin my sister's Chinese Flute, she's ignoring me now. I didn't know her teacher just tune for her la, fuck la. I'm sucha a idioooooot. So SORRYYYYZ. But good thing is she can stop practicing for a moment. & i can have some peace. But feeel very guilty now )):
Okkkie,I went back to school today just to pass up the Comprehension Practice 1 to Miss Faten ! Like wth?! lolll. Left home around 140? Wanted to take Bus 21, but lucky i did not. Cse went i just went down, the bus just left, so took train. CHOOOCHOOCHOOO!!!~
Then went to Interchange and took 21 to school, i lazy to walk to the park. Gaaaah! Holidays are making me lazier&lazier. Wtf?! SO 21 came, boarded the bus. & Samantha, the 4N2 one, smiled at me? Okieeeez, like i know her like that ?But i nice la, smile back at her.
K, why am i talking to myself? I always talk to myself , right ? Yes, i do talk to myself.
So went to school and put the practice in MISS FATEN PIGEON HOOLEEE.
After that, walked to WS. Saw my Saint John's friend with Huiyi mdm. Eric said, Hi to me. So i said Hi back :D

Speaking of Eric, I just looked at my e-mails the past few days & relised that he sent me quite a number of WEIRD WERID E-mails. All very random. & i got up all my courage yesterday & watched the ghostly video he sent to me. Was kinda freakd out at the last part la. No gooosebummps :D &He's like the only guy i can get along with in Sjab la. Seriously, i can't really get along with sone people there. But i try my best to talk to them, cse i know they're nice. The problem lies with me, not them.
& Mag asked me to go down on Sunday to accompany her. Do what steward thingy? I also not sure. But i think i'm not going, seriously. I have no interest in my CCA. I just go for the sake of CCA points only. I'll see how first. & sorry Mag if i can't make it !
Then,headed to WS library. Returned the books and borrowed books. & i saw one Winnie-The-Pooh storybook! So i borrowed it. I told Jelynn, she sort of like (i dn't know how to express it.)Then borrowed another 2 books and left WS. Bought my bubble tea& took Bus 21 home. :/

I'm super lazy now la, gwad. Had not been doing my holiday homework lately. I'm just simply LAZY. & another week of holiday is gna go just like this.
How fast can this be? VERY FAST.
I'm gna rot very soon, if i cont. to be lazy this holiday. Shyte me.

Take care people. &peeeepo, tag me! Keep my ShoutMix alive:D Thanks thanks :DDD

Tiffany :D

Thursday, 29 May 2008 // 14:04
Back home from school around 1plus ? & today's maths lesson wasn't that bad afterall :D Lol. I reached school on time, went to Humanities Room. Only saw a few people. I didn't see Miss Chua, i knew she was ga be late again/forgotten to come. & Indeed i'm right. She was late. Super Duper late laaa, she came at 10 )): Make us people wait under the hot sun outside the room for 30 minssss . Miss Chua how could you ?! Anyw, we did Indies&Simualtaneous Equations. Gah! She was looking for HongKai throughout the whole lesson la. & Miss Chua called his mum tooo. Ohmiegod.
Super funny la, when Hongkai's back in class. Keep talking back to Miss Chua, then i oveer there want laugh but can't laugh. Ohmygod, super werideeeei la. Feel like laughing out loud lorhs, but i can't.
After that , i went back home. Bought McFlurrryy at Tm, then walked home. Bu my sis to go to my mum's salon to do her hair, haha. She cut concave! Copy my hairstlye, just to get PSP Slim from my dad. Fuck her siol, cut hair jiu got PSP. I cut so many times also dn't have a single shittt from my parents. God Damn It.
I shall bug my mum for a new phone & my dad for a PSP when my birthday comess. Omy, long way to go man ! Another 4 more months and dn't know how many days. Shitszx my sis. Enough of my nonsense,craps and lobsters. & now the super long ago pictures with khoqishan, my super duper pro cousin :D

Omygod, i act cute siol.
my act cute skills failed.
Finally, she's short. Cse i gave way to her. :D
Best pic of the day !
Reflection. She want it, not me :X I just take it , as her wish.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008 // 17:41
Okay, this is driving me nuts soon. I'm super lazy la ! I just can't concentrate & do my tuition homework ! Wtf is wrong with me ?! I wna complete the work but i can't get my hands on. Shitxzzx me. I think i've got to rush all the work tmrw again ! -.-'
I'm always so last min. Okey, whatever la. I've got to wake up eatly tmrw for school. Emaths classes ! Sian half, hope i dn't fall asleep in class tmrw. Orelse, i think Miss Chua will flare up at me ? Idk, i better not fall asleep. Meaning i've got to sleep early tonight, which i prolly can't do that. I'm use to sleeping late already. Gah !

I woke up early today, just for tuition. Isn't that great ?! Lol, i dn't think so la. Woke up at 9 ? But i only went tuition at 1050 ? I should have woke up at 10 then. After tuition then went to my mum's shop. Got my hair trimmed (?)
Fine , then i brought my dog home. & it's sucha boring day today. Why ?
I think i shall start to do some tuition work later, i dn't wna chiong homework tmrw, like some siao char bo. That's really mad.

Ohyes, i did some quizzzzz-s on Blothings :D Quite cooool la, that website :D Everything they said, seems so true. Though some isn't. Hahaha :D

What Tiffany Means
You are a seeker. You often find yourself restless - and you have a lot of questions about life.
You tend to travel often, to fairly random locations. You're most comfortable when you're far away from home.
You are quite passionate and easily tempted. Your impulses sometimes get you into trouble.

You tend to be pretty tightly wound. It's easy to get you excited... which can be a good or bad thing.
You have a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly. You don't stick with any one thing for very long.
You have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Your biggest problem is making sure you finish the projects you start.

You are loving, compassionate, and ruled by your feelings.
You are able to be a foundation for other people... but you still know how to have fun.
Sometimes your emotions weigh you down, but you generally feel free from them.

You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection.
You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive.
You have the classic "Type A" personality.

You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people.
You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts.
You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals.

You are a free spirit, and you resent anyone who tries to fence you in.
You are unpredictable, adventurous, and always a little surprising.
You may miss out by not settling down, but you're too busy having fun to care.
What's" Your Name's Hidden Meaning?

You Are: 70% Dog, 30% Cat
You and dogs definitely have a lot in common.
You're both goofy, happy, and content with the small things in life.
However, you're definitely not as needy as the average dog. You need your down time occasionally.
http://www.blogthings.com/areyoumorecatordogquiz/">Are You More Cat or Dog?

How You Are In Love
You take a while to fall in love with someone. Trust takes time.

In relationships, you tend to be a bit selfish.

You tend to get very attached when you're with someone. You want to see your love all the time.

You love your partner unconditionally and don't try to make them change.

You stay in love for a long time, even if you aren't loved back. When you fall, you fall hard.
http://www.blogthings.com/howareyouinlovequiz/">How Are You In Love?

What Your Sleeping Position Says
You are confident and ready to tackle life.
You are pretty vain and happy with your physical appearance.
You are born to be the center of attention, and you're unhappy on the sidelines.
You're always up for trying something new - in and out of bed!

If you don't get enough sleep, you: Look like hell

It's hard to sleep next to you because: You toss and turn all night
http://www.blogthings.com/whatdoesyoursleepingpositionsayaboutyouquiz/">What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You?

I think that's all for today la. I'm getting tired again now. Eyelids are heavy :(
I shall post the pictures tmrw. Hahaha :D Take care dudes&babes !

Tiffany :D

Tuesday, 27 May 2008 // 15:44
#13 WeI LINg! said:
why never blog?
#13 WeI LINg! said:

Lol, i've got no idea why i didn't blog. Is like nthing to blog or smth?? Since Weiling say why nvr blog, i'd shall blog now :DDD So yesterday went out with who ?! Hahaha ! Weiling :DDD Meet her at WS popular, buy pens there. Lol, after exams pen all died. Saw Dai lao shi there. She tell me help her find MAGIC PENS for her son. -.-' I also not sure what type she want, then told her what i use when i'm young , but she like dn't believe. So left her alone there :DDD Then me & weiling go library, whack holiday homework :DD Saw YiXin & co there, doing their IPW projects? Super noisy la they all. Keep saying FUCK+CHEEBYE. Then weiling abit piss off , cse they keep using it in every sentence they say ? Idk, whack chemistry till we give up. English also, Maths also. Then we hungry, had Mac. Happily talking abt our childhood days & our maids :D Lol. After that, freezing cold. Left WS & went home . Nothing much happen then. Next time go out do homework again , dear :D

Practically woke up in the morning and prepared for tuition. I set my alarm at 815, ended up waking at 915. -.-' Slept super late that night, so went to tuition. wrote some notes and did a comprehension. Whatever la. Went home and used comp. Then my parents went for a dinner at night, malay wedding dinner. So i decided not to go, cse i dn't know how to eat malay food. Not because i'm racist k ?! Lol. Online whole day after tuition. I also dn't knw what i do when i online. Sort of just stare at the comp, watching some videos ?! OKay, That's stupid
I was supposed to go for tuition at 9, but i overslept. Slept till 1015? wtf , jumped out of the bed and bathe and get myself ready for tuition. Phew, didn't get a scolding by mt teacher, cse i failed maths :X So after that did some work and went home .
Had lunch with my grandfather , used comp again. Did some chinese ying yong wen, then played, y8. :/ the childish website.
But fun la, then my dad called say go Giant with him. I was like ahyah, dn't want la.
Then my sis tell me accompany her, i jiu go lorhs. Went there buy FBT shorts -.-' Okay, dad bought his stuffs and went home.
I told him today got charity show , helping the SiChuan people, ask him want donate anot. I was supposed to have him said, donate for what ? But this time round , he said. Go ahead and donate. Maximum 100 bucks.
So watched the charity show. From the start cry till the end. Fuck la, my eyes now sort of swollen. Yupps, super heartening.
I cried like nobody's business la. My mum also.
But my sis & dad did not. In fact, my dad keep cracking jokes, i think?
Wtf la, this type of situation he still can make fun? Okay, nevermind. So donated 100 bucks. Called the hotline for $50 and more, it was ZHEN GE PING who answered it. I thought it would be Julian Hee, so nevermind. I passed the phone to my dad liaox.
Keep running back to the room, stop myself from crying, but can't.
Okay, i know some of you will think that i'm stupid to cry over them. Say something like, you cry also no use , like they will know you cry or smth? But that type of scene see ale also will cry la, dn't want cry also difficult.

Take care people !
Tiffany :D

Friday, 23 May 2008 // 11:50

Last day of schooool today :D Enjoy HOLIDAYS TMRW :DDDDDDD
Alright, Friday was the last day of school. Morning assembly was as usual, hymn singing was led by 3E5! The guy led the class was super brave la. Break voice/ Out of pitch , still cont. singing ! Then, the class was awareded with another 20 BBC points for PURE COURAGE! Everyone laughed in the parade square, good day always starts with laughter ! LOL. Headed back to class and did mass cleaning. Didn't help much & it's pretty hot, so went outside class and see the classes taking photo shoot. After that, Miss Woo chased us back to class. Report Book time! Everyone sian half la, but i bet FangHui's not ! So yeah, results wasn't that great. I failed my Emaths by 0.3%. Thanks to Miss Chua, not letting me pass, I've got to go back to school for extra lessons before Re-sit for the Emaths test when school re-opens. Fucked up with maths now. But no As this term, damn sad la. No choice, i've got to work harder then! Everyone took back report book and prepare for the photo shoot. So went to the canteen, and Miss Faten told us what to do for the HOLIDAY HOMEWORK ! After that, buy drinks and off to take the photos :DDD The formal shoot was ok, but the fun shoot i think gna turn out FUNNY, idk why too. :X After that went to the Hall, got briefing by Mr Gng, then Mr Surin. All the naggings again. Gah! Those talks make us feel like sleeping laaa. Mr Surin end that day with a prayer, lol. father,the son & the holy spirit. amen :PFine, after that went home. My dad sent me home, likeee so finally la. Hahaha~ Bought lunch and went home to rest. After that, i was supposed to go for my Maths tuition but in the end didn't go. Cse my mum told me to ask my grandfather bring me go see doctor. Great man! I skipped tuition again :D Woots! The doctor was like super funny la, ask alot of nonsense qns. She said i didn't drink alot of water & my body is like dehydarting ? lol, quite true la. Then gave me medicine and did accupunctured. Then medicine sucks man, super fucking bitter. Was supposed to be eaten 3 times a day, but i only ate 2 times a day ! Coooolios, i'm not gna finish up those medicine. Went home, did some art, and bathe. Waited for my mum, aunt & cousin, before heading to the birthday dinner. Was like super late la, then paiseh siol. Food was up, then we reached. Kind of give others the impression that we only go there for the food ?! But i didn't eat much la, cse some food got chilli. Hahaha ! Best was deserts :D The durian cake, chendol, nonya kueh ! Yuuuuummmie :D Make me feel like eating those now. But i shall dream on. Took hell loads of pictures with my cousin, hahaha. Shall try to post the pictures up later :D

Wednesday, 21-05-2008
Did the collection of money for the people who suffered in SiChuan in the morning at the parade square & assembly at there also.
People over there really suffered hell lots la. Watched the news and cried when i see those children who lose their parents at such a young age. :( In order to save their child, some parent sacrifies their lifes to allow their chilren to live on. So people, learn to treasure your love ones now. It's not to late yet. Lessons as usual for wednesday. & i dn't know what happened the rest of the day alr. :X

Thursday, 22-05-2008
Morning assembly Mr Surin told us how much money we had raised for the peope in Si Chuan ! Great to hear that our school raised a total of $7280++ . I guess ? Cant remember. But it's super cool la! Every donation make a difference :D It's charity, so just donate ifyou have the ability tooo.
Lessons as per normal, feeeling super sleepy la! Did art almost the whole day. Then had lunch in school with eve. When home after that, chiong tuition homework and almost fell asleep . :C
Super tired la, that time. So after my tuiton end, wanted to get some sleep. But deceided to d my art. :P just do lorhs.
talked to eve & weiling on MSN yesterday, super NO LINK la. lolll. keep "knock, knock"
but fun talking to them :DDD

take care people then, enjoy your holidays tooooo :D

Tiffany :D

Tuesday, 20 May 2008 // 16:15
ohmygodszxs. today's weather is super fuck hot la, quick quick rain manczx! Carry on with these type of weather, you won't see me in Spore alr :D I'll go north pole soooooon ! At least i'll be much coooler there la. Free air-con :DDDD hahahaha !
Pon-ed cca today :D coool ya ? Imagine doing footdrills under this big hot fucking sun shining at us! C-H-A-O D-A! i dn't wna be chaoda laaaa ! ))): I bet i won't be going jogging for this week in this such weather , gna get heat stroke i guess ?
&Can't believe weiling & nasuha went for Npcc. LOL
Did nothing much in school today. Only know i just keep complaining about the weather and me being tired i gueesss? Tmrw, got to start AMaths lessons alr! -.-'
I thought we could like have a break or something from maths?! Okay, nehmind.
Okieeee , class photo shoot tmrw, @ the school field for our FUN SHOOT ? _l_ llaaaaa. Shld take in the MPR or something right ? Got air-con places, then the picture come out will also be niceeer la, if not everybody's face gna be like FROWNING ? Then not niceeee alr :C
Hahahaha, just hope that tmrw rain rain rain ! That will be so great great great :DDDDD
Okay, i'm crazy over the weather to rain. I shall go get me sleeep now :D
GooodieGoodie "NIGHTTY"
take care

Tiffany :D

Monday, 19 May 2008 // 14:41
YO YO YO ! AFTERNOON PPL :D I'm so dead today la. Slept around 12plus ystd, cse my mum was like talking to me & my sis in her room . _l_ those talkings. super duper cheebye la. Again its gna talked about my results & attitude . Damn those talking. Now i hate my dad to go overseas. She keep talking talking talking non-stop la. Then say i use my handphone too much , like wtf, where got laaa. Say use too much comp & handphone made my results drop hell much, _l_ you. only you think that way. Is just that i didn't study properly only what. Fuck Fuck Fuck.
Don't bother her naggings or whatsoever, went to sleep ! Hahaha, then woke up at 11.55 today !! 5 mins more & my half day is gone :DDD lol. randoom-ness laa.
Just woke up then my little cousin called me to bring her come my house, wth?! I haven't bathe yet la, then she keep calling. super irritating, so i bathe & went to my mum's shop and fetch her.
Brought my dog along with me too :D , keep out of cats, you know.
Was like bugging ira & ammar for pictures ystd. super funny la! ira only one picture with her & eve, got to wait like hell long for her to post it up in the blog, really BABI siol .
Ammar one was real funny la. I told him to send me & he said tmrw la. I said ok, 7 mins more to tmrw, he was like WHAT THE HELL.
okay, nevermind. Inside joke :D

So i shall post the pictures now, but without ammar one's. he haven't online yet ! :C
Almost all with eve:DDD bestbestbest girlfriend/baobei :D

playing with our phone camera colours :D

Finally with weiling :D , before i left E!Hub
Oopsy, some pic can't upload :X Later then post the pics again :DD
Joshua! Hope you're fine now, k ? SMILE,SMILE,SMILE ?:D Everything will be fine , friend! Keep smiling , k?
Till then , take care people !
Tiffany :D

Sunday, 18 May 2008 // 22:28
Ohmygod, outing today was ike G-R-E-A-T !
Was out the whole day, went to Giant-Tampines with my relativeeeees. Kind of bored though, was like an idiot pushing the trolley. -.-'
I was like sort of pissed off oveeeer there. Whenever or wherever i go, got ppl diao me . _l_ siiol
fucking cheebye, what did i do ? keep staring at ppl. what fuck.
& half way through the trip my grandparents were somehow LOST? what the fuck hell. First time it happened in my life. So when to find them with my aunty & my small black cousin, plus my sis.
Then found both of the OLDIES, when to eat my late late lunch. Then took the shuttle bus back to Tampines. Rushed home, bathe and ran out of the house :X
I was like late already luhs, so chiong to the train station and went to pasir ris.
I wanted to take 359 then when i reached the bus-stop, the bus left. So had to walk in the fucking cheebye hot weather to downtown & meet eve eve eve! Waited for weiling to come, we started gossippng about ppl. LOL, that's our pastime! bo bian! Eve aid we look like some women in geylang ? wtf! cse the way we stand look somehow like it. After that keep laughing at a guy's hair, lol. Super funny la. Doesn't look like spike but look more like a bird nest or something. & holding hands with his gf. So i was telling eve, if my bf looks like that, i rather go find someone else. Really la, the guy hair look rly O-F-F.
LOL- & i was like somehow shocked that ammar called me la. I thought it would be weiling laaaa. lol. ok, it's retart'd
after weiling came then went to find them at downtown. walked to the bicycle shop to rent bike . but i didn't . no mood to ride , so eve also nvr. :(
she say i nvr ride then she also don't want ride liaox. so niceeee of her yeah? she very niceee one laa. but fierce also, supeer fierce. we quarrelled quite a few times, & guess what? we said sorry by SMS! -.-' we super lame la. but we love each other looool. is good that we're fine now :D & we'll carry on like this forever, i hope !
so we walk around in the beach with , wl. then rly cant stand th heat alr , followed wl go find the rest. then me and eve went to e!hub, both of us walked till we gna die la. haha, eve! irwin :DDD
first thing we reached e!hub, go get drink from Fairprice. Then walked around the hub, nothing forr us to buy ! only entertainment stuffs ! wth?!
went to the basement, got NEWYORK NEWYORK ! Eve was like staring at the food ppl eating la, when we bought our waffle @ prima deli :X
walked walked walked, saw GELARE, awww man! their waffle is like so much nicer than ours la. & i was staring at th waffle then. :XXX
Went back to 1st lvl, started at the feris wheeeeel. saw eve primary school friend outside, so went out to talk to her. she was waiting for resilind la. myfuckgod.
eve chatted with her then wl called me. lol, my phoe batt dying alr laaaa. lols. so ask'd eve to call her. was about to go in e!hub, resilind came, ahhhduuuuui. her clothings she wore, only make her look fatter la. Ooops.
I'm fat tooo!
Went back in to find wl & co. I was super high tat time laaaa. Eve friend call her & ask both of s o go tak neos? we was like no we cant. then hung up th cal. both of us were lik , who wants to take neos with RESILIND?
Then went to the last floor take pic ! So pic tmrw? or later in the night. ? gotta grab pic first also :D
see ya later!

// 11:19
the super insane one is here again :P
everyone knows i'm crazy la, lol. cse i've just came out from IMH after a long long treatment. lol, random la.
eve blogged about me laaaa. wth ?! later i shall blog about her after i come back from the "class" outing . lol.
i woke up super early today la, and am feeling tired now. should have slept longer.
okiiee, just a short post for now. got to bring my dog down soon again! sad la, my dad's overseas ):

Saturday, 17 May 2008 // 20:43
Yes, i'm bored again. Sorry for the earlier post. Kinda emo?! idk.
Tmrw's class outing was like CANCELLED ?! so last minute la, & i'm angry with some of them. So eve was like telling me on msn

(17 May 2008)
... Evelina(; says:
so tml how ?
♥ T.I.F.F.A.N.Y says:
♥ T.I.F.F.A.N.Y says:
i going !
... Evelina(; says:
oks .
... Evelina(; says:
go where?
... Evelina(; says:
thought cancel ?then wanna go where.
♥ T.I.F.F.A.N.Y says:
how i know, ?
... Evelina(; says:
♥ T.I.F.F.A.N.Y says:
or dn't go out ? let you rot at home,
... Evelina(; says:
... Evelina(; says:
bu yaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
♥ T.I.F.F.A.N.Y says:
... Evelina(; says:
i really dn;t want .
... Evelina(; says:

she's funny la. hahahahahaha.
&weiling msg us just now. the CLASS OUTING IS STILL ON.
okay, no need to think of where to go & kill time alr, hahaha. both of us are like depriving to get out of our house luhs. despo-s kids, we know.
staying @ home is like worse then going to school la. how to survive during june holidays?
shitsxxzz home ! i'm bored till i write & talk to myself on a piece of paper. that's uber crazy la, i know !

see! i'm going N.U.T.S sooner or later!

i'm driving myself N-U-T-S
okay, byeeeee!

// 13:25
i'm bored,bored,bored laaa. i said that like almost in every post & every msn convo, now.
but i'm really bored laaa . chatted with weiling & eve yesterday, again. hahaha :D
left the convo quite early , cse scared my dad's back home . i dn't want him to kp me. so went offline & go to my room and count sheeps. :X
woke up late today, so never turn up for the saint john's activity. hopefully ms thang dn't come after me, but i think she won't . :DDDD
anyway, that activity is like watch my junior play soccer laa. omg, so sainzxz. soccer you knw ? wth.!? i'll just be groaning or scolding other schoool players, so better don't go.
today mood not so good, dn't know why also. feel like bashing up soneone now.

okay, so pictures now.

okay, i look retart'd !

cute right ? haha, her new hair cut :P

till then .


Friday, 16 May 2008 // 15:55
Today's lesson as per normal luhs :X
Firstperiod had Goeg , Mr Ng go thru the papers & i know why i'll fail now. Learn without understanding ! I was like dn't bother to study geog elec already la, so fail'd :D
Then slack for the next period. Spammed Junwean's PSP ! Played DJ MAXX !!! 4 person played a game :D incredible, but we did it:D Super fun laaaaa ! Played till lashi came in , stll continue playing since she don't care us ! Heheh.
& now i had a sudden urge o get a PSP too la, EVE alsoooo :D
Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy , i want PSP SLIM! PLEASEEEEEEEEE :(
Went for recesss afterthe 2 periods of cl, which was actually , spamming Junwean's PSP :D
Gna spam again on Tuesday :DDD
So so so fun! After recess was Chemistry, did chemical eqquation. Slept for the whole 2 periods, super tired la. Woke up and Mr Kohen say go AVA room :DDDD
I was so so so happy la, AIR-CON ! I'm super hot after sleeping in class, then got aircon. Faster ask th rest to go there too. Then Jelynn go tell me about the CANDYMAN thing, what the hell !!
Choose the seats in the room, got cold cold air-con blowing towards us oneeee . T'heeheeh.
Was called for dental check-up then went back to the air-con rooom . hahahaha , but after awhile then go hom already.
& i don't like the weather today lahssss. Super fuck hot ! Can it be coooler ? Or just give me the weather in North Pole for like 1 day & i'll be supper happy . I want cold cold weather ! So shiok :D Okay, it's like random la !
Gna post some stuffs in WentryJ3 blog's soon. So bye peeople!

Tiffany :D

Thursday, 15 May 2008 // 15:22
Got back all my results alr la, expected! I fail'd my Emaths :D k,great!
Yes! I passed my Amathss :D But not rly good la. All my results sucks like heell! Only art A1, the rest all just pass or fail. I failed my comb. humans like 1 mark laaa. Now i hate humanitites subjects ! Social Studies esp. Stupid KANGKANG ! 1/2 lehs, cheebye. If not can pass alr la, ey you rly nvr give me face siol . Don't likee you too :D
Geog another one laaaaaa. 1 marks siol, super fd-up. Argshzxczx.
I got to go for ICU if i fail my comb.humans, which i rly do not like it. Makes me feel more like an idiot la. Staying bak in school everyday for 2hours, just to study Humanities? Idk. & i better hope i pass all my subjects la. But i give up hope on my Emaths alr. Totally hopeless laaaa. Gah!
With this kind of results, i think my mum gna faint when she sees the reprt card laaa. Gwod.
She expects me to get into Top 10 again ?! Like wtf , i dn't think so la. She got high expectations for me, but i dn't have high expectations for myself. So sad :D
Went thru exams papers these 2 days in school , when to the band room la. Omgoshzczx, super smelly & dusty likee that. Don't like band room, everytime go there is always getting bad results la, weiling said that. & super agreee with her ! my results is like super bad bad bad bad.
okay, don't talk about results already. It's kind of making me going insane .
I'm feeling super tired, but cant sleep ! I still have tuition later la, & still have not touched the homework. No mood to do also, sians. After exams still hve tuition, i have no life.
Take care peeeeps :D

Tiffany :D

Wednesday, 14 May 2008 // 15:20
:( Gotback results today. Super sad la, all my results suckszsx like nobody's business ! Okay, all just border line passing only . Gwad, i'm soo gna die. Told my mum's my results, then felt like crying la. :'( Yah, i did cry. But a-bit only :DDD I'm fineee now.
But i think i really got to wake up now laaaaa. Can't doze off everytime i study already ! So gotta study during jne holidays now! Haishzx. Exams sucks big time, yeah?
Okay, hopefully i pass E/A Maths, or i'm rly gna die in my mum's hands, i guess ? Arghsx .
This is always happens after MYE. & my dad still can ask me why i'm so sad. What the hell ?! & he said study hard la. I tried to study, but nothingcan go in la. It's like info-overload alr & supr tired, so resuls come out also like this la. Okay, i think i should really wake up now, guess it's not too late yeah ?
Super irritating post , i guess ?
So after school, stayed back awhile, cse Jasmine suddenly told me there was saint john's meeting @ alternative space? Gna go to Holy Innocents High School , this saturday :D
Gna watch my juniors playing soccer ! lol, & i'll be over there like when i'm sec 1 again. Scolding the other school players. How fun ? But it's boring without Shushan and Megan laaaaa. everyone pang seh me la :(( Ok, nevermind. I shall just bond with the sec ones and twos, not really close to them tho. Hope it's gna be fun. All thanks to ms thang la. Tell me to be more active in the activities & all. Craps! Bt shall just go, can gain CIP hours :D ! Okay, i'm abit sot sot ey today.
& there's a stupid aunty who called my phone twice just now la. Piang ey, super cheebye & guai lan la. Told her she'd got the wrong number still call me again. And! I dn't have such a not nice name call LUCY la. Wlao ey, super piss'd off that time la, so shouted at her. Haha! Andrea knows right ?Andrea abit slow la, now then know Adriano @ NYP , -.-' HAHA! Andrea, i saw YUYANG lehs, YUYANG ok !? LOL. Come whack me if you want tooo. Cse' i rly sounds very qian bian. :DD

Okay, nevermind. Hah, Weiling, Evelina & Yanting Bimbo's conversation.
Had a great time "scolding" her :D So funny laaaa!

(12 May 2008 :D)
... Evelina(; says:LOL
... Evelina(; says:EU TEL ME HOW TO RELAX
... Evelina(; says:EU TEL ME
YANTING says:relax stay calm
YANTING says:relax, relax!
YANTING says:dont get angry
YANTING says:ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
... Evelina(; says:FUCK EU
YANTING says:i dont want to be fuck so young
... Evelina(; says:EU HAVE NO CHOICE
#13 WeI LINg! I LOVE POPIAH says:lol!
YANTING says:i will not take it!
YANTING says:hahahaha!
YANTING says:so you saying i fucking with you?
... Evelina(; says:I WIL USE FORCE
YANTING says:hahaha
... Evelina(; says:NO
... Evelina(; says:I RAPE EU
#13 WeI LINg! I LOVE POPIAH says:!
... Evelina(; says:weiling ..dn't faint
... Evelina(; says:i wil not knw what to do, if eu faint .llols
#13 WeI LINg! I LOVE POPIAH says:... i will try not to..
... Evelina(; says:great
... Evelina(; says:
#13 WeI LINg! I LOVE POPIAH says:back to you yt..
... Evelina(; says:llols .
YANTING says:back to me
YANTING says:are we in a live situation!
... Evelina(; says:DN'T TRY TO BE FUNNY
#13 WeI LINg! I LOVE POPIAH says:we are not in the happy mood now.. so DONT TEST OUR PATIENCE... WE HAVE OUR OWN LIMITTTTTT
... Evelina(; says:GET THIS IN YOUR HEAD !!
YANTING says:my limits is here and your limits is there!
#13 WeI LINg! I LOVE POPIAH says:no our limit is HERE!
YANTING says:my limit is my breast
... Evelina(; says:EU HAVE BREAST MEHS
... Evelina(; says:OMG
... Evelina(; says:exactly ... totally agree .
#13 WeI LINg! I LOVE POPIAH says:arent you one my boy?
... Evelina(; says:he..is too shy to reply.
... Evelina(; says:llols .
YANTING says:i am no boy
... Evelina(; says:WORST .
YANTING says:i am just with a man voice
... Evelina(; says:THEN WHAT ARE EU ?
YANTING says:evelina, that means you wanna fuck me cos you say i am a guy?
... Evelina(; says:duh
... Evelina(; says:eu think i les?
... Evelina(; says:IN YOUR DREAMS
#13 WeI LINg! I LOVE POPIAH says:!
... Evelina(; says:
#13 WeI LINg! I LOVE POPIAH says:turned on?
... Evelina(; says:SOON
#13 WeI LINg! I LOVE POPIAH says:
YANTING says:who turn on already!
YANTING says:i know is evelina!
... Evelina(; says:NOT YET BASTARD
#13 WeI LINg! I LOVE POPIAH says:H!!!
... Evelina(; says:I WANT WHOLE PIECE OF EU
#13 WeI LINg! I LOVE POPIAH says:HAH!!!!
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:FUCK YOU LA, CHEEBYE!
#13 WeI LINg! I LOVE POPIAH says:! ya!
#13 WeI LINg! I LOVE POPIAH says:so you want to eat her or you want her
#13 WeI LINg! I LOVE POPIAH says:cannot take her breast.. cos its off her limits
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:i rly hate you to the max. of my life.
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:fucking cheebye haolian la.
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:tot you got those EXPRESS friends so what ?
... Evelina(; says:HAHA
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:just step one kind of GANGSTERS,
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:creating your own GANG?
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:OH WHATEVER.
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:LIKE YOU THINK WE CARE?
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:& i garantee you wont turn up for the NEXT WENTRY OUTING .
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:BLOODY COMFRIM PLUS GARANTEEE.
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:THEN ?
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:WHAT YOU WANT ME TO SAY?
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:oh, you're sooo nice.
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:you;re soooo good to be my friend ?
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:PUI ARGHS!
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:you're just a pile of shitsxzzx in our eyes
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:_l_ off FROM WENTR!
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:from today onwards! you go find your WONDERFUL, MARVELLOUS KENTALLIANS
... Evelina(; says:relaxrelax
YANTING says:eh, relax lah
#13 WeI LINg! I LOVE POPIAH says:.. yea..
YANTING says:i dont want lah!
#13 WeI LINg! I LOVE POPIAH says:chill.. we need the fire extinguisher
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:dont want ? but you have too;.
... Evelina(; says:llols
YANTING says:TIFFANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#13 WeI LINg! I LOVE POPIAH says:
... Evelina(; says:
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:you have no choice but to leave .
... Evelina(; says:yanting ..
... Evelina(; says:where eu wanna go ?
... Evelina(; says:for wentry outing
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:today is the last chance for you
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:we ask you to follow us,
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:you go follow them.
#13 WeI LINg! I LOVE POPIAH says:!
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:GOOD RIGHT ?
... Evelina(; says:llols .
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:TSK TSK TSK , SUPER GOOD SIOL YOY.
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:then you think we never plan mehs?
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:so you're trying to tell us they're more inportant than US la.
... Evelina(; says:llols
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:HAOLIAN FREAKS.
... Evelina(; says:STOPSTOP
... Evelina(; says:TO BE CONTINUE
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:I HATE PPL WHO SAY EQUAL .
#13 WeI LINg! I LOVE POPIAH says:!
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:AFT THE BREAL
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:*BREAK
YANTING says:5 PLUS 8 ....................?
#13 WeI LINg! I LOVE POPIAH says:
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:what shit la.
... Evelina(; says:HAHA
... Evelina(; says:YAA ..YANTING, WHAT EU MEAN ?
#13 WeI LINg! I LOVE POPIAH says:13
... Evelina(; says:FUCK EU
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:you're always not thinking about what we're thinkings.
#13 WeI LINg! I LOVE POPIAH says:! B1 B2..
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:anw, where you want go for th next wentry outing ?
YANTING says:you just ask me!
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:FUCK YOU LA. CHEEBYE
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:SUPER LAME LEHS.
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:YOU THINK FUNNY IS IT ?
... Evelina(; says:SO COLD EU KNW
... Evelina(; says:FUCK EU
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:CB.
... Evelina(; says:OF COURSE . .
#13 WeI LINg! I LOVE POPIAH says:uh.. i have nothing to say..
YANTING says:tiffany is cb, evelina is fuck!
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:FUCK YOU LA, I'M BOTH!
... Evelina(; says:lol ,
YANTING says:we go to watch movie?
#13 WeI LINg! I LOVE POPIAH says:!!
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:-.-'
#13 WeI LINg! I LOVE POPIAH says:can we burry u in the sand?
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:waste money only.
... Evelina(; says:WATCH WHAT MOVIE ?
... Evelina(; says:LLOLS
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:yes!
YANTING says:no!
YANTING says:so where you wanna go?
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:how i know.
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:we asking you right ?
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:wlao ey,
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:nvr scold you rly feel like bashing you up.
YANTING says:since you asking me, have to consult the rest
YANTING says:we go picnic?
... Evelina(; says:llols
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:you sponsor us k ?
... Evelina(; says:HAHAHHAAA
#13 WeI LINg! I LOVE POPIAH says:thanks alot
[c=#E21D71][a=1]♣[/a]Tiffany[/c] - Tiffany says:you're super nice.
YANTING says:I mean we make our own stuff then go to park and relax?

Hahaha, the other side of me is up ! loll. Dn't learn from me la, i'm bad ! T'heheheheh
The conversation perk me up ! & yes, WentryJ3 blog is up! Many many thanks to RINA babeeee :D
http://wentryj3.blogspot.com/ ! Wentry & J3 people, go blog & tag . HAHAHAHA ! Ohmygod, sucha long post today ! :X .
Anyw,take care people :D

Tiffany :D

Tuesday, 13 May 2008 // 22:46
I'm so so so so HAPPY now :D
Went shoppping with my mum, aunty, sis & cousin :D
Went Bugis to pray & shopped around at OG . Saw one of my Sec 2 juniors there, dn't know what's he's name but i recognise him! I said HI to him laaa :D LOL. retart'd i know.
then head to Bugis saw Diana&YiXin! & I bought my dress, blouse , and slippers ! HAHA! likeee so finally laaa :D
after that walked at there till quite long, so had my late late lunch at KFC! Yah , KFC again. I'm gna be so so so so fat la now :(
After that decided to go AMK Hub, OMGOSH, YIMA got sharp eyes la, saw the Campus Superstar Fukuan @ Bugis Control Station. But i don't like the Fukuan la, not shuai at all. LOLS ! Reached AMK Hub bought another pair of heels, there. Ok , $1o bucks only la. I just bought it to make myself taller :D. & i saw one BOOTS there la, super super nice & comfy! But the money also super nicee :DD
who can buy for me that? i'm loving it hell loads ! Gna wait for Spore Sales to come & i'll get you preety soon :D Hahaha, wait for me k ?
Abit stupid. Ey, no. It's super stupid la.
Gna go for a dinner on Friday , think? 73 asked me to accompany her, with her mother & my mother. What hell ?! Okay, supposed to be a day when i can online till late late. Nevermind, just go there for fun la. Can wear nice nice , so okay de :D
Yesa! Annabelle says, BBT coming SG sooon ! June:D
That rocks la ! Might be going too :D
Tmrw might be getting back results, shitxz. I dn't want. Comfrim fail all de. :((
Got school tmrw& i havent bathe yet ! Ewwwww. I stink la. hahaha !
G'd night dudes & babes :DDDD
Take care !

Tiffany :D

Monday, 12 May 2008 // 16:12
OKAY! I'M HOME-SWEET-HOME. Left Wentry & Jelynn @ the library just now . Can't stand slacking there alr. I'm super uber tired, although i slept like quite early then the rest, i'm still tired. & YES! MID-YEAR EXAMS ARE GONE & I'M SO SO SO SO DEAD LA.
Okay, super shitzxs. Went to KFC just now, called for Zinger meal :X . Ok, i'm fat la.! Was like laughing for no reason in the middle of the convo. with them . & it happen like almost alot of times today. Gah, what's wrong with me ?!
& today's not really fun. everyone's so restless and all, cse' ELECTIVES KILLS!
ART supposed to be quite a nice subject, but kills us with so many of our energy.
Oh man, i'm so gna sleep soon la. Just post for the sake for posting . LOL, i know this sounds stupid la. Haha, i know i can't be bothered.

Take care many many peeeps!

Tiffany :D

Saturday, 10 May 2008 // 15:56


Are you shocked to see yourself here ? Hahah :D Didn't expect ti to happen right. See ! I love you so much. Hahaha :D I'm missing you now dear! LOL, you make me sound so les :D But i'm serioudly in love you with now , how ? Break up with eve & be with me laaaaa.

Okay , that sounds super insane. But i'm fucking bored now~ Been stoning in front of the comp for a few hours . wht, i know . that's stupid.
Couldn't sleep last night, i dn't know why ? Kept tossing around. :X
& my eyelids are droping now :X haha, i dn't know what kind of animal i'm gna be the next few weeks. Urging to go out before i get back my results for MYE! Don't know what kind of reaction my mum's gna have. Wentry outing: KBOX -HAPPY HOUR :d (that's according to rina) Feel like going shopping now . Can we go out on MONDAY ? I'm super reluctant ! I dont feel like doing my art-work la. No motivation at all. Someone give me motivatin to do ART pls ! Cracking my brain-cells, to think of what elements of designs i can add onto it. & the picture i drew suck big time. Should just admit that i'm lazy la. BORING! Shall go for a jog later on again ! That will make me more fresh :D

Okay, i think i should touch up abit of the art work, i don't want to be a BIG-TIME SLACKER! lolls.

ending my post with :

Tiffany :D

Friday, 9 May 2008 // 22:40
Alright, Second post of the day D:
i'm super super bored lahszx. althought it's rather a busieee day for me t'day. Yes ! I did went for a jog just now :D Feel so great after the jog ! Cse' it's windy ;d
Jogged back home from the stadium . Bathe the minute i've got home. Rest awhile and brought my dog down fo a walk and do his businesss in the park. Didn't walk the dog in the park for very period of time, lol. Ever since the cat incident! Rather embarassing :X Only 2N1 knows , right ?
But i'm BRAVER now , so people , dn't worry :D
After walking the dog , went home ! Chat'd with Weiling & Dearest Megan!
Didn't see Megan for very very very long time alr. Got to go out with her when she come back. She seems to be very stress & depressing there la :(( Hope she's fine. Don't stress yourself too much k? Not goood ! Didn't talk to her long, cse mum called me&my sis dwn for dinner . -.-'
But all of us not hunry so went to BHG and walk walk! Bought a new pair of shoes & i'm lovin' it !
My mum actually intent to get me a pair of slippers , but i wanted a pair of shoes. The shoe was ♥ @ first sight ! teehehehehe
So went to get dinner at food court! Shared noodles with my mum. While waiting for the noodles, overheard a guy & a women convo. :X
& guess what the guy said ? 爱一个人是很痛苦的~
lol, i was like what the hell ?! i thought guys only knows how to fool around with girls & breaks our heart. Which reminds me. Ok, nvm. Random :}
Got to buy the slippers next time round. Mother's Day is this sunday & mum is like so BHB . Keep asking me and my sis to give her something. WTH?!
Currently doing my art work. Page 7! Gwad, not yet completed , only 1 pic and many on.
Sian half ! Still got page 8 ! I'm clueless about what's going on for page 8 laa. Miss toh, HELPP!
Gna post again tmrw. :P
People, g'night !

Tiffany :D

// 12:07
Hi earth. Today's a day off from school for those Amaths students. :DD
So great! Had sucha nice sleep not knowing my sis had already left school & dad left for China! :}
Didn't ask my dad to buy anything in China this time round :{
I thought i could sleep till like 11plus/12 tday? But guess , i woke up @ 9am! Had Breakfast after bathing and brought my dog down too poopoo. & saw this particular owner who brought his dog down to poopoo too. & he did not clear the shit la.! What the Fuck. So inconsiderate owner. Unlike me! I clear my dog shit la. & why am i talking about shit now ? Anyw, it's also not my problem. It's HIS problem la. Okay fine, super random la.
Was talking to evelina, & she told me there's this song called :

lol. So coool la, my name is on! Okay, i'm starting to love my name more and more! Thanks Dad, for giving me such a nice chritstian name. But my chinese name sucked big time ! lol, cant blame you too :} you failed your cl & now my turn to fail . :DD
Yes, i'm talking to eve now. About Li Jiu Zhe , that cute cute guy with sexy voice :D He melts our hearts with his voice and songs. Love love love nicky like hell la :D ! I think everyone does, except for those who dn't like him. He's so adorable!
Might be going for a jog later in the afternoon. Getting fatter and fatter these days! Going on a diet now! Is a MUST la. LOL.
Songs on the next post!
Till then,dear people!

Tiffany :D

Thursday, 8 May 2008 // 16:56
heyo! it's likeee so finally exams are over. i can stop waking up so early to get stuffs in my head, yeah. it's useless i know. Cse' nothing can goes in, but some helps. Last minute studying anit' good. & i dn't expect good results for this mid-years. Study real hard but nothing good turn out :(
Got this conclusion from weiling 'All the paper 2 sucked '
Yes, it's true , so so so ture! El paper 2 , Cl paper 2 , Maths paper 2. Super Duper Horibble Difficult! I can't imagine my results for mid-years. F9! F9! F9! All the way :(
Got to mug hard this june holidays, i think. Haha, Weiling go study tgt! We were like some siaocharbos, Keep saying go for bridging programme whatsoever in class these day again and again. & Keep saying go out and study! Study for 2 hours, go shopping for an hours or so ? That's what i told her. LOL . I think i wn't go back to study if i'm shopping arnd. Gna fail lots of subjects this term, & i think my mum will ground me for this holidays if i did badly. ):
Oh well, I think i've just got to pray hard for good results. Yes, today's paper wasn't that difficult after all. Except for maths, questions were okay, but super super tricky. I think they just wna trick my marks away! Gah! Don't like maths, & i'll never like it. A.Maths too ! Ok, Maths sucks.
Today was a nice day after all :D Wait'd for the rain to stop before going to WhiteSands. Chiong food in the canteen with weiling. I ate the cheese biscuits & 2 siewmais , omg. After that went to WhiteSands. Loitering around with super duper high moods with weiling & nasuha. Took neoprints again :DD
We took almost an hours to like decorate it la, didn't keep track of the time! I'll post the neos later. & i wonder how would i spent my day tmr @ home alone. i think i gna chiong 恶作剧2吻later or tmrw. Depends. Super random, i know. Haha, can't help it. I'm just too bored. Ohmy, this post is like fucking long. LOL! So many new taiwan shows coming up ! Gna watch Rolling Love -翻滚吧!蛋炒饭 soon! aft my 恶作剧2吻 ! 命中注定我爱你 is super nice. Can't wait for the next ep to be uploaded. So sad, my dad didn't suscribe 台式laaa~ If not i can watch it on the TV screen which is like so much better then the computer screen ! Okay, enough madness for taiwan dramas.

& i'm super bored now. Talk to me on msn / msg me lahs, lol.

okieee,the neoprints.
this was on 9 April (:

& this was taken today! i look so FAT!

take care many people. do well for POA exams for those who are taking it tmrw! all the best :}


Tiffany :D

Sunday, 4 May 2008 // 12:55
Nothing goes right today! Had a tiff with my sister just now. Super frustrated now & cried for like no reason (?).
Moodswings or whatever. I just hate to be in this house, living with her. How i wish she disappear for no reason and dn't ever come back. I'd rather be alone rather than being witth her. She sucks big time! My mum too D:
Super emo today &yesterday. Bcse' of the two of them, messed around with my lives. I dn't know why they want me to do things in their ways? WHY?! You guys really make me feel like leaving this house more more more! Can you guys just give me a BREAK?
i really need to rest!

sorry for this post :(

// 00:36
hey!hey!hey! i'm actually blogging in the middle of the night! haha :DD
i'm studying social studies now, hope to pass my comb.humanities. cse' i didn't do well for geog paper , A.Maths too! englisg paper 1 & 2 was over also ! screw'd paper 2 i guess (?) i dn't really understand Passage B la. Gosh, anyw. it's over. Got to concentrate on those not yet over! Was super piss off with my mum just now. Super cheebye la , she! I bet she had lots of fun making unnecessary decisions for me. Thanks uh, you're so so so niceeeee !
& i'm dwn with flu i guess? Maybe i've got the disease by eve. HAHA! Got to carry on with my studying now.
Take care people! Dn't fall sick ! It's exams period now! Study Hard ! :D