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Thursday, 26 June 2008 // 15:36
School re-open. It can be a good thing and a bad thing.
Good thing is, more time with friends.
Bad thing is we have to see teachers faces.

okey, that's random. -.-'

Everything is back to normal.
& there is no afternoon programme this whole weeeek! GREAT, but i still got to stay back for my Maths Re-Exam.

Yesterday was not a good day for the class. We made DAI LAO SHI CRY!
Our class is HOPELESS.
First time seee Dai lao shi so angry lah. She said the guys insult her and whatever.
Then there's this part went she said why the guys say"WO YAO QU YA LONG(GEYLANG?) CHI JI FAN"
Loooooool. Then eve laugh to herself. I wasn't laughing at that time, but then i see her laugh, i also laugh.
But she didn't cme to our class today.

Today, Mr Ng went crazy during the first period of geography lesson. We were like shock la. He last time like so nice, then after the holidays, He changed la. Wtf ?!

Then, Chem lesson also. Miss Lee was angry ? Can't say that she's rly angry. Loooool, cse we nvr bring her Chemistry stuffs. Obiviously she will angry.

Then El lesson, Miss Faten also like sot sot teh siol. Come in then bu shuang us like that. After awhile, then okay. Last period of el lesson was funny.
Miss Faten tell us the incident she heard when she was at dn't know where.

Father: BoiBoi. *chase after the son to the machine.
*son ignores.
Father: BoiBoi, Papa mei you COIN COIN.

loooooool. k, inside joke.

Okay. I guess teachers are having serious mooodswings this term. All are angry when they came into our class. Except some (:

Today's physics lesson was funny and sleeeeepy.
Yanting la, keep touching me, holding my hands. Then Mr Lim somehow saw it and said

Mr L."Yanting, stop touching Tiffany."
Yanting paiseh.
Mr L. "I need to change your sitting arrangement. It's seems that you guys like each other alot."

Loooooool. Is Yanting like me lorhs, keep saying i like her. -.-'

I need to chiong Cybergenda already. I skipped Tuition again, just for doing Cybergenda. -.-'

Takecare peeeeps.

Tiffany :D

Saturday, 21 June 2008 // 16:47
BBQ, Surveys,Homework.


K, I'd still got the time to blog actually ? Likkeeee wtf la, everyone should be rushing for their homework now & i'm like BLOGGGING ?

Maths in the house now, shtye thang to do. Left with hell loads of stuffs. Lucky Yanting lend me her work to copy. If not i think i won't sleep today.

Next, Cybergenda.
The worst thing i can ever do manxz. I don't know what to do for the end product now.
Some one help me to pleeeeease.

Lastly, Art.
I best. I didn't touch anything on ART yet. I think Miss Toh is so gna kill me.

I still can't imagine how can i complete all my work now, and tomorrow.
Oh man, this last week of holiday is so UGLY.

This post is gonna be long and quick. Rushing for time to do my homework. ___________________________________________________________

Erm yuppies, BBQ yesterday at Pasir Ris Park. So met Eve @ E!Hub, with Jelynn. & Sorry again. I'm late.

Lucky i didn't walk there, Thanks to bus 89. If not i think i'll run there manzzx.

So went to FairPrice and buy those stuffs we need to buy first. Then went up to the arcade and find the rest. -.-'

Saw yanting playing the chicken egg game? Idk what's that called. Didn't entered the arcade for a very long time alr.
So they went to Fairprice again. This time, we buy more stuffs. Drinks,food,etc.

Spent a very long time there, finding and deciding what to buy. Looool, went to buy prawns cse we think not enuff fooodie.

After everything then went to downtown with the NTUC TROLLEY. Then went to Cheeers get Otah. I thought they wanted to buy drinks again. -.-'

Then after that, Willy went to MAC and toook ice from them for our ICE-BOX. Junyuan went to take TISSUES .


This time really went to the park already. Is like so blooody shit, the place is suppose to be at Area 4, but we walk arnd like 15mins long and we're still at Are 1. __

Okey, so keeep walking to the damn place. Saw many pits but it's not the pits Junyuan boooked.

So we walk and we walk.

But it's only at Area 2




















So we walked and we walked.

We're only at Area 3. Yay~ Last area to gooo.

So we sat down for awhile, then cont walking.



















So we walked and we FINALLY REACH AREA 4.

and found our PIT 50.

Sat down and rest on the chair, in the damn fuck hot weather. Plus we're all wearing BLACK.


This is crazy.

After that the guys reached also, faster take drinks and drink. Then arrange the stuffs on the table etc.

Then the boys dn't know fly go where alreadyzxc. Then we waste time there playing cards. But i didn't play :D I watch them play, hahah.

Okay, laugh at me. I really don't know how to play TAI-DI or whatever you call that ?!

So, they played that while waiting for the ARRIVAL OF LIM WEILING.

Then yanting, eve, me go fetch her. So we walked to the bus-stop and fetch her.

After that i was like going crazy about playing the playground there. But ddin't manage to play .

So decided to start the Fire sooon.

After that, pangseh the fire and played at the beach?

Can't say play la. Just walk in the sea only.

Ey, emo!

So cute, yet so bimbo.

Then Jelynn saw crab? So weiling and yanting started to catch it. But failed.

The guys then came to the beach and see what happening.

They joined in and started catching sea creatures. Loooooooool

Caught one slug or smth? Idk what's that and i dn't want to know what's that.

Some wormy-like stuff.

Then Yanting finally caught the crab, but was bitten by it. So she shoooof it off her hand. Blooooood!

Then the guys went to catch the crab alr. Finally caught it, cooooolzxc.

Guess what they did ?

They put the crab & the slug tgt ? See them fight. -.-'

After that, went up and was kinda ready for BBQ ?

Was BBQ-ing most of the time la. Wtf ? Nooooot fair.

After that went to the dn't knw where and take pictures, :D With my bbq chicken wing :X


I told them "ey, hai sing catholic schooool clean Pasir Ris Beach mahsx, that's why clean"

That was when we're at the beach playing with stones and catching stuffs that time.

Talking about stones, weiling teach me how to throw the stones that can jump jump jump one.

Okay, no one will understand what i write here.

Back to topic. After eating the chicken wings, i'd actually threw it into the sea. Thanks thanks :D

Then the rest were saying. "haisingcatholicschool clean this beach and we're the ones dirtying it."

All thanks to me! LITTER BUUUUG.

Toook some pictures at that area then went to BBQ alr.

The guys were like waiting for foood. -.-'

But me, eve, weiling was the one BBQ most of the time.



My favvvvvve marshmellooooooow. & Willy another one, dropped so many marshmellow when BBQ it . -.-'


Cheeebye, keep showing off his dance in front of the girls. Like as if we'll be attracted to your dance or smth? Fucking KAOBEISZX.

Then BBQ prawns, still one us to peel the shell for you. Say what at home your mother will peeeel for you, if not you don't eat.

Is like you thnik we're your mothers? Do we loook like?

Don't peel then at most don't eat la. What's your problem?

Bastard, the Ashiq was over that say. "Ey, go suan him" ,Ey, keep saying Cheebye."

Then after BBQ-ing all the chicken and prawns, we let the guys take over. Then we eat :DDDDDDDD

Ammar caught me eating! loooool.


Was disturbed by CATS again. __
So i stand on the chair. Keeep shouting for Willy to chase those CATS away. Thanks uh.

Loooooool. He rly got grow talll manxz.

But i was way way taller than him when i stand on the chair, so he keep telling me get off from it. looool.

Then went home after eating. My dad sent eve and wl to downtown loooooool










Got home , my sis told me the MP went to my house ?!

MP leys, wtf ?

Anyw, no big deal. I shook hands with him before. HAHAHAHAHA!

My whole family was like so nervous whenthey heard the MP is coming up. Loooooool.

My sis acted out the scene for me to see. Damn HILARIOUS LAAA.


Okay, so bathe and went online :D

That's how i spent my wonderful superful friday ~


ShuShan's Quiz now! -.-'

Name 20 people. At the end of this survey, choose 10 people you wanna tag. Don't read the questions first. Name the people first!
1. Evelina
2. Rina.
3. Jelynn.
4. JiaHui.
5. Shushan.
6. Weiling
7. Nasuha
8. Yanting
9. Jessica
10. Qishan
11. Andrea
12. Sihui
13. Catherine
14. Zahira.
15. Sara
16. Samatha
17. Magdelene
18. Eric.
19. Alvina
20. Kailian.
1) What is your relationship with 14?Loooool. Classsmates& HUMAN BABI
2) Do you love 6?Love her, why not?
3) Did you see 13 naked before?Looooool. Never.
4) How did you know 5?Loooooool. Go her blog seeee la. TAIWAN-LOVERS!
5) Is 9 a girl or boy?A girl.
6) Is 7 your best friend?Loooooool. Yeah, WENTRY FOREVER.
7) How old is 19 last yr?14
8) What is 12 full name?Loooool. Lim SiHui.
9) Did you kiss 17 before?loooool. no!
10) Can 4 be in relationship with you?Hahahah, no.
11) Who 2 always hang out with?IDK? Her bf?
13) What is the telephone of 11?Like why should i reveal out ?
14) What 1 did that you will always rmb?I seriously dn't knw what she did to me to make me remember her.
15) Are you v close to 15?Not really. But still okay :D
16) What is the very special thing you like about 3 the most?Cartoooon lover!
17) What you hate 8 the most?LOOOOOL! Being with her KENTAL peeple most of the time la. WTF!
18) If people say bad things about 16, what will you do?Idk,
19) Do you hate 20?No.
20) What language 19 speak?Looooool. English, Chinese? Ohya, our peanuts language!
People I wanna tag:Anyone who one's to fo this.

Instructions:remove 1 question from below and add in your personal questionthen tag 8 people in your list, list them out in the end of this post.Notify them in their chatbox that he/she has been tagged.Whoever does the tag will have a blessing from all.
Q1: Do you like your present school?
Still alright with it.
Q2: What do you want the most now?
Slim down. & fly to Japan or Taiwan(if i'm 21)
Q3: Who is the closest person to you in your school?
Q4: Do you hate your friends sometimes?
No la. But sometimes piss off abit.
Q5: What is your goal this year?
Pass all subjects below 20?
Q6. Who would you probably spend the rest of your life with?
I hadn't think of any yet. Dogs prolly?
Q7: What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
Handphones, Computer, Sleeeeep!
Q8: Do you find life meaningless?
Yeah, like Duh.
Q9: Who do you live for?
My parents?
Q10: Who do you talk most to in school?
I talk to almost everyone. I can't stop talking manzx. Idk why my primary school teacher always says I'M A QUIET GIRL IN THE REPORT CARD.
Q11: What are you listening to now?
Nothing. Speakers down.
Q12: If you were to commit suicide, how will you commit suicide?
Looool. I think i'll cut myself or jump down the building.
Q13: If you are lying on your death bed now, who do you wish to be right by your side?
I wish that my boyfriend, all my idols, my dogs, all beside me.
Q14: What's the funniest joke you've heard so far?
I forgot what joke alr.
Tag 8 people! Those who wna do la. No time to tag ppl alr.

Okay, it's late now. 0146am.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008 // 23:02
Okay, i've been chiong-ing holiday homework these days.

But still , i left with hell loads of maths holiday work, ss project & CYBERGENDA !

Omyhellgod la, ss project still can extend abit, but then cybergenda. my god, fuck those people who handed in to miss faten !
Oooooops, not fuck them .

I just completed Geography, that sickening subject. Toook me 4 hours to complete that whole worksheet. Cheeebye. (Darren! My "cheebye" saying is back !) Looool.
Hahahah. Looooooool, i really didn't said that for a long time already.

& i just realised that i've lost my maths homework. Fuck Fuck Fuck.
This is really damn fuck la, gna copy from yanting tmrw. Definitly.

Left with Social Studies& Cybergenda & Maths.
Gna finish Maths tmrw, maybe @ Junyuan&Darren BBQ.

Might be doing Cybergenda later on. K, I keep saying might do, but it'll nvr come true.

I'll be most prolly stuck on MSN crapping, or watching TV :X

Had been wasting most of my time on the TV these days.

Keeping myself updated on 小天's 裸泳事件

Hahhah, it's gna be so exciting lah. 完娱 said 26June is a good day for 小天 to 裸泳 !
Wulalalalaalala. Trying to imagine, how it would be like if XIAO TIAN SWIM NAKED ! Gah!

So happy that 命中注定我爱你 actually 破10 .
kkkkkkz, i shall stop my nonsenseeeeee on that.

Went out today, to WhiteSands Library, with WETY & Jel.
Looooool. Meet eve& jel first. Was like, kinda eeeeeeeeer. (how shall i put it ?)
Didn't talk much at first, i also don't know why ? Hahahahhh. Then went to Library first, cse Weiling's late! How could youuuu. Hahaaah.
So started our work, I was like no moood to do at first, then weiling came.
After that got the mood to do work alr, Yanting came. Shitxz. Okay nevermind.

I "fang gong" very early. loooooool. Shyte, i'm a big-time slacker la.
So went to KFC, cse Yanting no $$$ already. In the end i lend her 1buck .
So eat at theere and chat under the FREEEZING COLD BASEMENT.
Talked about incredible tales, our parents?, and many more? I forgot already . SHTYEEEE

After that Yanting need to go home already, Yah again. She go home, all go home :{
Then took train with Weiling. & guess who we saw ? Shuqiang -.-'
I shout his name damn loud i think ? Looool

Then me & wl was like teasing him la. Looooooool.

"ShuQiang you avoiding us right ? " loooool

Stop at Tampines with SQ, then he went down first, he suddenly stop&stare me. Wtf ?
Like what i do laaaa.

Went home & talking to Junyuan, ShuQiang&Yanting now :D

Hey , my name's jack . My girlfriend have been kipnapped by evil monsters , will you help me save her ??? says:
so tiff
Hey , my name's jack . My girlfriend have been kipnapped by evil monsters , will you help me save her ??? says:
you coming what time ?
Tiffany L. says:
late la.
Hey , my name's jack . My girlfriend have been kipnapped by evil monsters , will you help me save her ??? says:
how late?
Tiffany L. says:
arnd 2 or 3 ?
Hey , my name's jack . My girlfriend have been kipnapped by evil monsters , will you help me save her ??? says:
ok , no problem
Hey , my name's jack . My girlfriend have been kipnapped by evil monsters , will you help me save her ??? says:
shit la , nobody help me carry things loh
Tiffany L. says:
oh so sad.
Hey , my name's jack . My girlfriend have been kipnapped by evil monsters , will you help me save her ??? says:
you following me?
Tiffany L. says:
i buy 2 pack of cups&plates, enough mehs?
Hey , my name's jack . My girlfriend have been kipnapped by evil monsters , will you help me save her ??? says:
not enough , then buy somemore loh
Hey , my name's jack . My girlfriend have been kipnapped by evil monsters , will you help me save her ??? says:
hey , yan ting
Hey , my name's jack . My girlfriend have been kipnapped by evil monsters , will you help me save her ??? says:
you have afiq house number?
tiffany, you just buy the one that have alot and enough
Tiffany L. says:
Tiffany L. says:
i never ask you to talk la.
Tiffany L. says:
Hey , my name's jack . My girlfriend have been kipnapped by evil monsters , will you help me save her ??? says:
hhaha noob
Tiffany L. says:
Hey , my name's jack . My girlfriend have been kipnapped by evil monsters , will you help me save her ??? says:
scold her back
Tiffany L. says:
She don't dare scold me la.
Tiffany L. says:
She coward..
i am not!
i am not!

The other chat post next time. Got to go chat with them now :D
& Sorry Shushan , i'll do your quiz next post :DDDD

Tiffany :D

Sunday, 15 June 2008 // 14:40

I wna cry manzx. She should be a guy la, then i can love him her.

Something wrong with my eyes or something (?)
Aiyo!!!! This is bothering me la! She really loooooks like a guy la.
















Tell me SHE loooks like a guy right ??????

Till now i still can't accept the fact that she a woman! But i still love her :D

Okey, 宥嘉-神秘嘉宾 is out. Go grab it ! It's niceeeeeeeee :D
So damn 迷幻.
Not bad la :DDDDDD

OkeyDokey, that was random.
Sorry for this post, all about YouJia&Yun Jing.
Last week of holidays have WentryJ3 outing. Yay !!!
Omg, still got Junyuan & Darren Birthday BBQ ~ Hopefully i can make it.
Hahah, i know Junyuan gna miss me :P
Shyte, I'm HIGH :X
Tiffany :D

Friday, 13 June 2008 // 23:42
Alright, it's been long since i last posted. Things are like getting better , i guess?

Yeah, i hope so. I also don't know what the hell has got into me & made me feel this way, guess no one knows what i am talking about. K, bet nobody knows :D .

Moooodswings i guess? I think i really really need to rush my holiday homework now. But it seems like i always do the saying, but no actions being done at all. GAH! I don't like this, i really need to get things on. Real soon.

I really can't slack anymoreeee !! Homework are piling up now, god ! Stop thinking of ZHANG YUN JING!

Okay, bought lots of clothings & shoes already. Happpy.
I still need to get myself a new bag. & i think that's all, i guess ? But it's not gna be enough. Hah! Went shopping at Bugis,Vivo,Suntec? K, i not sure also. So many days back already.

Had been going out this few days, to SHOP ! Yeah, my mum bought me almost all i want.
Okey, now i really shop till i dropped already.
She says that's my reward ?
OhWell, it's better than i don't get any, right ? Hahah, thanks mom.

Alright, hadn't been going out with my friends this holiday. How sad.
Sounds like i'm getting grounded and all, but nah. But promise, last week of holiday sure go out :D Hope it'll be successsfuuuul.

Went to Sentosa yesterday with cousins, quite fun :D Toook hell loads of pictures there lahzxc. Tooook the skyrider toooo. Oh my god, it's super shuang to be sitting in the sky la. But my mum was like looking down at the trees & she said. 我看下面的树很想小便。
Ohmy, faints man. But i was woorried that my slippers will drop, so took it off in the middle of the ride. :DDDDD
Reached Siloso beach, find some place to settle down and eat snacks :P
Saw 2 cute angmos, duper cute la. Only caught a pic of the brother, which is not that cute. The younger one is even cuter, but he ran away when i was about to take a pic of him! Haha~ Cam-shy uh?

After that, took the beach tram to Palawan beach.
Should have brought extra clothings there, then can play in the seaa. Wasted la. If not i can like swim in the sea alreadddy. So tempting to swim in the sea luhs, wth.
But it's kinda werid cse the sand was like some part rough, some part soft. looooool .
Tooook pictures at palawan beach, alooooots.

Left the whole place at around 7? Then went to VIVO again. -.-'
Had dinner at the foodcourt again, what the hell. Kinda sick with those food there also.
Went back home with cousins, stand at the train throughout. Only when reaching Tampines then got seat. -.-'

Pictures on next post. :C
Gotta rush my social studies work, and prepare for science tuition later :DD

Tiffany :D

Sunday, 8 June 2008 // 23:28
No afternooon post :P But Night post :DDD

I've just completed drawing weiling's name add cartoons on it. K, loook so funnaye.
Can't send her off tmrw, so drew that for her :D I'm so nice la !

Heheheheh. Self -prasie, so bhb :X

Actually i don't know what to post now, really. Tmrw still got Amaths tuition, siannszx.
Oh well, that's life i guess ? err, no . It's suppose to be NO LIFE la. HAH!

Anyw, to all those people going Vietnam, take care many many ~
Enjoy your trip there tooo!

Sjab people going New Zealand, take care tooo. Learn more first aid stuffs there ? I guess ? Enjoy laaaaa! Buy many many stuffs back. loooool.

till then

Tiffany :D

// 11:21
Morning Everyone :D K, another 35 mins to noooon.
Looooool, random la.

Woke up by the doorbell, my ah-ma's maid. -.-'
K, nevermind. I was still sleeping till very shuang, then the doorbell rang. Like wtf ?

I was caught by my mum in the morning today :/
I stayed up till 2plus, just to finish reading a book. -.-' Thanks to my sis la, that bugger. Keep telling me switched off the lights. I pissed off, i went out of the room and switched off the lights :X
Went t the study room and cont. reading, nice boooook :D Lovin' it <3
Just as i was about to like leave the room, after the last page, my mum came in.

I of course stunned la, like wtf you doing here? I thought you were supposed to be sleeping in your bed? Why suddenly come out ?

Mum: Wah, 你要死啊。那么迟了还不要睡。
Me: Er, Orh.
Me:Okay (:
Me: Bye, G'night :D

Looooooool. My mum sucha idiot. The 睡不着 is obviously just any excuse made up la. Wth, can't believe it. My reason was, I was to engross in the book that i'm reading la. Lool.
& the consequences for sleeping late, i have not enough sleep now. Gah! This sucks.

Monday gna start Amaths tuition , which means , got to wake up early again. I don't want !
Lucky Teacher texted me about the changed in timing, or i really can't wake up.

Damn sleepy now, keep yawning & yawning. I shall keep drinking coffee to make me awake :D
Coffeee rocks !
That's lame laaaa.

命中注定我爱你!Damn nice, must watch ! must watch !
Waiting for tmrw to come :} Then can watch ! My dad nvr suscribe TAI SHI :{
Shall just watch in Youtube then .

K, this is a morning post. :P Afternoon post later :D
Take care peooople.

Tiffany :D

Saturday, 7 June 2008 // 15:20
I woke up late today ):

Which means, i'm late for tuition. Looooool. My dad came into my room & started disturbing me. Wtf ? Mr, it's only 10 in the morning! After that he still keep singing Low for himself.
I cont. sleeping, i thought i could wake myself up at 1030? But looool, 11 !
& my tuition starts at 11 !~ Hahahahah, i'm pro laaa. :D
Rushed & all, called my dad and pick me and my sis for tuition.

Tuition was okay, i did the questions very SLOWLY. After that, left tuition & went to see tutor's son house. Not really that nice, my house nicer :D
My sis friend bro,yong de? was really a nuiscance. Super noisy.
But there's one part damn funny,

YD: huh ? sia ? PRAWN ?

loooool. k, inside jooooke.

Then called my dad & fetch us home. :D
My sis was like msging the Weiyan(YongDe's sis) all the way la.
Then Weiyan said I'm friendly ?
errrr, i'm usually labelled as anti-social or very daooooo.
I don't know whether it's good or bad.

Weiling's leaving Sg sooooon, from 9-13 ?!
Wth?! No one to crap with at night alreaaaady . ): 5days didn't talk with her, omg la.
I must get eve to go online every night alr, crap with me !!! Hahahah.
I wanted to send her off, but then her flight is so early. Gah!!!
K, nehmind. Sorrrry uh! I don't think i can wake up and send you off dear!
Take care & Enjoy your trip there :DDDDD .
Loooooooooooooooooooooooooool ! Must miss me there ! :P Don't emoooo ! If not i won't recognise you.

Key, my ears are having a difficult time now. Listening to my sis blowing her Flute, Gah. Super irritating laaaaaa. _l_ her. My mum shld not let her join CO lorhs. Keep blowing 24/7. Shit hher.

I watched Hei Tang Ma Qi Duo again ! :DDDD
Lovin' BBT so much <3.
Laughed hell loads la, wooooots*
Gna watched part 2 today night ! :} Hahahah,

Shall stop here then .

Tiffany :D

Friday, 6 June 2008 // 17:59
Sorry for yesterday post. I don't know if i sound emo or piss.
Okay, whatever. I don't know why i feeel that way.
Sorry, if the other post offended anyone.
K, another week of holidays gna just pass like that.

Well, been going back to schoool on Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday!
All for Maths! Spend almost 3 hours everyday for maths.

Went out on Tuesday with my parents. Off to Plaza Sing! Was supposed to go to Parkway, as my sis requested to go there ? But i won ! Haha! Go Plaza Sing better.
She just simply want to go Parkway & whack GIANT. She's like some kind of Supermarket& Popular bookstore whacker la. Wtf?
So went Plaza Sing, & had lunch there. Afer that went to Daiso, spent most of the time there :P & My mum start'd to love it, i guess (?) She bought so many things la. Loooool.
Didn't really walk around there, cse my dad rushing off to work. :C
Then went home, & stone in front of the comp alr :D

Wednesday was really a long day. Went to school in the morning. Was early once again, who tell my father drives so fast -.-'
Miss Chua went through paper 2, copied questions plus workings ! Gah, hand pain laaaaa. After that went home. & again spend whole day in the comp. I also don't know what i do.

Thursday, my mum off day again. She want go Malaysia, so go lorhs. Got up early cse she told us the previous night, if we get up later then 10 she leave us at home. So i got up at 945 ! Hahah! Played with Snoopy catching, run all over the house :D
Then i went into my parents room , my mum tell me go do the household chores . -.-'
If i know i dn't go in. Hahahah, but i still did the chores la. I'm guaaaaai okyy.
Then prepared myself & all . Leave house arnd 11plus. Reached Malaysia around 12?
Then went to find my mum's friend shop. Bought shirt and shorts there. Then walked around the mall, then left the place. Go back Spore :D Cancelled tuition and carry on shopping at Bugis :D
k, Saw one Paul Frank bag, suppppper nice la. Moneey also nice.
Bought shirt, shorts&dress again. :P Sis was pissed off and bu shaung the whole trip . idk why tooo. She just keep bugging my mum to go to the Pet shop. -.-'
Went to the pet shop then she don't dare to go in, cse go the big big dog :P Only i dare to go in. My mum was like ..... force herself go to the shop. loooool.
But the dog also super cooool la, big big one. If i have that in my house, i think no cats will come in alr :D Goooood !

Today, went to tuition in the morning . i do super fast la , i also dn't know why.
Then 1230 left tuition and went to schoool straight, to hand in the holiday homework. Sat on the bus really give me headaches la, keep turning. k, then
saw Weiling & Nasuha in school. Looool, they give me HUGGGS :d
Haha. Sorry for not going .
Saw Sjab people in canteeen. They like very free la, keep going to school everyday for training ? I now sort of regretted for not joining them to the New Zealand trip. K, nehmind. Shushan not there, go also not fun!
Then went to WS, returned storybooks & borrowed new ones. :D :D :D
After that went to buy my strawberry milk tea :D! hahaha.
& i've just changed my blogskin & song again. :P

Anyway, Sugie is out of Xing Guang 3 Ban alr. ))):
Left with the Huang something Lun one, i always forget his name :X Haha! Do Spore proud man :D Jiayous :DDDD!

Till then,

Tiffany :D

Thursday, 5 June 2008 // 23:26
Although i can make it but i dn't wna go. There's some reasons behind it. *cannot be revealed.* I think only W, knows. But really sorry laaah. Not i don't wna go, ahya, nevermind.
& i think i'm gna ground myself for one whole week, starting from next week? I guess so. i will only go out with my mum or go tuition only, no outings for me next week.

Went out the whole day today. Lazy to talk about it. Shall elaborate more tmrw ?
Eve got her PSP Slim! Make me super jealous laaa .
Wtf! My parents didn't even reward me anything for MYE! Babiiiii.

I'm soooo gna bug my dad for it.

I also want the Sony VAIO laptop laaaa. Damn it.

I really need to change my phone . Waiting for new Nokia models to come up but, i still like N76 ):

I want it all blackk. There's still more that i want.
Post tmrw, not really in the moood now. Sorry for this.

Tiffany D':

Tuesday, 3 June 2008 // 22:29
Okey, i'm back again. My mind currently not working anymore. I was busy fnishing my Amaths "holiday assignments" & i managed to complete almost all, expect assignment 6. Gah, brain stopped working after i did few question on Assignment 6. Okey, then i went to chiong my Emaths tuition work. Did all when i was watching TVEEEE. Okay, after the show , pack up and went into my rooom. Was clearing stuffs in my file & double check the timing for Emaths classes tmrw. I loooked @ the wrong timing. Need to be in school at 1030. -.-' Which means no tuition for me tmrw. Waste my time chionging. Wtf , i could do other stuffs other than Maths la. Oky, no one to blame. My fault.

Mind really gna corupt sooooooooon. Shyte, maths really sucks la. Now, my mind fuulll of numbers and formula-s. I decide to finish up newspaper article reflection by today night.
I can ! I can ! I can !
loooooool. Self-motivation. Sometimes it really works :D
Holiday homework, still got lots to goooo.
  • so impossible for me to complete la. i neeed heelp!
  • fuck kangkang la, give source-based questions.
  • wtf, sbq not enuff to kill us uh? great!
  • omg, 60 marks. byeeeeeee.
  • ): left with cloze &vocab now.
  • last min work, i guess?

    i'll stop here todaay. chiong my newspaper article reflection now.
    take care !

    Tiffany :D

    // 15:28
    A) people who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs & replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

    B) Tag 10 people to do this quiz & those who are tagged cannot refuse. these people must state who they were tagged by & cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by.Continue this game by sending it to other people(:

    #1 If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
    Dn't know. Cry? Go die? llooooooool.

    #2 If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
    Make me riiiich, everyone to be healthy & happpy. super smarrt brainy &all friendships last forever.

    #3 What will your dream wedding be like?
    Not sure. Omg, stilll loooong way to go mannzx.

    #4 Are you confused as to what lies ahead of you?
    I guesss so? Not sure what's gna happen tmrw.

    #5 What's your ideal lover like?
    sweeet. handsoooome. sensitive. cooooooool. loveeeee me la! {obviously!} :DDD

    #6 Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone(: ?
    Being love by someone! loooool . Both also gooooodiee goood.

    #7 If the person you like does not accept you, would you continue to wait for him/her to change his/her feeling?
    Maybe, i'll wait for a period oooof time. If really can't then GOOOBYE :D

    #9 Is there anything that has made you unhappy these days?
    The weather & going back to schoool for extra classes.

    #10 What do you want most in life?
    i dont know lah! lol

    #11 Is being tagged fun?
    Quite fun,sometimes :D

    #12 How do you see yourself in the future as well as career?
    Have not think of any?

    #13 Who is currently the most important person to you?
    Family?Friends? Ohya! My dooooooooogie.

    #14 What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
    Haha! Idk? Ey, i found this tag from someone else's blooog la. How would i know.

    #15 Would you rather be single &; rich or married but poor?
    Single & rich? Idk. Not time to think about this yet.

    #16 What's the first thing you do every morning?
    Open my eyes & stop my phone alarm.

    #17 Would you give all in a relationship?
    Seeeee who's that person firrrst.

    #18 If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?
    Aiyo, like that i chooose none better. Hah! Go find other guys .

    #19 What type of friends do you like?
    looooool. Nice friends! People like WENTRY+J3 :DDD

    #20 If you played a prank on someone, & he/she fell for the trick, what would you do?
    Stone ? Or LOL.

    People Whom I'll Tag!
    Anyone who is boreddd. :X

    Sunday, 1 June 2008 // 18:15
    Hahahas :DDDDDD
    I did quizes again. Bored lahszxcz.

    Your Birthdate: September 20
    You are a virtual roller coaster of emotions, and most people enjoy the ride.
    Your mood tends to set the tone of the room, and when you're happy, this is a good thing.
    When you get in a dark mood, watch out - it's very hard to get you out of it.
    It's sometimes hard for you to cheer up, and your gloom can be contagious.

    Your strength: Your warm heart(really ? I don't even know it myself :P)

    Your weakness: Trouble controlling your emotions (this is sooo true la)

    Your power color: Black(yeah, i love blacccck :D)

    Your power symbol: Musical note(idk abt this too)

    Your power month: February
    http://www.blogthings.com/whatdoesyourbirthdatemeanquiz/">What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

    You Are 50% Normal
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    Other things you do are downright strange
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    You Are Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
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    You are most compatible with strawberry ice cream.
    http://www.blogthings.com/whatflavoricecreamareyouquiz/">What Flavor Ice Cream Are You?

    Chocolate Chip Ice-cream rockkks la :D

    // 15:07
    do you believe in 日久生情?
    yes, i do.
    人有七情六欲, 有时真的很难控制, 不觉中就产生感情了, 尤其你寂寞相有个人陪或听你说话.
    当你遇到一个人,如果对方给你的第一个印象不错的话, 两个人如果时常见面,时间久了是有可能“生情”的. 刚开始也许只是有些好感...但时间一久,慢慢心里就会想时常见到他 (她)... 每次一有机会的话,就会想为对方做许多事...早晚脑海一直出现对方的影子...惨了
    当然如果对方“名花无主” 还好。 如果对方已经“名花有主” 那你就要忍受风吹雨打...折磨.
    当然如果喜欢或爱一个人,是希望他 (她)拥有 辛福和快乐。

    Okay, i saw this from someone's blog & yah. sort of meaningful ? I believe this , so as others ? I think for some only. Other's might not think so, but who cares . I know i believe in this.

    I didn't attend Sjab todaay )): My dad tell me don't go! He's so G.R.E.A.T ! He says " Go for what? Waste your time there."
    True True True.
    finally he agreees on not leetting me got for my CCA, after 2 years.
    I might just somehow show my attitude there & get scolded by the officers or whatsoever. So not getting myself into any trouble, better don't go.
    Sorry Mag !
    I woke up really late today, haha. 1215 :D
    I turned into bed quite early yesterday, but didn't expect me to sleep for soooo fucking longgg.

    I guess something is wrong with me, really wrong. But i don't know where i'm wrong.
    Okey, that's weeeeeeeeerid . Ahyah, anything la. Maybe i'm just over-bored.
    & Tmrw got A/E Maths extra lesssoon. Siaaaaans! Which means i need to get up early. )):
    How saaaaaaaad!!!

    My mum finally has an off day next weeek. Can go shopping again ! Hopefully she allows me to buy some nice stuffs. Best is close the shop for the day & go shopping with my cousinsss & aunty.
    Yeah, that's the beeest :D :D :D :D :D
    Or go out w/o the adults ~ But that won't happen. Like that also good, can let my mum pay for me. Heheheeh :P
    I'm really bored la, someone jio me out ppppllllllleaaaase .

    Tiffany :D