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Sunday, 27 May 2007 // 17:41
Hello peeps! I'm here again :D
My comp has re-formated & everythings GONE ! But nehmind shall just start posting now.

English was the first period & i think we did Adj , Adverbs on the topic "Jack & Jill" . So cool right ? Aha! PE was nxt !! Super fun . Once again we played badminton ;) Eve & i played like dunno what like that, mad women ? But it was fun . Mr Tay then told us Tuesday was NAFA test ! All of us was like not prepared at all lahs. So after that went for Recess!
After recess was Assembly & Form teacher contact but we used that 2 periods for our Biology modular test. :X The paper was okay , not that difficult .
After the test continued having Maths lesson. Sorry but i forgot what we did .
After lunch was Art . Miss Celloh taught us on the different types of painting & told us to try out. And that was her last lesson with us , we'll miss you !
Went home after that & did some homework . Slack all the way at home and went for piano lesson. As usual me & my cousin rushed home to watch CSS2 , this wk was revival round.
i rly want Javin or Wilson to IN lahs , but Shawn ! #%#&@
i was rly shocked that Elaine didnt get in to the top 10 lahs and that fcuking HuiXian got IN ,eeks!

Boring , maths was the first period . Did some questions as usual . Chinese for one period , got ting xie & i was like wth . fail luhs. History! its super boring- i almost fell asleep but kept myself awake by writing notes. I'm guai :X
After that was CME, i forgotten what heppend . But it was Miss Khoo who gave us the talk & almost all her slides have a picture of cat . She's such a cat-lover. Literature , mdm ruzahna didnt come . So i copied Fang Hui's summary :DD ! Great , biology lesson after that. We told Mr Mukmien to give us our class test results . Yay , i've got 26/30. I finally passed my BIO.
After that he continued teaching us about HIV / AIDS && more.
After that was English , miss shiow taugh us Preposition . Then Let us off for our NAFA test .
NAFA was okay . After that had to for SJ. Did inline skating & i fell and sprain my leg .:D
i'm now a LAME!
Dad insists on bringing me to the Chinese physician . Waited for like an hour .The doctor was so damm rough !

Wednesday, 18.07.2007
Went school early for classroom cleaning. But i cant do much with a LAME leg ;D
After that had English lesson , but i dunno what we do .Yahs, so after english we had SCIENCE!
Mr Mukmien gave us back our papers for modular test. I've got 43/50 only :X
After that he go through the paper then went for recess!
Had Geog lesson and Miss Ku was like wondering where the rest gone to . Cause some went to see someonewho got caned in the hall. Then we had Literature.
Mdm ruzahnah say she's gonna leave HSCS :[ , & go to ACS. I didnt know that was a boy's sch & say all of us transfer to that school -.-'
Sad lahs , althought she got abit of moodswing but she's rly a good teacher . We'll miss her then. She say an old teacher with experience coming to teach us , god ! Old teacher ?
Had sex education , i dunno what was it about ? almost fell asleep on the chair. After Maths supplementary then go home ;]

Thursday, 19.07.2007
Maths was the first period & continued with 3 periods of d&t . I'm finishing with my polishing soon of my arylic. It's abit out of shape .
But nehmind. Went for recess after that. :] After recess had Science lesson . Then goeography. Miss Ku gave us 1 period to study. But i think i'll still fail. I slept after finishing the paper. But i dreamt of some answers and wake up to fill in the answers. Then continued to sleep.
Lunch !
Had chinese lesson after that. Dunno what we do but lessons was great .
** ZiCong is getting very crazy with his bear bear around.

Friday, 20.07.2007
First 2 period was music and miss khoo did not come :X .
Then had chinese , must write composition . & Han lao shi knew we cant do finish so she told us to go home & do it.
after that was english , miss shiow didnt came up to our class but was Mrs Kee. Gave us the ws on "Joining Sentence" . Also did that for homework . Maths was okay today . Miss Ng was scolded by a teacher for her attire. But it was okay what. It was her last lesson with us & we asked for her msn:D
Have to stay back in school for some lesson. So went to icon & buy sweets! I wanted to gave Shushan some sweets but she came and said she cant go for the lesson . -.-' , i know . Nehminds so gave the red colour want to weiling & the rest. She came to us and said the sweet sucks. me & Gerry say we know . We purposely gave the sweets to you:X Sorry. Nxt time then treat you eat a nicer want :DD
the lesson ended so late lahs. Gerry accompany me home !
ilovegeraldine !

shall post next time . i need to do my homework now .
take care people;]

Saturday, 19 May 2007 // 16:08
hohohos !
i'm now currently posting in my cousin house after my tution . My computer broke down and its very difficult for me to post .
All my results are out & i'll start posting soon ..
i'm sorry i forgotten what happened on wednesday so i'll start off with Thursday.

Thursday, 17.05.2007
school was as per normal. first lesson was chemistry and mrs kang wanted us to continue lessons . So she taught us about the drawing of protons & electrons. After her lesson was IT , we learnt that miss lee was transferred to another school and mr toh take over him .
His lesson was okay because can surf net! But its kind of boring though cause blogger and friendster was banned.
when for recess after that ate some food and went up to the hall. after the assembly , was literature . Nasuha asked mdm ruzahna about the marks and all of us heard that it was good grades but it was not lahs ! so we were all embaressed. She handed out the papers to us and i only scored 38/80 !
my gwadd , another 2 more marks and i would have pass the paper ! She also read out to us the final marks but it was kind of confusing , so evelina went to ask about it and mdm ruzanah flare up at us lahs ! she told us frm next lesson onwards she should want evelina, me , nasuha, sara , janelle & geraldine to sit in front and not the back .
then we greet her thanks , but sara didn't say so she scold sara why you nvr greet me ? because of you the whole class have to go to the foyer , and she tell us to greet thank to her again . Then we went for homec .
We made muffins ! It taste so nice !
&& guess what happened during the lesson ?
sara fell down from the chair! not because of what is because the chair was abit of shaky already and when she sit it was like "BOOM"& she was on the ground! poor sara , i keep laughing at her lahs ! Sorry , but its really funny sara!
then ate the muffins for lunch .
then after lunch was english , miss shiow wants to prepare us for conversation so she prepared some stuffs for us , after that she saw rina's IPW artefact so she started asking what are the topics our class did and she picked janelle's group to present a little bit of their presentation then she told us about premarital sex ( sorry i don't know how to spell )
then after her lessons we went home.

first lesson was english an mrs cheong came in to give out our papers back and i only scored 24/50! HOLY SHIT! i cant believe it lahs , i studied so hard for it andi failed . Okay , nevermind . Its over , what for think about it again ? i'll just study real hard for it on sa2 then.
after english was PE! do some stretching and mr tay knew that we girls would not like to play on the field so he told us to play basketball with 1N2 boys. Gosh ! their real good luhs , and i suck-ed at basketball , really .
i think i need to pick up lessons from alvina aldy. Then the boys joined us later for about the last 20 mins ?
then we went to change after PE and went to recess.
after recess was maths , miss khoo did not teach us anything about maths but gave us the travel declearation from and talk to us about the old folks home stuffs that our class will be going for next wednesday.
then it was geography , my last hope for the paper. Amazingly i 've got 54/80 . god bless me & my friends !
after goiung through the paper miss ku update our files and show us a video on the planet earth
&& we went home.
i took a train home as i need to top-up my bus card , pathetically i only left with 15 cents inside.
after that i went for maths tution , i really need to buck up on my maths.

and now , i'm posting up this post (:

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sara: don't bother the passer by , caused i've just found out that she's sherell.
passer by: say whatever you want , && i already know you're sherell so no need to hie your name .
sherell: if you're not diaoing me then you diao who ? evelina or geraldine ? there's only 3 of us there. And i did not write anything about you and geraldine & if you think that i said that then let it be.. btw, i wont anyhow gossips.
CONNIE:ohs , that abcz did not tag luhs , thanks anyway.(:

Monday, 14 May 2007 // 20:20
Tuesday, 15.05.2007
today was like so bad lahs in the morning !
i ran for the bus that was coming ; & i was like oh shit the bus came already! i thought the another 21 left & it will take a longewr time to come but i didnt know that it was like so fast less than 5 mins , i guess?
so lessons as usual . i've got back my chemistry results and i obviously did not do well , i've just got 23/40 :X
during recess went to find sister maria , to apologise to her cse i was suppose to meet her yesterday and i did not turned up and made her wait:Xbut she's not in the room , alrights . i'll just apologised to her someday went she is around.
after recess we had chinese , got back all my results for the chinese paper; i did really badly for paper 1 , i only scored : 43/70& paper 2 i scored :40/60 :X it's equally bad !
i'll try harder nxt time.
after that i went for ART ; do stuffs and all . Then we headed for lunch. After that i went back to classroom i felt like slping but i cant cse its miss shiow's lesson. i cant imagine she shouting at me ? anyway we also got back our english results, overall i've got 56.7%
awww, so bad ! && Geraldine cried because miss shiow asked her why her face is so sour when Gerry saw her everytime . After her period then Evelina;JunWean & Geraldine went to my house to do the IPW project & they went home around 6.30pm
&& now i'm writing the blog.

exams are finally over!
so managed to get out of the house & somehow celebrated the end of exams!
eve;yanting&& geraldine we went to TM to catch spiderman-3 after our english paper 3.
oh yes, we 've managed to got the tickets at 11:30am.We were rushing all the while!
&& i thinkk yanting's was really really very rush ; rushing to take a cab?
hahahs ; she's so damm hot today~

people you guys really have to watch SPIDERMAN3 its uber nice till i cant describe luhs!
so after that we went to the toilet after the show cause we're like drinking too much aldy luhs !
&& guess what GERALDINE has said:" you guys are taking so long, did you LS?"
ME ; EVE & YANTING was like wth!
soon; we met the guys and Darren told us to look up for something for Weiling! Went into `TOYS R US' where gerry was in and she was caught playing with some of the swords ! so damm embarrassing . but all those stuffs we find Darren like say too expensive or not nice ! So we gave up & told him to find for himself after so long .

then, we saw sherell and fangyu and i waved at them lahs. but sherell was like diaoing me & evelina . pissed off, we left yanting behind and walked off with geraldine to century square. this is to prevent from our friendship ; oh yahs i forgot we dun even have any friendship with her or is just classmates.

headed to century square; looked at some of the shoes on the second level & we somehow found some stuffs that Weiling liked , but the sad thing is Darren and all is not with us :X
so went to take neoprints as what i have requested ; we decorated for so long lahs ! and its very tiring !
Then went to food junction to eat ; yeahs! i bought prata , geraldine & evelina bought it too(:
after that went to find yanting who sitted at the seat like a kind of emo girl!
finished eating sara & janelle met us . Sara brought her cam!
started to take pictures of each other , & we are like blocking the ways of the people .

after that i went home . SAra; yanting && gerry turn up at my hse later to play with my dog :D
it really been sometimes that i didnt post , i hope it wont be boring till you drop your head on the table ?

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psserby-:umm , yars . i from hai sing , is there any problem with it ?
abcz: just write as you wish , you don't have the right to say that i sucks !
sara: Oh yes! we've mugg-ed hard enough & i think you'll score well ! SARA is lovee.
meiting: hahas , iwill . After i chang'd my blogskins okay? i'm not prettaye! oh yes, ignore that abcz.
CONNIE:i am not sure who that person is too , maybe he is just a passerby who gives bad comments. thanks (:

i want tags!