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Saturday, 27 September 2008 // 11:18
Alright. Yesterday was the start of our SA2. I'm still wondering if i should update my blog for a lil while and i think, i should.

Firday,26 September 2008
Start of the day with a heavy pouring rain, which i like alot :DD ! Hahah, i love rainy seasonnnsss.
So went up to class with Jessica, alright. Darren told us to go to MPR1, I was wondering why we should go there, & guess what??

ShuQiang shouted at me la!
The consequence for shouting at me, well, one string of colourful vulgarities.

So i didn't bother about him anymore, just went off to MPR1 instead with Jessica.
So, our exams in future will be in MPR1.

Studied the format for letter writing and that's it.
Start of our Paper One. It was pretty much alright, I've got a little confident that i can do well for it. Hopefully, i will.

So Paper Two.
The killer. You're the one who pulled my grades down. What hell.
Thank you, Miss Faten for the tips. I remebered some of it and the rest was like GONE cause i was too nervous. Alright, i did attempt doing all the questions.
I just hope that i'll pass the paper. I don't have much expectation for it.

So two papers down, and a lot more to go.
I've got to mug hard. Especially my E.Maths, i don't want to fail you ley!

Off to study for Social Studies!
3N1, study hard ! I want see all of you next year in 4N1 !

Tiffany :D

Saturday, 20 September 2008 // 17:23
Happy birthday to me, myself and i.
I'm finally fifteen.
Combination of happy and sad.

Oh, I forgot! Happy Birthday to Willy Poh also.
It's such a coincident that we're both born in the same year, month and date! Cooolios.
Both of our moms are hairdressers tooo. How cool, you tell me!

Hahahah. Happy that i'm one year older. & My mummy is getting me a PINK DS ~
Sad that, i've got to act like a grown up and be more mature. Tsk, last day of being childish is gone :{ !

I would like tooooo thank,

Lovely cardddd & earrings. I love it alot, like how i love you :D !
Silllyyy yoou. Next time don't count down la. It's like so retarded!!! Uh huh, i'm smiling!
Hahah, thanks anyway :D
Girls like us rock like hell. Hahah. Thanks for making my day. Those cupcakes are super cute la, just like us! Lol, love you guys :DDD.
Darren, Junyuan & ShuQiang.
Hahahh. Thanks for the wishes also. Continue to supply sweets for me :D Hahahah. Loves !
Thanks to poeple who wished me through, msn and others. Thanks a million.

I forgot to thank aunty j-lyn for the long distant message this morning.
Thank you aunty j-lyn! Miss you much, come back soon alright! You still can remember my birthday after so long. Really miss you all this years :(
No one to talk to once you left loh. Come back sooon ! You're still the best maid ever !

Tiffany :D

Tuesday, 16 September 2008 // 12:20
Happy birthday Alvina ♥.
& Nick Jonas :D

Sunday, 14 September 2008 // 12:06





Saturday, 13 September 2008 // 14:05
Plans for exams, etc.

So long since i last blog. Uh huh, School was busy. Teachers rushing to teach the remaining chapters for all the subjects. Super tiring. Trying to pay attention in class and not falling a sleep is a chore. Because, Chan Yanting is always sleeping beside me. Grrrrrrr.

Alright. My art is not completed. Gna do it later. Hopefully finish my page one today. And page two tmrw. Yes! Planned.

Then, A.Maths. Learned new topic, kinda getting the grips of it already.
Yeap, assignments completed. Great !

E.Maths, Miss Chua made us stayed back yesterday to finish the Chapter on Arc length, blah blah blah. Totally no idea what she's teaching during the whole lesson yesterday. Only understand the new chapter on Propertise of Circles.
E.Maths assignments, can't be bothered to do.

English. ):
Comprehension paper again. I've not done it. Prolly gonna do it tonight or tmrw night?
Must be completed.

Nothing can be done. Got that stupid letter writing test on Wednesday.
It's going to be easy, i think ? Hahah, bullshit.

Geog Elect./Social Studies
I will study harder for SA2, promise!
Social Studies lesson now is carrying out in AVA. Not good at all, cause we're having comb. lessons with 3N2. Totally don't understand Mr. Cohen's teaching. Is like as if his chanting, ooooops.
I want to ace for social studies!

Hadn't been studying it. Grrrr, so dead. But i will study soon. Chemistry will not be a problem for me, but Physiccccs! Omg, hopefully MengThong won't set a difficult paper.

SA2 coming. Got to get on with studying and concentrate! I don't want to get distracted. Uh huh.
Played lots of games in class with WENTRYJ3. Hamburgers, Guessing games plus forfeit.

Super coool. Will have more outings and fun after exams.
So people, study hard!

one more week.

Thursday, 4 September 2008 // 01:00
Morning peoooopo.
Heh. Alright, i'm still awake.

I didn't complete my chinese tuition work. Basically, i don't give a damm about it.
I just finished one page of it and was like, looking at my sis and said ' ey, you know how to do?'
I know it should be the other way round. But my chinese standard dropped, but who cares !

Gonna catch Money not enough 2, later on. With my mom & sis. Maybe my dad too.

Okie, yesterday night was horrible. Got this phone call from china.
fucking cheebye. keep calling non-stop, end up switching off my phone.
Grrrrr. they got nothing better to do.

& guess what. my phone is spoilt. I can't call anyone or answer any call. Great, only message pls.
I will get my new phone soon (:
Yayyyy !

12days to Alvina's Birthday & 16days to me& willy's birthday.
Cheeerioos :D!
I'm gna love myself to bits.

I'm crazy.

Tiffany :D

Tuesday, 2 September 2008 // 17:54
Piccys Pic :D

While waiting for weiling :D.

Finally, at E!hub.

Hahahah. Finish uploading. Now got to send it to eve through e-mail. ):
People grab it here k. I lazy send to you all.

Tiffany :D

// 11:13
Sarrrrrrrks. I feeeeling down :(
Oh well. I shouldn't rant about it here.

Yesterday, day out with girls. Super fun, as always. While waiting for WEILING, slacked alot?
K, then started to do stupid things when she come. Hahahh!
Get started on work, very serious.

Yeah, right ?!
I can't stop laughing, please. Grrrrr.

So, with our seriousness. We finished the project very fast. Went to central and had lunch.
Then walked to E!Hub.

K. On the way there, Weiling is like crazy.
Stomping on pudles of rain water, making me&eve wet.

Yes, so we won't let her off that, easy.

So, reached E!Hub. Went to toilet to wash our legs and all. Then the rest go BOOOOOOWLING.
Hahahh, I didn't play though. Just watched them play, camwhore together, laugh at each other and weiling's favourite candid pictures.

Went off with Eve after their first game. Just nice, my mom called me.
Lucky, my phone is spoilt. Yayyyy :D

Good excuse for not answering her call !

Pictures, on next post. I wna do my homewooork !


Monday, 1 September 2008 // 17:03
I've got tagged again :(
Grrrrrr, got tagged by Lim Kailiang again !
So yeap.

name of 20 ppl i can think of now
1. Weiling
2. Evelina
3. Nasuha
4. Rina
5. Yanting
6. Jelynn
7. Jiahui
8. Shushan
9. Megan
11. Junyuan
12. Joshua
14. Andrea
15. Richelle
16. SiHui
17. Sara
18. Bernice
19. Alvina
20. Zahira

how did i meet 14 ?
loool. my cousinnnn ley.

wat would u do if u nv met 1?
I'll not be high always.

wat if 9 and 20 are fated?
Les together lahh.

will 6 and 17 date?
omg. looooool, sara will go crazzy.

describe 3
She's super nice. I love her :D

is 8 attractive?

describe 7
She's so quite nowadays, seldom talk to her leeee.

do you know any of 12's family members?
idk .

wat if 18 confesses to you he or she likes you?
that will never happen k. :D

wat language does 15 speak?

who's going out with 9?
i'm not sure. maybe someone nice in Ipohhhh?

how old is 16?

when did u last speak to 13
3 days ago.

who is 2's fave singer?
alot plss .

would you ever date with 4 ?
Hahah, depends. Just kidding. I'm straight.

will you ever date with 1
YEEEES. looool. I'm straight. Aha, Darren will kill me.

is 19 single?

wat is 10's last name?

school of 3
Hai Sing Catholic

where does 6 live?
Pasir Ris.

wat is you fave thing of 5?
B-I-M-BO-T-I-C yet C-U-T-E

have you seen 2 naked?
Not yet. :D

5 ppl I choose to do this test
anyone la. Lazy ask people do.

k, got to bring my dog down now. bye.