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Wednesday, 30 July 2008 // 17:04
My a-ma siad that, it like oh-so __________!

Today was alright. My sis did not turned off her alarm clock, so it's like disturbing my sleeping hours.
_|_ her siooooool.

English, first 2 periods. Did picture discussion and discussed which movie we're gna watch after schooool. So, yeap.

Ended up , Miss Faten chosed Phantom Of the Opera for us. -.-'

So recessssssss! .

ART was after recess, did water colour in the foyer. Sitting under the GREAT BIG HOT SHINING SUN just to draw the orchids.

Fuckzxc.zx hot laaaaa. So after the 3 periods of art is,

Which means, we'll be getting back our papers.

I'VE PASSSED! 15/20 .
It's more than what i've expected. Coooooooooooolios.

Next Maths test is gna be Congruent, Similarity & the area volum topic. -.-'
No confident man! I think i'll fail for that test. Totally catching no ballxz during lesson. ):


After lunch was Chinese. Miss Woo came in class and find the guys. -.-'
Who tell them go out by foood, got themselves into trouble again. Haissssss.

K, I'm ooooooooff topic again.
Got back Chinese results. I'm oh-so happy. I'd PAAASS.
I thought i will fail manz. So it really proves that i can do chinese better without having chinese tuition.

English afternooon programme.
The show was quite interesting, i think(?) We did not finish the show, so yeah.
It's a lil boring cse, they're like singing all the way. -.-'
Faten see us watch until like want die then stop the show.
@ 4127.
I remembered sey. Hahahahahahah.

People, can go buy 4-D.

So yeah, got home. I'm here blogging :DDDDDD!


Tuesday, 29 July 2008 // 15:44
Random :D


Shocked to see my blogging in a Tuesday afternooon?
It's supposed to be a super
loooooooooong day in schooool, right?
The clever me skipped CCA, just because the weather is too

Yeah, stupid reason.

&Schoooool was alright today. Nothing much happened. Except for,

My A.Maths test.
I'm seriously HOPELESSSSS.

After that, whole class went down for a talk on STDs (?) in the hall.
The presentor, showed us some pictures on it. Some were really disgusting, yeah.
So, afternooon programme today was E.Maths. & We've got E.Maths Test.

Ohyes, 2 maths test in a day. Totally screwed my brain cells.

Uhhuh, P.E was great today. Lagi Shiok Bodoh.
Played Soccer, hell fun. Haolian abit, i scored a super nice goal ! *
claps claps*
I've got my shoes dirty again. ):

But it's okay, at least i've enjoyed playing soccer once.

ooooofff topic again.!
Come back to E.Maths.
The test is so much better than A.Maths. Hopefully i can pass the test, with little careless mistakes. If not ................. (fill in the blanks).

So went up to class and packed my stuffs. I'm home now :D

Monday's chemistry lesson was super fuuuuuuunaye.
Mr Tan was talking about
AMMONIA GAS?. (I'm not sure if i'd spelled it correctly.)

He says it's a very
smellllllly gas. & the whole class was like, starting to laugh.
All of us was actually laughing at his
fresh breath. looooooooool :}

But Junwean said the
funnniest joke of the day.
He say, but the
BLUE litmus paper in front of Mr Tan's mouth and it'll turn into a RED one.
*inside joke.

Tmrw is Wednesday. Schooool starts late! It's gna be wonderfulllllly day? Hopefully it is.
Juno during english afternoon programme :D !

I just remembered, Kang Kang is giving us another Social Studies test. This Friday. GAAAAAAAAH~!
But i think Social Studies is so much easier than Geog Elect.

Got to rush my art work now. I want to study @ night !!!!!
Hahahah, I'm werid.


Sunday, 27 July 2008 // 14:37
Tomorrow will be a better day.
I've actually got some time out to blog.

This few days still alright. Not much naggings from my mum.
Maybe it's because my A-ma moved in and stay with us for a few days. But she's a trouble to me la.
Keep calling me non-stop. IRRITATING.
K, I've just got to bear with it. Thanks to my uncle la, go overseas for 2 weeks? Then idk why she need to stay with us.

I'm damn screwed up with A.Maths, giving me super huge problem. Dammmn.
Had Tution just now, & KaiJing is abnormal today? She very quiet all the way home on the bus.

I've got English tuition later on, yea. Her Homework is still not completed yet. Gah.

My mind is so gna explode sooon. Feeeeeel so ________!
I hope to get an early night today.

Can't wait for tmrw to start, tho we're gna have 2 periods of Fresssssh Air Lesssons.
GAAAAAAAAAAH. This made me think on Li Si saying " HE GOT 'NICE' BREATH".

I' damm crappy today. Hahahah.

Tiffany :D

Friday, 25 July 2008 // 13:43

Monday's racial harmony day. The whole class agreed to wear ethnic costumes, but end up a dissapointment. Not everyone wear la. But it's almost all, more than half a class :D
Next year must make sure everyone wear ! Damn fun day on Monday. Laughing day!
Took pictures in class, etc.
Lesson was as usual though. Had Chinese test for the first 2 periods in the morning. Then had Chemistry. Yay! Went to the L.A.B! It's been like so long since i stepped into the lab. So yeap, did experiments. Super Cooooool.
I ♥ EXPERIMENTS! Plus I'm doing my experiments with WEILING!!!!!!!!!
ART was after recess and Geography before assembly.
I flunk my Geog Elect. test, 5/20. :/
Seriously, i didn't study well enough. And thanks to HELMUT la. Tell Mr Ng don't postpone the test. See, I flunk. How nice!
So after assembly, was lunch then Amaths afternoon programme.
After that went to my mum's shop to get my house keys. Then HOME SWEET HOME!

Tuesday, 22.07.2008
I was almost late for school that morning. Thanks to the road accident.
I really can't understand why people can't drive their cars properly and got themselves into an accident. Okay, whatever. So my dad speed, and send my sis off to school first and then me. He drove super fast and yeah. I'd manage to get in school on time. But still very late. Then me and shushan agreed not to go for CCA that day. Yay! You won't see me in my CCA photo shoot this year :D
First 2 periods were sleeping session for me! Faten & Meng Tong didn't come.
After that P.E! Played cap-net ball in the field and it's like wet. So Mr Raj tell us to play soccer.
This bloody soccer got my shoes into a horrible state. I can't wash off the MUD STAINS .
The match just started less than a minute, Aisha got herself injured. So helped her lorhs.
Yeah, she sprained her ankle. Small case .
I don't know got myself spraining my ankle don't know how many times already.
So Weiling and me walked Aisha to the General Office. Went to the First Aid Kit, didn't see the cold cold spray. If not can help Aisha spray her leg, then i can also get a change to play with the spray also :d. But don't have, so nevermind.
Then after that, had recess and SS.
Went down to the ICU corner cause we didn't bring our textbook. Almost half the class.
Me and Eve, brought our textbooks but we went down. It's like no point waiting in class reading the Textbook. Like we will read like that, so don't waste our time. We went down :D
KangKang tell us to write our parents number and give her. Looooooooooooooooool.
She want call our parents cause we never bring our textbook. But we not scared :P In the end she also nvr call.
Then she hold us back for about 1 period and we only like left with 1 period of Amaths left.
Then 2 periods of CME. After that went home.

Rainy Day is ♥
Raining on a Wednesday morning is cooooool. & school starts late, it's Super Cooool.
Hahahah. Faten came back to school, which means we have Vocab grand review. Then recess.
After that 3 periods of ART, did a bit of touch up on the painting then move on to potrait drawing. I can just say that my potrait drawing is H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E.
Then after art is E.Maths, super SIAN. Then lunch.
After that 2 periods of Chinese, relief teacher came in and teach us Chinese.
Her chinese is loooooool. HAHAHAHAHAH.
She read the textbook words wrongly lohs. Still can teach us. Tsk Tsk Tsk.
Then afternoon prog, skipped it. Whole class skipped! YAY!
Faten didn't come for afternoon programme too, so there's no need for me to YAY! -.-
Thursday Chemistry test, so study!

Rained in the morning again ! ♥♥♥
Happy Day for everyone? Cse' everyone is so damn high! Hahahah.
But Thursday lesson is like SHIT. Bloody boring and dry.
Geog lesson was like SHIT, Fangyu's group was doing their presentation. Pretty well done, but no one was listening. So Mr Ng was kinda piss off, yeah. After that Physics. Mr Lim didn't bring our test papers up, so i went to ask him why nvr bring up the papers? Then he was like nah, you girl...... ? Don't know what he's trying to say. Nevermind. Learnt new chapter then recess.
Chemistry Test! I anyhow do the paper, hope i can pass. Then English , Maths. I forgotten what's going on.
So lunch , then Chinese.
Chemistry Afternoon programme, I some how got hiccups and Yanting keep laughing at me.
_|_ you!
I can't stand the lesson anymore so sleep for the last 10 mins.
Rushed to tuition.
Went home around 7plus?
My sis got herself in trouble in schoool. My dad is very sad and angry at her, so he ground her. I don't know what's wrong with her too.

Yeah, last day for schoooool. Lessons as usual, Had Amaths for 2 periods.
Social Studies, 2 periods. Had essay qns test. Then recess.
After that El and Maths. Went home after school.

I'm suppose to go for tuition but decided to go tmrw.
& I'm here blogging now. :D

Guess everyone waited very long for the pictures already.

Took me damn long to upload all.
This week, really been a busy weeek. Had test almost everyday. Hope there's no more test.
But next week still have A/E Maths test. Gah!
Sian la. & my house is filled with a very strong smell now. Smell like petrol, something like that but i don't know what's that. Very smelly. I think it smells like Glue. Hope i won't die after smelling it.
Damn random.
Yes! I'm done with blogging :D
I want comments!!!!!!!

Tiffany :D

Sunday, 20 July 2008 // 00:14
I've just changed my link. Again. :P

Was kinda sian just now so edit my blogskins and change my url :X

This week was kinda busy. So many test. Physics,Geog, Social Studies.
& I flunk my Geog Elect. by 1 mark. I would have pass by 1 mark toooooo.
Forget it.
It's over. No point regretting when i didn't study hard at all right?

Social studies was alright. Last min studying helped!
I aced that paper, yo! 29/33 :D First time i scored high for Social Studies. Omy.
But it was just luck. Mdm Kang gave us the test paper which was given out as our worksheet tooo, so yah. Just my luck.
So got to maintain at this standard to pull my comb. humanities marks up.

Cause i really can't absorb geog much. It's difficult for me to understand. I just don't know why.

It's late now? I'm tired too.
I'll just post tmrw again. Hopefully i finish everything tmrw? May god bless me and everyone.


Friday, 11 July 2008 // 19:11
Another week had just past.
Oh, Goodbye. & Don't come back again. :D I sound stupid, i know. I'm just entertaining myself :DD

This weeek kind of slack. But next week is not gna be slack, i think (?)
There is so many test coming up next weeeek.

1. Geography.
3.Social Studies.

Man! This is like crazyyyy. 3 test in a week, horrible.
Got to study again :D Greattty-great. I ♥ Studying ! I really meant it.
*yeah, like real -.-'

Days passing real fast. Yeah, happy moments always past very fast. Bad times always past so slowlly. It's always like that uh ?

Alright, school was still alright.
Had El for the first period, then Physics. After that PE.
I just realised that, Captain's Ball is so much nicer then Cap-Net balll. PE was fun that day :D
Recess, stayed in class as usual. After that changed and went to the hall. After that is SS? Yupps, SS. Then Amaths. Miss Wong teach new chapter. Can understand what she's teaching!
Goood thing :DDDD Hahahah.
Then CME this week is in the classroom. So Miss Woo was telling us that "Girls are always at the losing ends". Yah, whatever ? But it's true!
After that Lunch and went back to classroom aftermath.
Did the drawings for the class thingy, till 330 +. I purposely one, I want to be late for CCA :D.
Did NYAA and footdrills. & again, me and shushan sucks at footdrill. All the new drills all don't know. Then Sir say, "see la, always never come"
Okay, whatever. Then went home.

English was the first 2 periods, ohyah. I remembered what we did already. Miss Faten go through the Letter Of Complain with us. Then went for recess. Loool, go for ART after recess, did the don't know what thing. Quite fun lorhs, but my art piece come out is like "SHTYE"
No link to what i wanted it to come out. So when for E.Maths, it was like as usual la. Then Lunch again. After that, Chinese lesson. I'm starting to miss Dai Lao Shi lessons. This Fu lao shi, damn slack one manzx. 1 period lesson he's gna say "Oh, today only 1 period, not much time left. You all do whatever you want. Don't too noisy can alr." But' it's in Chinese, translate it yourself.
After that, my dad send me home. Went to TM with my mum. Go get my brushes from Popular.
& I bought the Hokkaido Fair's Ice-cream! Mamamamaamammiyah.
After that went home and did homework. I'm guai k :D


Geograpghy the first 2 periods. Ashiq's group turn to present. I kind of wna dose off when i see they all present. But i try my best to not fall asleep. & i really did not fall asleep. Then 2 periods of Physics. Mr Lim teach finish the Turning effects of Forces. But still left a few haven't go thru. Then he arrange the Level Test Day with us & his lesson end. Offf to recess :D
After that, it's the Chemistry Lesson. Everyone sian half. All don't know what he talking. But i keep answering him "I can understand" Eve was like "哭笑不得" already.
Then English lesson, Miss Faten told us she wasn't in a good mood. See if our class can make her Happy or Angry. & of course without fail, we made her happy :D
Then E.Maths lesson again. Then Lunch and Cl.
Cse it's only 1 period, we all knew what the Fu Lao Shi gna say. So we played cards in class till he come.
& when he come , expected he would say " 今天一节课,你们做自己的东西。不要太吵就可以了。"
So cont. playing cards. Then had Chemistry Afternoon programme. After that, stayed back in class and think the Environmental thing. Then asked eve to accompany me to the canteen buy snacks, cse i'm hungry. When leaving, saw XiangJun. He come tell me to go his church again -.-'
Then ask eve go also. He keep pestering eve to go, then call her Lina Jie and Lina MeiMei. LOOOOOOOOOL.
After that, the plan was alright already. Everyone lefy & WENTYJ2 stayed in class, do random stuffs again. Then Yt & Eve play play kissing each other but failed. Then i go write script for them to act out. Dammmm Funnny.
So after the act in class, all went home. Left, Wety. Went to E!Hub cause Weiling's hungry. Then me and eve shared a cup of Mango Red Tea :D Yummmie-yummy !
Then walked to Central to buy food for my sister. Then went home.

Best day ever! Cause , schooool ends at 1215 for me !
Had Amaths for first 2 period. Then SS, i was so happy KangKang never give us test! She went thru with us ! Holy Shit! Can't imagine KangKang actually postpone the test and went thru the notes and practice with us! Coooolios.
Recess after that :D
Then English and Emaths.
-end of my schooool days-

So damn shuang. But i'm so unhappy for waiting the bloddy hell bus for 20 mins. Thanks to Sara. I wanted to take train actually, but she was giving me a look to like take bus with her. So went with her. She left earlier then me lohs. Make me wait for my bloody bus under the hot sun ! CB!
Went for tution at 3, then came home around 6plus.

& i'm here blogging now :D

3N1 poeple, take note!
The skit is on Sunday! I don't know what time. Anything ask CHAN YANTING. I'm just helping her to spread the NEWS. Or she'll say i didn't help her.

Tiffany :D

Sunday, 6 July 2008 // 23:05
Surprise! I'm back .

Hahahah. I'm staying up today. Cse tmrw's YOUTH DAY. :D

Junyuan a.k.a My sweetheart. Looooooools.
That's what he write in he's handphonee.

Hahahaha. That's what he typed in he's handphone.
I'm his sweetheart & Eve's his dear dear. Ky, i'm going oofff point again.

He asked us out to go T3 study and finish the weekend homework again. He's so freee uh.
& T3 is their so called ultimate study place.
But i'm not going with them anyway. I'm gna be rotting at home again. My mum don't let me out already. So just let it be. Sorrrrrrrrrale. GOMENASAI!

Today was pretty alright. Woke up at 8. putSNN NNOOOOZE again. Then when i woke up, i realised it's 850. Gwad. Late! So rushed offfff. Else, i'll be late to meet Kaijing!
But i text-ed her that i'll be late. Who tell her so late then reply my msg. _|_ U
So her mum sent us to tuition. Then had A-maths. Crazy solving question. But end up is teacher help me do. :DDDD
After A-maths tuition toook Bus 5 to Pasir Ris Int. as usual. When to return books at WS Library. Then borrowed new ones :D

I just finished 1 boooook. Gna finish another book tmrw, hopefully. I'm so addicted to reading now. But i'm not a BOOOOKY-WORMY.

After that, buy bubble tea & went home.
I started to get bored when i reached home. But i chionged my el tuition work. So yeap. Had el tuition in the evening. Gah!! Sunday is tuition day.

My dad is in Thailand now, feeel like going there manzxcz.
Kup Kun Ka!
Kun Sa Mai Di Ka!

looooooooooooool. I feeel like learn Thai now.
But i've got to finish learning my Japanese, without KaiKai!!!! She pangseh me. ):

Damn ssian nowwwzs.
I also don't know what to post. Schoooool open jiu got CCA !

Frustrating manzxcz.
Forget it. I still have tuition tmrw morning. Spoilt my YOUTH DAY.

& i watched this video just now.

Damn Incredible !
Superb man, loooook ! God's creation! Super touching also. I watched i also cry.
Go watch ! Go watch !

& people watch MING ZHONG.
very chao ji wu di BANG!

i think i blog tmrw.
take care.

Tiffany :D

Saturday, 5 July 2008 // 18:28
It's good today i think ? Finally Evan Yo's album is out today. Beeen loooking forward to it for quite some time already. Loooooooooves.
Oky, i also changed my blogskins. Hope people can see the fonts now.

& i'm currently watching Jin Qu Jiang and posting this post.

Schoooool was as usual. Nothing much happened actually. Just that we've got a new chinese teacher. So we really pissed DAI LAO SHI oofff.
And this new CHINESE teacher really not good. He came in for a one period lesson and he say not much time to teach so tell us to do our own things. Wtf ?! Got this type of teacher in HSCS actually.

Not only that, we've got many NIE teachers teaching our class. Which is also notGOOOD!
Esp, Chemistry. Mr Tan is really O.M.G.
He keeeeps saying "can you follow me?"
Eve was like pisssssed off and say'd " I will follow you "

Damn funny la. Or MrTan will say " YES, NO ?"
Really make us go crazy during he's lessons & i don't know what he is teaching for Acid&Bases.

Miss Lim, yah. Calling myself. Hohohohoh.
She's teaching us Social Studies. Yeah, but she hasn't start teaching us yet. Hope she teach us properly. Or our class will be complaining to Kang Kang , i think (?)

Miss Wong was alright . Hopefully my Amaths won't die in her hands.
Or i will cry manzx..

Then the geography teacher also not bad. Hope she teach us well :DDDD
Oooooooops. I don't know what she's called.

Waooooooooh. Almost all subject got NIE teacher teaching us.
I don't know i heard from who say, "You think our class is for the NIE teachers to test one ah?"
loooooool, quite true.

We neeeed all the original teachers to teach us back leys.
If not we gna flunk in our EOYs. I don't waant. ):

Ohyah , yesterday went of with. Jelynn, Jessica, Weiling, Nasuha & Bimbo .
Watched 10 Promises to my dog. So touching la, I cried througout the whole show. Everyone come out all eyes damn red. But Nasuha not.

Went to meet Jelynn&Jessica first to buy tickets @ 630.
Then went to my house and play TAI-DI. Jelynn teach me & jessica how to play.
My cards keep rejected by Jelynnnnn. LOOOOOOOOL
1 card went missing after Yanting that Bimbo called. Cheeeeeebye.

Scary ~

After the show went to eat at Kopitiam. Then Nasuha got to go, so all left.

Got to do my a-maths now.
Take Care.

Tiffany :D

Tuesday, 1 July 2008 // 21:59

Hahahah, random :} Alrights, today's tuesday. A not so nice day for me. Cause i don't like tuesday the most.

Reason is : CCA.
Got to stay in school all the way till late evening. That's a bad thing about uniform group.
Who ask me, Sec 1 that time go listen to my mum join this CCA. Arghsdfs.
K nehmind. Let bygones be bygones.

Lesson as usual. Had English today for the first period, followed by Physcis. Si Tat made Mr L. throw him out of the class. Serve him right. Damn retart'd la. . . . . Then after Mr L's lesson, was PE. Ran one round from the parade square to the rubbish dump area & back. The malay girls play cheatzxcs. Never run finish seyyyy. Who could they!? Then played FLOOOOORBALL. Super cooools game :DDD Though we didn't win, the goals we scored were all super nice. & I'm starting to love FLOOOOOOORBALL. Stayed in class during recess, then was eating sweets and cooling ourselves down. Then started to talk about ghost stories again. Candyman, AirWhack? many more. Loooool, i suddenly not scared of ghost already. Yah, likeeee realxzxc.

Lucky we went to the halll, or will get ourselves in trouble. Had SocialStudies after that.
Super boring lessson la, the NIE teacher came to teach our classs. Urhghxz. I suddenly feel that KangKang is goood.
Amaths was quite alright, NIE teacher came to teach us also. -.-' Then CME. Stayed in class for a while cse Miss Woo was like giving us a slashing (?)
& we're late for our SEXUAL EDUCATION TALK ! Quite funnnyyyyye.
Mr Low was like " whatever you do or wear, you're still a male/female."
Supper funny la, he's reactions and eyeballls. He's eyeballs are like popping out when he sees us :X

Went for lunch after that, then went back to class. Slack at the classroom, then go for maths supp.
Super sian lorhs, Miss Chua didn't even come. One indian teacher come relief our classs. So yeah. Finished the work then went back to class again. Do some other stuffs. Slack in class till 4plus?
Main reason : CCA ! Report late for CCA :D Coooooooolz man. Me&Shushan joined in the Sec 1 squad. Learn basic turnings! K, i still have mistakes lorhs. Yah, laugh at me :D I don't mind. But damn saddening la, Sec 1 standards are like shyte lorhs. Can move around when doing footdrill. Good right ? Haizx, don't know how to say them lorhs. Me and Shushan were over there telling them our Sec 1 lifes in SJ lorhs. After that went to have master parade. I parted with Shushan, loooool. She nvr wear full-u. So i joined the Sec2 instead. After that marched back to the normal fall-in area. Finally la! Reuben was like "Ey, do one good bang, show off k" Damn lame. Sec 1 got pumpings from GX sir, serve them right. But Shushan also got to do lorhs. Wtf ?! Baichi manxzx. It's also not her fault la.

K, enough of my rantings on CCA.
I got to go now. Sleeeeeep after saving my powerpoint for Art.

Take care people !

Tiffany :D