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Saturday, 18 April 2009 // 23:07
Speech Day 2009!
Speech Day is over!
We did perform well and i hope we proved to the TIC and other UGs wrong. This year speech day will remain in my memory, cause it's one of the best experience throughout my four years in this CCA! It's scary,and other feelings.
Seriously, i enjoyed going CCA for this year only, only this year.
&I'm so so so relieved that i did not make any mistakes on the parade, cause i made a mistake during the rehersal. Oh my, oh my!
Massive photo-taking after that,90 over pics to upload. But time constrains, i'll upload some only.
The rest will be @ Facebook.

With Jeremy sister,ShiTing.

With Sec One.

Sec One(s) !

ChowChow,ShuShuan,Me & Kerell.

First picture taken with Shushan after 4 years!!!

With Mag&Shushan

Sec Four(s) +Reuben with Kerell.

Jasper,Ryan,Kerell, Me & Chow.


That's all folks. Bye (:

Thursday, 9 April 2009 // 18:10
Long weekend ahead!
Yay! It's Good Friday tomorrow (:

Hope it will really be a Good friday!!! :B. 
And then,I have to spend my weekend wisely! )8
Also not forgetting to revise last year topics for up-coming tests and Mid-year exams! Waooooh. 

Another week just passed, time flies

Next week will be speech day *shiveerrz. 
Not much time left before the real speech day starts, I really hope the whole contigent do well! (: 
I don't want our efforts to be wasted and go down the drain, all of us are putting in our best. Esp, the Sec Twos and Shushan plus Me!~  Ohmymymy, speech day is like so scaryyy~ 

I shall just endurre for the whole of next week and i'm so gna stand down from my CCA! Yipeeeeeee Yay!!! 
Which means, Time for me to concentrate on my studies.


I think i'm going to ask KJ to study together with me after her SYF. 
Oh! Congratz to Dance for getting GOLD! All of your hard work paid off (8.

Now i'm dreading to go to Batam play and all please. Grrrrz. 

Blog again tomorrow! 
Many work got to be done!!!!!!!!!!! 

Sec Four life suck,suck,suck, suck. I don't think i can pass N levels please.

Monday, 6 April 2009 // 00:18
New Week
Aha! New week has just begin,oh man. I've just completed my e.maths assignment which is due ( quite sometime ago).

Oh, I totally forgot about Geog test that is coming up today! Grrrrrrz.
I just got to read throught it and try to remember the stuffs right into my head.

This week is going to be a busy week for me.
Staying back in school for art + GOH Trainig + Tuitions. Oh God!
which means, i'll only be back home approx. 7pm everyday!!! Ahhhhh-.

&I really really hoped that i can put in my very best for everything but it somehow seemed a little too diffcult for me to do that. )8

I'm putting in a lot of effort in the GOH Training, hoping that i won't make any mistakes on Speech Day itself. To think of that, really make me shiverrrrsss*.
I made an effort to go down for every training! Good improvement! :B. The bond between my squadmates are closer too.
Waoh! But i still don't like my CCA and i'm trying my best to like it S:

Urgh! I am going on a diet ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I better sleep now! I left 5hour30mins of sleeping hours, which is insufficient for me. ):

Bye people. I love Minho! :D

Saturday, 4 April 2009 // 16:49

It's over! 
Total shuai-ness & cute-nesss.  Geez !
Hellowww. I'm squeeezing out some of my time to save my blog. Hahaha! 
My life is really really stressed, right now. I think it's the same for my friends!  The past few weeks had been studying and all, and i'm still studying. 

O level MT is only 2 months away, no time to waste. I've just got to practice, practice practice. 
N level's nearing too. 
Mid year is end of this month. 

Waoh, i've got to study non-stop to ace for my N & O Levels. Amazing, right. 

Tuitions is going on as well. Having said that, tutors has been revising last year topics and gave us homework. I managed to complete it last week, but i did not do any for this week. God damn it. 

I haven't study for mid-year. Oh man, i'm so so so so dead. 
Can anyone remind me not to waste time and start studying ?! 

I've just completed my drama! No more new ones, i must remind myself that, always! After N & O levels!!!! 

I really got to go now. Take care peeepoo, Study hard (x