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Thursday, 29 November 2007 // 15:48
Bugis Trip & random.
HELLO, I'm back again.
Holidays are pretty boring. & i'm pretty lazy too.
So far i only did the Maths Holiday homework, SS,Geog&El, i did none(:
Had been going to Maths tution & so far only completed 1topic. I know that's slow. That aunty want me to complete 4 topic by school re-opens. Gwad, i dont know whether can anot lehs. I try my best la. Another 1 more week is my Japanese lesson. I cant wait to learn Japanese man , it's like sososo cool la.
&Yesterday went to Bugis with my parents . When to the temple and pray first then walked to OG( my cousin & i said that it is the old people shop. C'os only got old people shirt. ) Haha! So went OG & buy undergarments. lol! I saw Addidas & Nike stuffs! Got 30% offer la, i want to buy , but those model all not rly nice.
So my mum bought soem foot pad stuffs then wanted to walked to Bugis Street rain like hell. No choice have to buy an umbrella. Then i walked to Bugis street i close the umbrella that time i walked to a side then i dont know the rooftop got hole , my hair wet -.-'
Bought some clothes , but some buy already i cant wear. (I'm fat la) lol.
Gna go Bugis change those shirt one day .
I need to go and do some house work , take care peeps!

Sunday, 25 November 2007 // 16:08
林宥嘉 - 我愛的人 lyrics.

I lovee this soong so much man. So enjoy , yeah?

Saturday, 24 November 2007 // 19:25
I feel like changing my blog song again X: I've just changed it yesterday lah. But nevermind la, see how it goes first. Last night sleept at 1:40am? I was re-doing my Sec 3 Maths stuffs & watching Love Garanteed with my sis. She then ask me help her make alarm for her, wake her up already she still go sleep. Piang ey, waste my time. Who tell her have to go for tution on SUNDAY MORNING! lols.
Holidays are pretty boring, havent been doing the holiday homework . But i'll start on it soon. I dont understand a single stuff on the SS homework given to us, oh man. Geog has reflection & stuffs, i guess its gna be easy ? All these are just craps . I wna go out !
I've heard from Shushan, Megan's coming back to Singaporeeeee sooon. It's like soo finally, i didnt see her for like 2 years ? Awww, Megan faster come Spore!
& I'm like falling in love with this particular Korean guy who actd in the show : Heaven of Tree.
Omg, he likee so shuai shuai shuai~
I want watch It started with a kiss 2. I've been waiting & waiting for soo lonnnng , but the show still havent come out :X
Ok la, i think i'm going to change my blog song to Lin You Jia - Wo Ai De Ren .



Friday, 23 November 2007 // 17:03
My last post was on 10 November & now its like November 23?
& that shushan also ask me to blog . All thanks to her survey, she revived my blog yeah.
Thanks Uh, ShuShan!
So i shall do her survey now.



1.Who is no. 10 having a relationship with?
No one, i think.
2.Is no.5 a female or male?
3.Is no.4 and no.2 together?
Hey, she cant steal her away from me!
4.What is no. 1 studying about?
5.When was the last time you had a chat with no.3?
forgotten, long time no chat.
6.What kind of music band does no.8 like?
7.Does no.9 have any siblings?
8.Will you woo no.6?
9.How about no.7?
10. Is no.4 single?
Uh, i think soo.
11.What is no.5 nickname?
12.What is the nickname of no.10?
Urm, i not sure.
13.What is the hobby of no.1?
Playing Maplleeeeee?
14.Does no.2 and no.7 get along well?
They dont even know each otherrrr.
15.Where is no. 3 studying at?
16.Talk something casually about no.8
She drive me NUTS!
17.Have you tried developing feelings for no.1?
No, but i'll try. LOL!
18.Where does no.9 live at?
19.What colour does no.6 like?
20.Are no. 4 and 2 best friends?
Normal friends?
21.Does no. 7 like no.8?
22.How do you get to know no.3?
23.Does no. 10 has any pet?
Should have.
24.Is no. 10 the sexiest person in the world?

I've finished the survey. Holidays are likee so damm boring.
& yesterday PSLE Results is out. OMFG! 294/300. That girl crazy la, dont know how she study luhs. But i've watched the 10 oclock news & she was like so damm arrogant la. 294 so what ? Read books at the age of 2 ? How can she remember she read books at 2years old ? I dont even remember anything when i was 2 la. My sis PSLE score higher then mine, expected la. But she not satisfied.
I havent even started any holiday homework yet. I shall start soon or the start of December?
Okay la, enough of my crap already.

Take care people.

Saturday, 10 November 2007 // 15:10

not all pics are uploaded, cause they're like not nice. ok , bye.

// 15:01
I'm back to my blogging again.
Alright, yesterday night went to Simei to take up Japanese Lessons . The lesson will start only on Dec. Sianzx.
& y sis will be taking up Korean ? She was like bugging me to take Korean lesson with her la. I was like telling her " ey, i dont have interest in learning Korean, why must you like keep forcing me to take ? " She damm idiot la. Maths Bridging Lessons gonna end soon. WOOTS. Miss Khoo gave us sooo many h/w , actually not alot la, is just that i'm lazy to do . wahahaha . So suay la, i'm down with FLU & COUGH now. Why not on 16 nov? nehmind . pictures up soon....

Saturday, 3 November 2007 // 11:04
YOOOOO! I'M BACKK. Just got back from Batam abt 4 days ago?
It's like super fun la. Its better than staying at the hotel luhs. SOOO SHUANG~
Ok la. Pictures havent transferd t my comp yet. Will be doing that later. & we get to know a Spore frend there too. Aha, start posting now.

reached HarbourFront around 1.45 ? Then go buy tickets for my cousins. Then went to order NYP. After eating then went to the chk in area luhs. & My sis was like chioing to the boat t get the table. But in the end nvr get until one. Haha. The boat was like so what lah. Make me giddy luhs. Then i listen to cai hong dao i sleep. HAHA! Reachd Habour Bay ten the a-zong come fetch us. Then go pass something to my uncle then go to the big house. Then was like slacking over there for very long luhhs. Play with the dog & the dog was like fucking himself luhs. go hug so many ppl leg & move front and back .. laugh until like mad la.

bath & dress up. dinner starting soon. got stage & band you know. maek until so damm grand . the food , my god. all got chilli tell me how to eat ? then drink water go up to my room and chat watch the cancer charity show cause got shawn & weilian sining. then went down , to get something to eat. when with Edi to get my fruits & walk to the garden take the pink color fruit dunno whats that called. then when walking back he saw a guy & say " jie shao , jie shao." i was like jie shao ge tou la. i dunt even know who's that guy la. *dots.

performance time, my little cousin when to the stage & sing song. got angbao take lohs. so sad , i dun want sing , i rather cheer.

scream like dunno what la , & now i'm down with cough & sore throat. but all my cousin sing the songs all so old old de. so yah. slept arnd 1plus.


woke up in th morning & soem of my cousins need to go back to spore . woo, sad uh. haha, while we enjoy((: . morning was like sian-ed. nth to do. then evening when out to eat with grace. hah. go to mega mall and eat. orderd chicken chop, $3 only luhs. cheap cheap. then go walk arnd and bought a new pencil case, same as shan shan . then went to lvl 1, actually wanted to buy dounts la. but we're like so full so say tmr then buy . but in the end also nvr buy. haha. then call a-zong to come fetch us go home. then my grandparents went to sleep & we girls went down to eat cake or supper. then we go the garden there, suddenly someone called grace & my cousin & i was like wth, dont tell me got ghost. we freaked out la. cause the house so big only the 4 of us awake. so grace told us was a-zong who call her. then me & my sis was like where got ? where got? then his head suddenly popd up. Piang ey, scare us. after eating then we went to play table soccer. wliew, 33 table soccer skills like super good lohs. then i always copy her movement. i dunno how to play la. she play so damm rough luhs. then play until sian we go play pool.the 4 of us dam what la, dont even know how to play pool , then ask the a-zong come and teach us. play dao halway got this girl frm spore came , her name is called Vivian. So she teach us the rule & all la. She damm friendly luhs. Then my uncle came & told us it was his wife bday. so giving her a surprise. after that went to grace room, was told to sleep there. & Vivian joined us . She say she dun want to sleep yet , so accompany her to watch LITTLE MAN. That show not bad la. Then all of us slept arnd 3am in the morning.


woke up arnd 10plus going to 11. then get a scolding by my grandfather. say what wake up so late dont want go out har? watever la. then bath and eat lunch with vivian. was supposed to play pool with her after lunch but then she need to go back spore already. So didnt play. Slack arnd then go to DC Mall. shop for biscuits , sweets , etc. 33 buy damm lot of stuffs la. then went back to my grandparents house. Cause got a friend coming so ya. then my a-gong go feed the dog. eeyer. the dog very dirty la. after that while my grandfather was talking to his friend , my sis , 33 and I go catch some sleep. fcuking hot man, wake up i was sweating luhs. Grace came after that. She turn on the air-con for us. so cooling. then we went to eat our food. OOPS! Snatching to eat la. Then my a-ma say go buy some food at LuCKY INDA . Then we go there buy alot of OOPS, eat eat eat. Have to go back to the big house cause my uncle bringing us out. Then we go eat seafood. I cant eat alot lah. That stupid guy sing the chinese song, i feel like puking everything out luhs. no singing skills , still dare to sing. so didnt eat much , i also dont rly like to eat seafood . after that went home and watch tv, chat then sleep le.


last day in batam. woke up arnd 11.20am. quickly called the 2 pigs wake up. then bath & go down have lunch . cause all of us dont want another scolding so made up a story to bluff our grandparents.

after that arnd 1 plus went to grandparents house then my grandfather cook food for dog and the 2 chicks.

they packed their stuffs and when to the car, have to go back to the new house cause ama nvr take her pearl necklace out. then have to go back and take. then went to harbour bay, going back to spore soon. reached there arnd 245. the boat is at 315 , so my sis get herself ready and chiong to the boat to get a table. lame la she. sleep at the boat there. reached spoer arnd 5.30.
went for the chalet. chalet sarks la.
i dont want to blog abt the chalet.

p/s: pictures will be uploaded in the nxt post.