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Tuesday, 14 October 2008 // 13:55


It was out on Monday and Today. Ohmygod!
Yes, and i've gotten back everything today. By the look of how i post, i think you can sense how bad i did.

What has been done, cannot be undone.

Well, i deserved those type of results because i didn't studied at all. So, the consequences.
Bad results.

I've got no one to blame but just me, for not studying. Because for one reason, I don't take studies into considerations yet.

Mean time, i'm still thinking of how i should spent my holidays, "wisely".

Upcomings stuffs : CLASS CHALET/BBQ.

Tada, gonna tell my mum the results next week only. Heheheheh, i still got the cheeeeeeeeeeeeeek to laugh. I'm really going crazy with my results. Oh well, i've just faced the reality and move on with life. No point crying over split milk,heh.

So, don't cry because it's over! Just study harder next year for our major exams. 'N' levels!
Just hope that i really will study.

I'm going to pack my room now, visitors coming later on. Room is always in a mess after exams.
Manicure/pedicure later with my besttttt cousin, kho qishan. Crap with me :D
A b'day card for my grandparents is not yet ready.

so many things to do in a day, oh god.

Take care people, i'm leaving :D