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Thursday, 30 October 2008 // 17:39
I feel so brain dead now!

Just got home from tuition ): A long day for me today! Oh well, boring~

I'm late for lessons today, again.
Hahahaha, as usual, late!

& Today lesson is like very very boring.
Unexpectedly, i copied down everything into my SS notes today! Hell load la.
Still remember eve said "You think our hands machine ah" lol, something like that.
Okay, and Marvin was like acting cute to Yanting during SS lesson which made Yanting change seats. So Eve told Marvin to act cute for her, damn joke la! Then he shy -.-' Lol.
Hahaha, Marvin you're damn spastic please. Stop acting cute! Cause you're not cute at all~

Went to tuition after that. Super tired la.

Oh. TP's accountancy and finance course COP is 12!
And, CJC's COP is 12 too!

Confuse, confuse, confuse! With my results, i can't even go anywhere except ITE! Hahahaha. And, 12 points is like super hard to achieve la. I think i need to study like some kind of no-life mugger like that to get 12 points loh.

Urgh! I want get into TP'S ACCOUNTANCY~
Unless my mum really want me to go JC, but i swear i don't want. I want TP !