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Friday, 10 October 2008 // 17:43
I should post a little before taking my bath and start reading Twilight.

Had been busy downloading games for my DS (:D) , what a lucky girl.
Thanks ah, xiao shu. :DDDDD

School today was not as bored as compared to yesterday. Yesterday had 2 talks in a row, sitting down in the band room and in the hall till our butts is hot. :X

At least we did the wall painting today. Finished my pillar, like finally man.
Then move on to paint another pillar, i don't know what the hell i'm painting. But i like the flowers i've painted (:P)

Heheheh. So we've been painting from 8plus till school ends.
There's a sense of achievement indeed. 4hours of painting for our cip.
Justin and Helmut was crapping lobsters and crabs when i was painting the new pillar.
Helmut keep asking people to join the American Next Top Model and soon, changed it to ......


Justin was being a lil racist when i asked for black paint. -.-'

Oh, my NYAA entries got problem. Miss Thang is super nice, she's gonna changed it for me.
Omg, Thank you Miss Thang (:D)
I'll try my best to go for SJAB next year. Heheheh.

So went home after painting. Now, almost every of my uniform got the paint on it.
Heeeeellll la, my mum gna scream at me again :X .

Oh well. I'm getting used to it already la!

My dramas gonna start in another hour time! HAHAHAHA.
Golden Bride and Ming Zhong! 2 at a go.

Of course my Ming Zhong come first! Shall watch the replay of Golden Bride at night. HAHAHA, it's all well-planned already.

Oh! Class photo is up next.
People who didn't buy, grab it here! (:D) I'm so nice, scan it for you guys to grab.
Say Thank you! Okay :D
HAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm so high now.