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Friday, 8 August 2008 // 19:44
Triple 8 ! Olympic 2008!
Ah! Finally changed my blogskin.

Today's NATIONAL DAY EVE. & it's Olympic Games 2008 opening ceremony? !
How coool can it be.

Today went to school by Bus. Thanks to my dad, flew to other country again. Damn.
So yeap. Reached school and headed to class, cause it's still early? Plus, Benson Tay made an announcement to make sure everyone be in the Parade Square latest by 715.

So sit in class awhile with the guys, then assemble at the Parade Square.
Super sian. Sit on the wet ground, not really wet actually.

This year parade led by LIM WEILING.
Super cooooooool! ^^

After that was the concert in the hall. Band&Chior had their performance, then the don'tknow what dance. HSCS Choir sucks.

The dance part was funny, everyone was supposed to stand up and dance. Sec 3s were like not HIGH lorhs. Sec4 s, everyone danced.
How nice. If only the Sec3s, are like the Sec4s. .......................

k, nevermind. So went back to class and watch video. The MOE one.
Plus reflections. Gah!

Schoool end at 10? Went to find Miss Toh for the Fashion Design thing.
Call her, then she say wait for her at the foyer at 1030. So sat outside the General Office and ended up taking pictures with Miss Wong.

I CAN'T DO THE 豆挤眼 !

So found Miss Toh and discuss about the materials we got to use. After that, she let us see the pictures last year.
After that, she saw one baby then tell us to go home. Next time then discuss. Looooool, she joker la.

Went to buy lunch with Sara&Eve. Then i went home.

Maths Tuition in the afternoon is a booooooore! I feel like sleeping throughout the whole lesson, but can't !

Don't feel like blogging anymore.
My mum don't allow me to go see fireworks with my friends tomorrow! URGHXZCX.
How could she be so unreasonable.