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Friday, 11 July 2008 // 19:11
Another week had just past.
Oh, Goodbye. & Don't come back again. :D I sound stupid, i know. I'm just entertaining myself :DD

This weeek kind of slack. But next week is not gna be slack, i think (?)
There is so many test coming up next weeeek.

1. Geography.
3.Social Studies.

Man! This is like crazyyyy. 3 test in a week, horrible.
Got to study again :D Greattty-great. I ♥ Studying ! I really meant it.
*yeah, like real -.-'

Days passing real fast. Yeah, happy moments always past very fast. Bad times always past so slowlly. It's always like that uh ?

Alright, school was still alright.
Had El for the first period, then Physics. After that PE.
I just realised that, Captain's Ball is so much nicer then Cap-Net balll. PE was fun that day :D
Recess, stayed in class as usual. After that changed and went to the hall. After that is SS? Yupps, SS. Then Amaths. Miss Wong teach new chapter. Can understand what she's teaching!
Goood thing :DDDD Hahahah.
Then CME this week is in the classroom. So Miss Woo was telling us that "Girls are always at the losing ends". Yah, whatever ? But it's true!
After that Lunch and went back to classroom aftermath.
Did the drawings for the class thingy, till 330 +. I purposely one, I want to be late for CCA :D.
Did NYAA and footdrills. & again, me and shushan sucks at footdrill. All the new drills all don't know. Then Sir say, "see la, always never come"
Okay, whatever. Then went home.

English was the first 2 periods, ohyah. I remembered what we did already. Miss Faten go through the Letter Of Complain with us. Then went for recess. Loool, go for ART after recess, did the don't know what thing. Quite fun lorhs, but my art piece come out is like "SHTYE"
No link to what i wanted it to come out. So when for E.Maths, it was like as usual la. Then Lunch again. After that, Chinese lesson. I'm starting to miss Dai Lao Shi lessons. This Fu lao shi, damn slack one manzx. 1 period lesson he's gna say "Oh, today only 1 period, not much time left. You all do whatever you want. Don't too noisy can alr." But' it's in Chinese, translate it yourself.
After that, my dad send me home. Went to TM with my mum. Go get my brushes from Popular.
& I bought the Hokkaido Fair's Ice-cream! Mamamamaamammiyah.
After that went home and did homework. I'm guai k :D


Geograpghy the first 2 periods. Ashiq's group turn to present. I kind of wna dose off when i see they all present. But i try my best to not fall asleep. & i really did not fall asleep. Then 2 periods of Physics. Mr Lim teach finish the Turning effects of Forces. But still left a few haven't go thru. Then he arrange the Level Test Day with us & his lesson end. Offf to recess :D
After that, it's the Chemistry Lesson. Everyone sian half. All don't know what he talking. But i keep answering him "I can understand" Eve was like "哭笑不得" already.
Then English lesson, Miss Faten told us she wasn't in a good mood. See if our class can make her Happy or Angry. & of course without fail, we made her happy :D
Then E.Maths lesson again. Then Lunch and Cl.
Cse it's only 1 period, we all knew what the Fu Lao Shi gna say. So we played cards in class till he come.
& when he come , expected he would say " 今天一节课,你们做自己的东西。不要太吵就可以了。"
So cont. playing cards. Then had Chemistry Afternoon programme. After that, stayed back in class and think the Environmental thing. Then asked eve to accompany me to the canteen buy snacks, cse i'm hungry. When leaving, saw XiangJun. He come tell me to go his church again -.-'
Then ask eve go also. He keep pestering eve to go, then call her Lina Jie and Lina MeiMei. LOOOOOOOOOL.
After that, the plan was alright already. Everyone lefy & WENTYJ2 stayed in class, do random stuffs again. Then Yt & Eve play play kissing each other but failed. Then i go write script for them to act out. Dammmm Funnny.
So after the act in class, all went home. Left, Wety. Went to E!Hub cause Weiling's hungry. Then me and eve shared a cup of Mango Red Tea :D Yummmie-yummy !
Then walked to Central to buy food for my sister. Then went home.

Best day ever! Cause , schooool ends at 1215 for me !
Had Amaths for first 2 period. Then SS, i was so happy KangKang never give us test! She went thru with us ! Holy Shit! Can't imagine KangKang actually postpone the test and went thru the notes and practice with us! Coooolios.
Recess after that :D
Then English and Emaths.
-end of my schooool days-

So damn shuang. But i'm so unhappy for waiting the bloddy hell bus for 20 mins. Thanks to Sara. I wanted to take train actually, but she was giving me a look to like take bus with her. So went with her. She left earlier then me lohs. Make me wait for my bloody bus under the hot sun ! CB!
Went for tution at 3, then came home around 6plus.

& i'm here blogging now :D

3N1 poeple, take note!
The skit is on Sunday! I don't know what time. Anything ask CHAN YANTING. I'm just helping her to spread the NEWS. Or she'll say i didn't help her.

Tiffany :D