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Thursday, 26 June 2008 // 15:36
School re-open. It can be a good thing and a bad thing.
Good thing is, more time with friends.
Bad thing is we have to see teachers faces.

okey, that's random. -.-'

Everything is back to normal.
& there is no afternoon programme this whole weeeek! GREAT, but i still got to stay back for my Maths Re-Exam.

Yesterday was not a good day for the class. We made DAI LAO SHI CRY!
Our class is HOPELESS.
First time seee Dai lao shi so angry lah. She said the guys insult her and whatever.
Then there's this part went she said why the guys say"WO YAO QU YA LONG(GEYLANG?) CHI JI FAN"
Loooooool. Then eve laugh to herself. I wasn't laughing at that time, but then i see her laugh, i also laugh.
But she didn't cme to our class today.

Today, Mr Ng went crazy during the first period of geography lesson. We were like shock la. He last time like so nice, then after the holidays, He changed la. Wtf ?!

Then, Chem lesson also. Miss Lee was angry ? Can't say that she's rly angry. Loooool, cse we nvr bring her Chemistry stuffs. Obiviously she will angry.

Then El lesson, Miss Faten also like sot sot teh siol. Come in then bu shuang us like that. After awhile, then okay. Last period of el lesson was funny.
Miss Faten tell us the incident she heard when she was at dn't know where.

Father: BoiBoi. *chase after the son to the machine.
*son ignores.
Father: BoiBoi, Papa mei you COIN COIN.

loooooool. k, inside joke.

Okay. I guess teachers are having serious mooodswings this term. All are angry when they came into our class. Except some (:

Today's physics lesson was funny and sleeeeepy.
Yanting la, keep touching me, holding my hands. Then Mr Lim somehow saw it and said

Mr L."Yanting, stop touching Tiffany."
Yanting paiseh.
Mr L. "I need to change your sitting arrangement. It's seems that you guys like each other alot."

Loooooool. Is Yanting like me lorhs, keep saying i like her. -.-'

I need to chiong Cybergenda already. I skipped Tuition again, just for doing Cybergenda. -.-'

Takecare peeeeps.

Tiffany :D