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Saturday, 7 June 2008 // 15:20
I woke up late today ):

Which means, i'm late for tuition. Looooool. My dad came into my room & started disturbing me. Wtf ? Mr, it's only 10 in the morning! After that he still keep singing Low for himself.
I cont. sleeping, i thought i could wake myself up at 1030? But looool, 11 !
& my tuition starts at 11 !~ Hahahahah, i'm pro laaa. :D
Rushed & all, called my dad and pick me and my sis for tuition.

Tuition was okay, i did the questions very SLOWLY. After that, left tuition & went to see tutor's son house. Not really that nice, my house nicer :D
My sis friend bro,yong de? was really a nuiscance. Super noisy.
But there's one part damn funny,

YD: huh ? sia ? PRAWN ?

loooool. k, inside jooooke.

Then called my dad & fetch us home. :D
My sis was like msging the Weiyan(YongDe's sis) all the way la.
Then Weiyan said I'm friendly ?
errrr, i'm usually labelled as anti-social or very daooooo.
I don't know whether it's good or bad.

Weiling's leaving Sg sooooon, from 9-13 ?!
Wth?! No one to crap with at night alreaaaady . ): 5days didn't talk with her, omg la.
I must get eve to go online every night alr, crap with me !!! Hahahah.
I wanted to send her off, but then her flight is so early. Gah!!!
K, nehmind. Sorrrry uh! I don't think i can wake up and send you off dear!
Take care & Enjoy your trip there :DDDDD .
Loooooooooooooooooooooooooool ! Must miss me there ! :P Don't emoooo ! If not i won't recognise you.

Key, my ears are having a difficult time now. Listening to my sis blowing her Flute, Gah. Super irritating laaaaaa. _l_ her. My mum shld not let her join CO lorhs. Keep blowing 24/7. Shit hher.

I watched Hei Tang Ma Qi Duo again ! :DDDD
Lovin' BBT so much <3.
Laughed hell loads la, wooooots*
Gna watched part 2 today night ! :} Hahahah,

Shall stop here then .

Tiffany :D