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Friday, 6 June 2008 // 17:59
Sorry for yesterday post. I don't know if i sound emo or piss.
Okay, whatever. I don't know why i feeel that way.
Sorry, if the other post offended anyone.
K, another week of holidays gna just pass like that.

Well, been going back to schoool on Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday!
All for Maths! Spend almost 3 hours everyday for maths.

Went out on Tuesday with my parents. Off to Plaza Sing! Was supposed to go to Parkway, as my sis requested to go there ? But i won ! Haha! Go Plaza Sing better.
She just simply want to go Parkway & whack GIANT. She's like some kind of Supermarket& Popular bookstore whacker la. Wtf?
So went Plaza Sing, & had lunch there. Afer that went to Daiso, spent most of the time there :P & My mum start'd to love it, i guess (?) She bought so many things la. Loooool.
Didn't really walk around there, cse my dad rushing off to work. :C
Then went home, & stone in front of the comp alr :D

Wednesday was really a long day. Went to school in the morning. Was early once again, who tell my father drives so fast -.-'
Miss Chua went through paper 2, copied questions plus workings ! Gah, hand pain laaaaa. After that went home. & again spend whole day in the comp. I also don't know what i do.

Thursday, my mum off day again. She want go Malaysia, so go lorhs. Got up early cse she told us the previous night, if we get up later then 10 she leave us at home. So i got up at 945 ! Hahah! Played with Snoopy catching, run all over the house :D
Then i went into my parents room , my mum tell me go do the household chores . -.-'
If i know i dn't go in. Hahahah, but i still did the chores la. I'm guaaaaai okyy.
Then prepared myself & all . Leave house arnd 11plus. Reached Malaysia around 12?
Then went to find my mum's friend shop. Bought shirt and shorts there. Then walked around the mall, then left the place. Go back Spore :D Cancelled tuition and carry on shopping at Bugis :D
k, Saw one Paul Frank bag, suppppper nice la. Moneey also nice.
Bought shirt, shorts&dress again. :P Sis was pissed off and bu shaung the whole trip . idk why tooo. She just keep bugging my mum to go to the Pet shop. -.-'
Went to the pet shop then she don't dare to go in, cse go the big big dog :P Only i dare to go in. My mum was like ..... force herself go to the shop. loooool.
But the dog also super cooool la, big big one. If i have that in my house, i think no cats will come in alr :D Goooood !

Today, went to tuition in the morning . i do super fast la , i also dn't know why.
Then 1230 left tuition and went to schoool straight, to hand in the holiday homework. Sat on the bus really give me headaches la, keep turning. k, then
saw Weiling & Nasuha in school. Looool, they give me HUGGGS :d
Haha. Sorry for not going .
Saw Sjab people in canteeen. They like very free la, keep going to school everyday for training ? I now sort of regretted for not joining them to the New Zealand trip. K, nehmind. Shushan not there, go also not fun!
Then went to WS, returned storybooks & borrowed new ones. :D :D :D
After that went to buy my strawberry milk tea :D! hahaha.
& i've just changed my blogskin & song again. :P

Anyway, Sugie is out of Xing Guang 3 Ban alr. ))):
Left with the Huang something Lun one, i always forget his name :X Haha! Do Spore proud man :D Jiayous :DDDD!

Till then,

Tiffany :D