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Monday, 19 May 2008 // 14:41
YO YO YO ! AFTERNOON PPL :D I'm so dead today la. Slept around 12plus ystd, cse my mum was like talking to me & my sis in her room . _l_ those talkings. super duper cheebye la. Again its gna talked about my results & attitude . Damn those talking. Now i hate my dad to go overseas. She keep talking talking talking non-stop la. Then say i use my handphone too much , like wtf, where got laaa. Say use too much comp & handphone made my results drop hell much, _l_ you. only you think that way. Is just that i didn't study properly only what. Fuck Fuck Fuck.
Don't bother her naggings or whatsoever, went to sleep ! Hahaha, then woke up at 11.55 today !! 5 mins more & my half day is gone :DDD lol. randoom-ness laa.
Just woke up then my little cousin called me to bring her come my house, wth?! I haven't bathe yet la, then she keep calling. super irritating, so i bathe & went to my mum's shop and fetch her.
Brought my dog along with me too :D , keep out of cats, you know.
Was like bugging ira & ammar for pictures ystd. super funny la! ira only one picture with her & eve, got to wait like hell long for her to post it up in the blog, really BABI siol .
Ammar one was real funny la. I told him to send me & he said tmrw la. I said ok, 7 mins more to tmrw, he was like WHAT THE HELL.
okay, nevermind. Inside joke :D

So i shall post the pictures now, but without ammar one's. he haven't online yet ! :C
Almost all with eve:DDD bestbestbest girlfriend/baobei :D

playing with our phone camera colours :D

Finally with weiling :D , before i left E!Hub
Oopsy, some pic can't upload :X Later then post the pics again :DD
Joshua! Hope you're fine now, k ? SMILE,SMILE,SMILE ?:D Everything will be fine , friend! Keep smiling , k?
Till then , take care people !
Tiffany :D