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Sunday, 18 May 2008 // 22:28
Ohmygod, outing today was ike G-R-E-A-T !
Was out the whole day, went to Giant-Tampines with my relativeeeees. Kind of bored though, was like an idiot pushing the trolley. -.-'
I was like sort of pissed off oveeeer there. Whenever or wherever i go, got ppl diao me . _l_ siiol
fucking cheebye, what did i do ? keep staring at ppl. what fuck.
& half way through the trip my grandparents were somehow LOST? what the fuck hell. First time it happened in my life. So when to find them with my aunty & my small black cousin, plus my sis.
Then found both of the OLDIES, when to eat my late late lunch. Then took the shuttle bus back to Tampines. Rushed home, bathe and ran out of the house :X
I was like late already luhs, so chiong to the train station and went to pasir ris.
I wanted to take 359 then when i reached the bus-stop, the bus left. So had to walk in the fucking cheebye hot weather to downtown & meet eve eve eve! Waited for weiling to come, we started gossippng about ppl. LOL, that's our pastime! bo bian! Eve aid we look like some women in geylang ? wtf! cse the way we stand look somehow like it. After that keep laughing at a guy's hair, lol. Super funny la. Doesn't look like spike but look more like a bird nest or something. & holding hands with his gf. So i was telling eve, if my bf looks like that, i rather go find someone else. Really la, the guy hair look rly O-F-F.
LOL- & i was like somehow shocked that ammar called me la. I thought it would be weiling laaaa. lol. ok, it's retart'd
after weiling came then went to find them at downtown. walked to the bicycle shop to rent bike . but i didn't . no mood to ride , so eve also nvr. :(
she say i nvr ride then she also don't want ride liaox. so niceeee of her yeah? she very niceee one laa. but fierce also, supeer fierce. we quarrelled quite a few times, & guess what? we said sorry by SMS! -.-' we super lame la. but we love each other looool. is good that we're fine now :D & we'll carry on like this forever, i hope !
so we walk around in the beach with , wl. then rly cant stand th heat alr , followed wl go find the rest. then me and eve went to e!hub, both of us walked till we gna die la. haha, eve! irwin :DDD
first thing we reached e!hub, go get drink from Fairprice. Then walked around the hub, nothing forr us to buy ! only entertainment stuffs ! wth?!
went to the basement, got NEWYORK NEWYORK ! Eve was like staring at the food ppl eating la, when we bought our waffle @ prima deli :X
walked walked walked, saw GELARE, awww man! their waffle is like so much nicer than ours la. & i was staring at th waffle then. :XXX
Went back to 1st lvl, started at the feris wheeeeel. saw eve primary school friend outside, so went out to talk to her. she was waiting for resilind la. myfuckgod.
eve chatted with her then wl called me. lol, my phoe batt dying alr laaaa. lols. so ask'd eve to call her. was about to go in e!hub, resilind came, ahhhduuuuui. her clothings she wore, only make her look fatter la. Ooops.
I'm fat tooo!
Went back in to find wl & co. I was super high tat time laaaa. Eve friend call her & ask both of s o go tak neos? we was like no we cant. then hung up th cal. both of us were lik , who wants to take neos with RESILIND?
Then went to the last floor take pic ! So pic tmrw? or later in the night. ? gotta grab pic first also :D
see ya later!