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Friday, 9 May 2008 // 22:40
Alright, Second post of the day D:
i'm super super bored lahszx. althought it's rather a busieee day for me t'day. Yes ! I did went for a jog just now :D Feel so great after the jog ! Cse' it's windy ;d
Jogged back home from the stadium . Bathe the minute i've got home. Rest awhile and brought my dog down fo a walk and do his businesss in the park. Didn't walk the dog in the park for very period of time, lol. Ever since the cat incident! Rather embarassing :X Only 2N1 knows , right ?
But i'm BRAVER now , so people , dn't worry :D
After walking the dog , went home ! Chat'd with Weiling & Dearest Megan!
Didn't see Megan for very very very long time alr. Got to go out with her when she come back. She seems to be very stress & depressing there la :(( Hope she's fine. Don't stress yourself too much k? Not goood ! Didn't talk to her long, cse mum called me&my sis dwn for dinner . -.-'
But all of us not hunry so went to BHG and walk walk! Bought a new pair of shoes & i'm lovin' it !
My mum actually intent to get me a pair of slippers , but i wanted a pair of shoes. The shoe was ♥ @ first sight ! teehehehehe
So went to get dinner at food court! Shared noodles with my mum. While waiting for the noodles, overheard a guy & a women convo. :X
& guess what the guy said ? 爱一个人是很痛苦的~
lol, i was like what the hell ?! i thought guys only knows how to fool around with girls & breaks our heart. Which reminds me. Ok, nvm. Random :}
Got to buy the slippers next time round. Mother's Day is this sunday & mum is like so BHB . Keep asking me and my sis to give her something. WTH?!
Currently doing my art work. Page 7! Gwad, not yet completed , only 1 pic and many on.
Sian half ! Still got page 8 ! I'm clueless about what's going on for page 8 laa. Miss toh, HELPP!
Gna post again tmrw. :P
People, g'night !

Tiffany :D