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Friday, 30 May 2008 // 18:04
Aha! Time to blog again :D. Okay, I've change blogskins again. Lol. I'm super bored so just change it. Random :D :D :D
& Yes, i've also change my tagboard to ShoutMix. Omg, it's super cooool la. Starting to love it. Blogger seems to have a prob uh? Dn't know what's wrong with it either. Ohyea, i had a terrible nightmare yesterday. About my grandfather. Super Freakkkkky. The dream somehow seems so real. Gah, i'm just thinking too much. Hey! It's just a dreaam la.

Today was suppose to have a family dinner with my cousin, family &grandfather/mother. But since my XIAOYI haven't come to SG, so postponed to this Sunday. I guess so. Family dinner with them will be like so OMFGZX, great+fabulous. This is the family dinner i want la. Okieszx, i'm gna go C.R.A.Z.Y soooner or later. I ruin my sister's Chinese Flute, she's ignoring me now. I didn't know her teacher just tune for her la, fuck la. I'm sucha a idioooooot. So SORRYYYYZ. But good thing is she can stop practicing for a moment. & i can have some peace. But feeel very guilty now )):
Okkkie,I went back to school today just to pass up the Comprehension Practice 1 to Miss Faten ! Like wth?! lolll. Left home around 140? Wanted to take Bus 21, but lucky i did not. Cse went i just went down, the bus just left, so took train. CHOOOCHOOCHOOO!!!~
Then went to Interchange and took 21 to school, i lazy to walk to the park. Gaaaah! Holidays are making me lazier&lazier. Wtf?! SO 21 came, boarded the bus. & Samantha, the 4N2 one, smiled at me? Okieeeez, like i know her like that ?But i nice la, smile back at her.
K, why am i talking to myself? I always talk to myself , right ? Yes, i do talk to myself.
So went to school and put the practice in MISS FATEN PIGEON HOOLEEE.
After that, walked to WS. Saw my Saint John's friend with Huiyi mdm. Eric said, Hi to me. So i said Hi back :D

Speaking of Eric, I just looked at my e-mails the past few days & relised that he sent me quite a number of WEIRD WERID E-mails. All very random. & i got up all my courage yesterday & watched the ghostly video he sent to me. Was kinda freakd out at the last part la. No gooosebummps :D &He's like the only guy i can get along with in Sjab la. Seriously, i can't really get along with sone people there. But i try my best to talk to them, cse i know they're nice. The problem lies with me, not them.
& Mag asked me to go down on Sunday to accompany her. Do what steward thingy? I also not sure. But i think i'm not going, seriously. I have no interest in my CCA. I just go for the sake of CCA points only. I'll see how first. & sorry Mag if i can't make it !
Then,headed to WS library. Returned the books and borrowed books. & i saw one Winnie-The-Pooh storybook! So i borrowed it. I told Jelynn, she sort of like (i dn't know how to express it.)Then borrowed another 2 books and left WS. Bought my bubble tea& took Bus 21 home. :/

I'm super lazy now la, gwad. Had not been doing my holiday homework lately. I'm just simply LAZY. & another week of holiday is gna go just like this.
How fast can this be? VERY FAST.
I'm gna rot very soon, if i cont. to be lazy this holiday. Shyte me.

Take care people. &peeeepo, tag me! Keep my ShoutMix alive:D Thanks thanks :DDD

Tiffany :D