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Tuesday, 27 May 2008 // 15:44
#13 WeI LINg! said:
why never blog?
#13 WeI LINg! said:

Lol, i've got no idea why i didn't blog. Is like nthing to blog or smth?? Since Weiling say why nvr blog, i'd shall blog now :DDD So yesterday went out with who ?! Hahaha ! Weiling :DDD Meet her at WS popular, buy pens there. Lol, after exams pen all died. Saw Dai lao shi there. She tell me help her find MAGIC PENS for her son. -.-' I also not sure what type she want, then told her what i use when i'm young , but she like dn't believe. So left her alone there :DDD Then me & weiling go library, whack holiday homework :DD Saw YiXin & co there, doing their IPW projects? Super noisy la they all. Keep saying FUCK+CHEEBYE. Then weiling abit piss off , cse they keep using it in every sentence they say ? Idk, whack chemistry till we give up. English also, Maths also. Then we hungry, had Mac. Happily talking abt our childhood days & our maids :D Lol. After that, freezing cold. Left WS & went home . Nothing much happen then. Next time go out do homework again , dear :D

Practically woke up in the morning and prepared for tuition. I set my alarm at 815, ended up waking at 915. -.-' Slept super late that night, so went to tuition. wrote some notes and did a comprehension. Whatever la. Went home and used comp. Then my parents went for a dinner at night, malay wedding dinner. So i decided not to go, cse i dn't know how to eat malay food. Not because i'm racist k ?! Lol. Online whole day after tuition. I also dn't knw what i do when i online. Sort of just stare at the comp, watching some videos ?! OKay, That's stupid
I was supposed to go for tuition at 9, but i overslept. Slept till 1015? wtf , jumped out of the bed and bathe and get myself ready for tuition. Phew, didn't get a scolding by mt teacher, cse i failed maths :X So after that did some work and went home .
Had lunch with my grandfather , used comp again. Did some chinese ying yong wen, then played, y8. :/ the childish website.
But fun la, then my dad called say go Giant with him. I was like ahyah, dn't want la.
Then my sis tell me accompany her, i jiu go lorhs. Went there buy FBT shorts -.-' Okay, dad bought his stuffs and went home.
I told him today got charity show , helping the SiChuan people, ask him want donate anot. I was supposed to have him said, donate for what ? But this time round , he said. Go ahead and donate. Maximum 100 bucks.
So watched the charity show. From the start cry till the end. Fuck la, my eyes now sort of swollen. Yupps, super heartening.
I cried like nobody's business la. My mum also.
But my sis & dad did not. In fact, my dad keep cracking jokes, i think?
Wtf la, this type of situation he still can make fun? Okay, nevermind. So donated 100 bucks. Called the hotline for $50 and more, it was ZHEN GE PING who answered it. I thought it would be Julian Hee, so nevermind. I passed the phone to my dad liaox.
Keep running back to the room, stop myself from crying, but can't.
Okay, i know some of you will think that i'm stupid to cry over them. Say something like, you cry also no use , like they will know you cry or smth? But that type of scene see ale also will cry la, dn't want cry also difficult.

Take care people !
Tiffany :D