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Tiffany & i'm sixteen!
I love Minho,JaeJoong,SS501 & FT Island.
Luv my friends and family.


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Saturday, 6 October 2007 // 10:11
EOY are over soon, we still have one more paper to go , so people study hard for the last paper yeah ? EL PAPER 3. Currrently studying and blogging , multi-tasking :X .
Monday ! I cant wait to go out with GWENTRY after the paper, first outing together yea?
Nothing can goes into my mind now, cant remember those meaning for idioms and vocab :XX .
& tmr is EL PAPER 3. Gwad , i must figure out how to get over it . I better go off and study now. I'll blog on monday then :D , i wont be in spore on tuesday. I make up my mind, leaving my dog at home for one day & will be back on wednesday. take care SNOOP DOG :D