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Saturday, 1 September 2007 // 17:38
Heyo people!
I shall just blog about yesterday then :D

went to school arnd 7? & walk to the parade square . There's nobody in 2N1 at the parade square ;so i guess they must be in the classroom . & yes, indeed all of them are in the classroom :D.
mr raj called for our class cause only our class is not at the parade square. so after the morning assembly, had ACES DAY workd out. Didnt do cause was laughing at MR.LEE ! His moves were all so funny la, yanting laughed till she sat on the ground. Imagine how funny can that be!
Headed back to classroom & told eve&rina about that. So nasuha,yanting,sherell,eve& me went to the hall cause we dont want to help out with them. Performance of 4E3 was great! Nasuha say she also want to have a class performance like that& all of us agreed! But we're not sure la, it's not time yet people!
the guy from the teenage icon, was an ex-student form our school . He say MORE THAN WORDS-Westlife. So fcuking nice!Then went back to class after that.
Had class party! 1st teacher to come in to our class was MrChong& a malay teacher. I suggested him to sing chinese song :D , sabo-ing him ! Then i told him to sing Umbrella & whole class join! Great bond , we have :D
Then Miss Shiow came in, i told them if i say 123! everyone must say HTD! yes, all of them did ! MIss Shiow was like OMG, this is the first time i see 2N1 being so loud! took pictures with her like dunno what, so many can :X
Then han lao shi came in , took a pic with her & she's gone !
screamed like hell ! so high `
then Mr Mukmien came in & Miss Nur. Entertain them with some dance:D Whole class dance lah, we also make them dance. Picture with them also , took hell lots! i'm going to miss ,MIss Nur man. Hugged her before she leave :(
OH ! Miss Toh came in to our class also ! it's seems like our class has the most teacher who came in lahs. Wanted to dance with the whole class but then all dun want already :X sad lahs , also never take pic with her :( Mr Tay also ! left early & went to primary school with gerry. saw ex-classmates. wanted to wait for mdm jalela want but going out so maybe going back on children day ? not comfrim yet .
& i spoilt my phone again ! got to change number again la :X who tell me hand so itchy, go put pw :@ it's preventing my dad to see all my msg-es can ! aww, nehmind. i shall get another number soon then .
i need to go now people & happy meloow holidays!
play hard & study hard!