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Saturday, 18 August 2007 // 16:16
Listening to : Zuo Bian -Rainie Yang

BOREDOM KILLING ME! EOY coming soon, very very soon:X . Till now, havent did any revision yet! OHGOD, this is horrible !
Oral Exam-4 Sept.
Chinese Letter Writing-27 Aug.
Physics Re-Test-27 Aug.
Geography Test-29 Aug.
Maths Test-29 Aug.
this is horrible , really horrible ! Up coming test & i've not studied yet! Oh dear, have to start studying already! So i'll start my "crappy & long-winded" story now.

My story goes...


Yes, english was the start of the first period. I only remebered Miss Siow gave us the comprehension & pass up on Friday. That's all. Then was Physics, Mr Rafi go through with us what he taught & tips for the Modular test after recess. I didn't listen much though :X , cause i knew i will do the paper badly & ya , it came true :XX
Yah, Modular test was taken during assembly & form teacher contact. The paper was quite tuff, but some questions was repeated but i did nopt study properly , i dun't know how to do :X/
Chinese lesson , was told that we have the Letter Writing test so dun't know what happen .Lunch & then continued with Maths.
Bus-ed home and did ART , my ART sarks! Went for Piano lesson, finally learnt another song :D ! Rush home to watch CSS2, SECOND LAT EPISODE ! FINALS ON SATURDAY, PEOPLE SUPPORT BENJI & KEELY!

Tuesday, 21.08.2007
Geography was the first period & ya, Miss Nur taguht us abt the water conservation thing , i think ? Then got presentation :X , few gropus presented & all the rest were supposed to do it tmr . Rina & I decieded to do on Poems , it's easier. Maths , Miss Khoo dunno tell us to do what la, forgotten . Then physics, Mr Rafi tell us to do worksheet. then go for RECESS!
English was next , Miss Shiow remind us that we have IDIOMS&VOCAB TEST on THRUSDAY!god, THIS IS CRAZY. After her lesson was ART, went to the ART ROOM . I spooted a super duper nice piece of art work then told eve . Both of us were like giving each other the OMFG look , its super nice . Then Our "WAH" so loud that miss toh could hear us & tell the class about that drawing . Stay in class after ART, didnt go for LUNCH :D
CME was next & Miss Khoo came in early & we told her to get out ? Dunt remeber . Do a worksheet on that , total bored!
Chinese , forgotten :D ! Sorry!
Went for CCA, went up to the 3 level & MDM Mariana told us to tick dunno what thing. Then give us consent form about the Crop Presentation&BNCO &BFA TEST. Guan Xun Sir also go throuh the test paper with us then let us see the results on our Promotional test . OMG! I PASSED ! Unbelieveable luhs, i expect to fail. Then had footdrills, got 2 new command anyhow do . They never even teach , how would i know ?
Went home & rush my art piece as i colour it wrongly. Then do research about the POEM & SLEEP!

Wednesday, 22.08.2007
School start later & i woke up late too . -.-'went up to class , didnt clean up the classroom but make the classroom even dirtier:D
then went to the hall , last talk about IT awareness . then went back to classroom then went to COM LAB2 for student survey by the MOE. last 20 mins went back to classroom & have music lesson which is totally not MUSIC !
Then was physics, Mr Rafi told us our results & it was like omfg , i only scored a C5. Nevermind , i'll just work hard next round. RECESS next ;D
Geography lesson did water conservation by Miss Nur again & followed by our presentation :D
& AMMAR+AFIQ'S presentation was the BEST! They used Rihana's Umbrella to make a song on Water Conservation! Great work indeed ?!
Literature nothing much then continued with sex education. Boring , only had one period cause Miss Khoo not really open-minded to sex & all , she like very paiseh like that when come to all these. So went home early luh , the other period we had maths supp .
Home sweet home:D

Maths watch videos on Mensuration. Then PE!
PE we did on ACES DAY work out ;D, FUN! Yanting& Weiling deciede to sabo JADAAGS. Yeah, & they really have to go up to stage & dance ;D! BRAVERY@
Changed then went for RECESS .
History lesson , as usual i didnt listen to Mr Leong's teaching . Then Chinese, we did zuo wen :X
& Rina was like asking me for the date & told her 23/08, And i forgotten after telling her . You see i'm really old , my mind's falling . I didnt finish the compo so do it as homework . then went for lunch . I didnt have lunch again , stay in class & play with Junyuan's hair & Ammar's hair with yanting :DD
English , studied for Idioms yesterday & forgot to study vocab :X . But still have some time in between so study awhile & manage to pass. Went home after that.

D&T , 2 periods of theory & 1 period of pratical. I'm slacking behind ! Was 10 mins late for English lesson , but Miss Shiow didnt scold us :D Amazingly !
Recess after that , follwed by 2 periods of Lit then Maths.
Stayed back in school to do the ART COMP thing. Yes, & Ashiq will never turn up ! He broke his promise. He said he will turn up but didnt . crapped in class with rina , eve, & jel. draw the whiteboard & rina keep writing crap in the board la . Then i write back too :D
So draw until 3 plus then have to get out of the classroom, so went to find seats at the void deck there . We end up taking pics & eating stuffs :X. We are really a bunch of complete slacker!

I've finally ended my story , i will try to make my say more often if possible.
Takecare peeps!