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Friday, 10 August 2007 // 11:29
Heyo peepo :]
this week was kind of relax. But lots of homework given out for us to do :X
Shan't crap , i'll start .

Went to school as usual :X Then had 2 periods of English . We had Idioms Test, i was like forgetting some of the meaning le lahs :X But i finish all the questions & only scored 14/20 .
After that was Physics :D , sian lahs !I did not understand what Mr Rafi's teaching at all :X Nehmind, went off for RECESS then. During Assembly, had something about NDP or dunno what . Forgotten, but after that Mr Surin talked to the Sec 2s about Values & all . BORING!
Literature was fun , Mr Chong sang a short part of UMBRELLA! Cool , & he told us about his girlfriend. After that went for lunch . Maths ? We had Maths test on simultaneous equation, i lost 4 marks on the last QUESTION :X DAMM!
Then went home with SARA. Candy asked me out to watch CSS2 , but cant :X.
AH BEN was so good lahs ! I think he did so much better that Shawn . Althought Shawn knows how to communicate well with the audience. But BEN is so GOOD okay ?

First 3 periods was D&T, Mr Chiam was angry with 16 of us cause we were late for his lesson ? He crapped with us lahs . Gave us homework and start with our practical . Guess what ? My arylic broke lahs , when it's almost done ! #@!*$%
Then was Maths , i dunno what happen . After that CME, we make Miss Khoo angry & she wait till lesson end then walked out .Lame lahs :@
After that was Geog ,Miss Ku let us hear this year's National Day song .
Then was Physics, Mr Rafi tell us to do a survey . Then continue his lesson.After that had LUNCH .
After lunch was English , Miss Shiow gave us work to do then she need to leave early to fetch someone for the CCA COMENDATION DAY:D
Went for CCA, kind of boring lahs .Super sian ! Then Mrs Kang told us we have to go home late cause have to serve food to the parents & students. She told us that it will start at 6.30 & i told her my dad is coming to fetch me at that time & she was like speechless ?
While serving the food , some of the guys say i like not willing to serve food for them lahs . Forget it , but still manage to get home at 7 :D!

Reached school at 7 ? Not many wear class jersey to school lahs :S
Had the celebration in school , Mr Suring told us to do the HAI SING WAVE :X
but i didnt do . Had Physics Quiz , i'm gonna fail :D Then had Maths , Miss Khoo once again walked out the class :D Went home after that. Shopped at Century Square , bought a pair of sandal . NICE NICE!

Supposed to watch ALONE with rina & eve. but GV not showing :X .So i wanted to watch Secrets! But rina & eve like dun want to watch so watched with my cousin. Bought the tickets then went to buy sweets & pasta :D . MY GOD! the show was super great :D
Rating :10/10
Worth to watch okay. Then went home and watched the NDP 2007. The opening ceromony was nice only , the rest was kind of boring , almost fall asleep.
Then watch horror movie & both me & my cousin totally freak out lahs :X , SCARY!

Jelynn's birthday coming soon , not sure what to buy for her yet :X Have to do homework for now . Shall blog more next time.

Bye peepo!