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Friday, 27 July 2007 // 18:39
I'm finally back to my STAGNANT blog.I did post last week but i do not know where the previous post gone to ? Ghosts in my computer ? LOL, i'm crazzyae!
Tests are all coming up, i knew this will happen. && I have to study again! I've been slacking like nobody's business .

Monday, 23.07.2007

First period was English, i'm sorry. I forgotten what happen during English lesson everytime. It's like standart . Okay nehminds, PE after that. No PE, as it was Racial Harmony & half the class was like wearing the traditional clothes so no PE. & i was crippled too :DD

Coming to the end of the period , we requested for some GHOST STORIES from Mr Tay. After his sotries, went for recess. Then had assembly on Racial Harmony. They showed us a video, quite nice. After the video still got Q&As. Then Miss Sultana & another teacher dunno who came up & talked to us about Dengue, also got Q&As too. After that went back to classroom & continue with our Maths lesson. Nothing much happend during Maths period. After that went for lunch :D
After lucnh had ART :X , it's like all the art work i did , suckd this term. && it's so difficult to draw on the theme"Traditional Games".
Forget it. Supposed to go WS, with rina & jel. But they have Media Club meeting so didnt go .:X
Reached home around 3.30? Then i did homework and all before going for piano lesson. The new song so difficult to play lahs . I cant get it right at times :X!
As usal rushed home & watched CSS2.
Sadly , Agnes out. I thought it shld be Zannny . But i hope she'll work hard & do well in next round .

Bored! First period Maths luhs !Then got chinese for second period. Han lao Shi gave us ting xie. :S , lucky i learnt a bit . If not get 0 again:X
Then History, Mr Leong's lesson was always boring. & he knew it too. He gave us 2 questions to do, quite difficult. So brouhgt home to do , deadline was Thursday :X
RECESS ! After recess was Literature. There's a new teacher teaching us , Mr Chong or Mr Cheong ? I dun't know? The way he talk was like finding trouble like that, i dunt like him. Then was Science, mr mukmien taught us some things we learnt last term. Refresh our memories:DD
After he finish teaching then we do our own things , talk ! Then he let us off for LUNCH!
Then was English, Ms Shiow didnt come i think ? Then went for CCA. Learnt CPR? One of the SIRS was like giving us attitude or what , say must respect his lecturer. I WAS LIKE OMFG? It's stupid lahs , how to respect the lecturer when they never even show respect to us ! Then got Inline Skating , i didnt get a chance to skate cause i'm crippled. ShuShan , Xiu Ming & Joanne so pro liao lahs . Can Skate, i only know how to stand :X Pathetic!
Then take bus home :D

Mr Cheong took over almost all the period that day ! We was like what the hell! He crapped alot about Literature.& gave us Miss Shiow's woksheet for us to do. Science ,Mr Mukmien told us to do a poster on the things he teach. Sara's drawn a poster on Sperms&Ovum. Nice lahs.
Geography , Miss Ku didnt come so Mr Cheong took over. No work given to us so crapped with eve& rina. Never study for the Literature test. I wasted 7 marks i think ? Nehmind lahs. Then SEX EDU , Miss Khoo also need to go to Coral Sec for dunno what thing then leave us with dunno who? Mr Cheong came in at the second period of sex edu. He scolded us or something like not respecting him or watever? We just Heck CARE! After he left still got Maths supp. The teacher came in quite good lahs. Actually supposed to go at 3.25pm . But Janelle say MIss Khoo tell us that if we finish then can go & he belived and let us go :DD . But it's true!
Then went to WS, with rina & eve. Wanted to buy the swwet rina bought last week but no stock i think ? Then bought a Hello Kitty sweet, nice lahs :P
Saw Sherell, then accompained her to buy her lunch.Then go home.

First perod was Maths, marked the worksheet Miss Khoo gave yesterday then go for D&T lesson. Mr Chiam say cant do practical cause the drawing he teach will take up the 3 periods. Damm lahs , so difficult to draw, colouring was worse. I dun even know what hell he was talking.
After recces was BIOLOGY. Miss Rathi came into the class , cause Mr Mukmien was on course.
The way she speak was like COOL? NOT really. Then after her lesson was Geog. Miss Ku gave us a project to do. Then she let us of late cause someone in class went to the toilet & she'll let us off later. All thanks to them .
After that was chinese. I forgotten what we did.
Then went home.

2 periods of music lesson was so-so only. I was like going to fall asleep to the end of the lesson lahs. So boring! After that Han lao shi came in then i told her i feel like sleeping and she said later she give us some things to do then won't sleepy luhs. Then i went to the toilet to wash-up .
Came back she told me got test, WTH. After the test saw eve's question paper . She drew a heart then write T.IM.O
She was like acting blur when i wanted to show rina. Then went for recess.Again, Miss Shiow didnt come.Mr Cheong took over, then gave us work.Then had Maths, got test!
i'm gonna fail!can someone teach me maths ?
then went home. went tution arnd 3-30? sian.

I went for chinese tution just now. Wlous, stayed there for almost like 3hours?Then went to have lunch at Dunman Food Court, my sis saw her"favourite" creature- THE FROGS
She was like eeew! & i'm now blogging!
Shall blog tmr, okay?
bye people!