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Saturday, 30 June 2007 // 11:56
School re-opened .
This whole week is kind of relaxd && i think STRESS is coming sooner or later.&& it's kind of irritating tat my computer is spoilt , dammed! So i'm using my sis laptop to post.:X
Alright, i shall start posting.

First day of school, as usual have the morning prayer by Mr Surin. After that went back to classroom.Our thermometers were return for us to take our temperatures. My temperature 37.4; i wished i'm sick & could be sent home ;]
The first period was taken up by miss khoo, as usual she told us about don't know what stuffs.She also gave us the new timetable.Then we continued for english lessons. I'm sorraye, i forgotten what Miss Shiow taught us to do.Then was PE, Mr Tay was on MC i think ? Relifed teacher came in .
RECESS ! after that;] crapped alot during recess . Then went up to the hall, played the pass-it-down game& FUN ! Assembly , Mr Surin talked to the whole Lower Sec students; then went back to class. Joelle joind prefect?&& she gave us te face like she very big like that.
WHT ! After Form teacher contact, was Maths. Miss Khoo taught us Graphs? It's easy.
after lunch was ART, Miss Toh tell us to group ourseleves, into groups of 4? only one group can have 5 people? Then she called rina up to help us do the mindmap on Traditional Game ?
So fun , all types of games coming out from each of our mouth. && i was selectd to be the leader of my group . GOD - i sark at being a leader, can ? Chose the games that we want to draw then dismissed. After that went home ;]
that day, there's no piano lesson. So Good- i'll not miss Campus ;]
Saddening , there was an accident happend downstairs my house.
Shawn & Teri was eliminated.
Morning assembly as usual.Maths was the first period,Miss Khoo introduce a new teacher who is teaching us maths, Miss Ng. Did some questions on graphs& lesson end, cause we did a lot of crapping. Miss Khoo also told us that Fang hui was still in AUSTRALIA; the whole class re-action was WTH! but after hearing miss khoo explanation then all of us back to normal again :X Then was chinese, forgotten what we did ? 2 periods of history after that. i made sucha big mistake lahs ! i didnt realised after i asked Gerry. Hais. Then i was so fed-up & i anyhow do .

after recess was CME conituned by literature. okay , mdm ruzahna did not turn up to school again today.Waoh , SCIENCE ! We're having BIO again . This time we are learning about sex & all . Mr Mukmien lessons was great . ALL OF US WERE LOOKING FORWARD TO HIS LESSONS NOW.
After lunch was English ;[ i totally cant remember what happen on every english lesson ,can ?
Sian-ed had CCA. All of us didn't know that on Wednesday was SJAB day lahs. Had to practise on the dunno what thing.Quite a few sirs/mdms came back. One of the sirs keep showing attitude to us luhs , he thought he what arhs? Sir so what ?We're all humans , we have our human rights.Fine :@
After doing the rehersal , then went to comp lab 1 to do NYAA , but miss thang cannot comfrim what we need to choose on , so tell us nxt wk then do . Master parade was sucha disgrace, the seniors dunch knowhow to pull the flags down ? HOME SWEET HOME.

it was SJAB day & wwe were told to fall in at 8? && guess what , i arrived at 8 . I'm sucha pro;)

Reuben was like very buay-song then. But i dunt care, who cares. Everything went smoothly ? Went back to class , saw all of them standing . Don't know what happened , miss shiow only told those who came in late to sit down .After that english oral presentation. After english was SCIENCE! our belove-d subject , once again . Laughing through-out , & listening attentively ?
Had one period of Geography & we learnt chapter 6 . A new chapter after all. After that was 2 periods of literature, mdm ruzahna didnt came to school today, again. It's so boring !Finally , the last 2 periods was Sex Education :] ; Sad , Miss Khoo went for a course or something ? So Mr Choo came in . He say if want to buy condoms must go polyclinic buy , cause it's cheaper .-.-'
We still have to stay back for maths supp class. SIAN-ED.

Thrusday, 28.06.2007
first lesson was maths , forgotten totally what happened . after that was D&T . Mr Chiam was our teacher , hais . His lessons were okay. Did isomateric drawing then dunno do what luhs.
SCIENCE AGAIN!! this time mr mukmien taught us the menstruation cycle & his childhood stories of being a pai-kia in school? Then geography had one lesson with Miss Ku then she left for NCC ? she gave us one free period ;] LUNCH after that.
Had chinese lesson, Han lao shi told us about ghostly stuffs she ex-perience? EE !
After that suppose to have english supp, but miss shiow didnt turn up . So went home;]

Friday, 29.06.2007
first 2 periods was music , supposed to go to the music room but didnt . Miss Khoo gave us dunno what thing to do , ask questions & all . then pass up to her & talked about Campus .
After that was chinese, did compo. But i did not hand in cause i had not finish . RECESS!
After that was english , miss shiow came in & told us why yesterday she nvr came up for english supp & she say she will buy chocos for us ;] Thank you , miss shiow~ She gave us vocab worksheet to do cause she need to rush something by that day. After that was Maths, learnt how to draw graphs & all.
Went home with Geraldine , cause she say if never go home with her must treat her lunch . She's threatening me ? So went home with her . Reached home around 1.20 like that . Ate my lunch & went for maths tution .

nothing happennd. I finished up my art & left with only 3 pics to go.

I woke up early for my tution at 11 . KaiJing also went at the same time :)
After that went to my mum's shop , i did not bring my science book so have to go home &amp;amp; take . After that had lunch , && my mum told me to go home again cause my a-ma maid came. Gwad , i walked a total of 4 times you know ! Then KaiJing mum sent us for Science tution at Changi. So good. Her house was super super super BIG BIG ! && NICE ! end of lesson she asked we all whether want to feed her fish food anot then i say i want . && i faster packed my things luhs , the 2 of them so slow , i help KaiJing stuff all her things inside her bag then we rushed out to feed her fish . She tell us the fish can touch want so i touched , their skin so smooth luhs . I'm the only one who touch lahs . Then my cousin nvr wash her hands properly then got fish food smell .
After that went back to my mum's shop again . KaiJing's sister went for a hair cut .After they went home , me & shan slept in the salon , so sleepy . Then went home at 7.

&amp; im blogging now ; there's still alot of homeworks not done yet .
english;art;chinse.later still have piano lessons .
Later still have Campus:
F1-HuiXian:Angela Chang's 喜欢你没道理
F2-ZhenNing:Zuo Wen Xuan's Super No.1

M1-ZiJie:Huang Junyang's On The Way
M2-Bejamin:Gary Cao's Superman
M3-Fukuan:JJ's 只对你说
hope Joanna, Zhening , ZiJie & Benjamin will IN!

Take care people,
Tag please!

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/&VONNY: thanks !
enqii: yahs , i remeber you . i'll tag you some days. lovees;]
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alvina:D:LINKKED-hahas , thanks !