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Monday, 14 May 2007 // 20:20
Tuesday, 15.05.2007
today was like so bad lahs in the morning !
i ran for the bus that was coming ; & i was like oh shit the bus came already! i thought the another 21 left & it will take a longewr time to come but i didnt know that it was like so fast less than 5 mins , i guess?
so lessons as usual . i've got back my chemistry results and i obviously did not do well , i've just got 23/40 :X
during recess went to find sister maria , to apologise to her cse i was suppose to meet her yesterday and i did not turned up and made her wait:Xbut she's not in the room , alrights . i'll just apologised to her someday went she is around.
after recess we had chinese , got back all my results for the chinese paper; i did really badly for paper 1 , i only scored : 43/70& paper 2 i scored :40/60 :X it's equally bad !
i'll try harder nxt time.
after that i went for ART ; do stuffs and all . Then we headed for lunch. After that i went back to classroom i felt like slping but i cant cse its miss shiow's lesson. i cant imagine she shouting at me ? anyway we also got back our english results, overall i've got 56.7%
awww, so bad ! && Geraldine cried because miss shiow asked her why her face is so sour when Gerry saw her everytime . After her period then Evelina;JunWean & Geraldine went to my house to do the IPW project & they went home around 6.30pm
&& now i'm writing the blog.

exams are finally over!
so managed to get out of the house & somehow celebrated the end of exams!
eve;yanting&& geraldine we went to TM to catch spiderman-3 after our english paper 3.
oh yes, we 've managed to got the tickets at 11:30am.We were rushing all the while!
&& i thinkk yanting's was really really very rush ; rushing to take a cab?
hahahs ; she's so damm hot today~

people you guys really have to watch SPIDERMAN3 its uber nice till i cant describe luhs!
so after that we went to the toilet after the show cause we're like drinking too much aldy luhs !
&& guess what GERALDINE has said:" you guys are taking so long, did you LS?"
ME ; EVE & YANTING was like wth!
soon; we met the guys and Darren told us to look up for something for Weiling! Went into `TOYS R US' where gerry was in and she was caught playing with some of the swords ! so damm embarrassing . but all those stuffs we find Darren like say too expensive or not nice ! So we gave up & told him to find for himself after so long .

then, we saw sherell and fangyu and i waved at them lahs. but sherell was like diaoing me & evelina . pissed off, we left yanting behind and walked off with geraldine to century square. this is to prevent from our friendship ; oh yahs i forgot we dun even have any friendship with her or is just classmates.

headed to century square; looked at some of the shoes on the second level & we somehow found some stuffs that Weiling liked , but the sad thing is Darren and all is not with us :X
so went to take neoprints as what i have requested ; we decorated for so long lahs ! and its very tiring !
Then went to food junction to eat ; yeahs! i bought prata , geraldine & evelina bought it too(:
after that went to find yanting who sitted at the seat like a kind of emo girl!
finished eating sara & janelle met us . Sara brought her cam!
started to take pictures of each other , & we are like blocking the ways of the people .

after that i went home . SAra; yanting && gerry turn up at my hse later to play with my dog :D
it really been sometimes that i didnt post , i hope it wont be boring till you drop your head on the table ?

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psserby-:umm , yars . i from hai sing , is there any problem with it ?
abcz: just write as you wish , you don't have the right to say that i sucks !
sara: Oh yes! we've mugg-ed hard enough & i think you'll score well ! SARA is lovee.
meiting: hahas , iwill . After i chang'd my blogskins okay? i'm not prettaye! oh yes, ignore that abcz.
CONNIE:i am not sure who that person is too , maybe he is just a passerby who gives bad comments. thanks (:

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